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This is more of a comment related to the story background. There is a reference to a fallen starship.

Please leave technology and starships with Starfinder. It pulls me out of the world of Golarion and I really want to like the new set up.

Thank you and so far the rules are fantastic.

Okay, so I stopped playing pathfinder when D&D 5e came out. Now, I am looking at getting back to it as I miss some of the complexity and options provided. What are some recent rule books released I should look at and what are the best adventures or Adventure Paths of the last few years?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

In the Ultimate Magic sourcebook says that the arcane pool enhancements can stack with normal weapon enhancements up to +5. Does that mean that if you already have a +4 then only a +1 will stack? Does it mean if you have a +4 that you can only add a +1 special ability? OR... Does it mean that if you have a +5 then you can only add an additional +5 (making it a +10 total) or 5 points of special abilities. Thanks!