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Absolutely Useful


One of the best city guides I have seen.
It sets the mark for me. I have leaned on it several times while running RothRL Anniversary Edition. Well worth it for any GM who will find their group in Magnimar for any length of time.

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Very nice detail. They are a good idea. I use them in the RotRL Anniversary AP. Only reason I knocked one star off is the fact they are not a must have IMO. Otherwise overall very cool.

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Couldn't pass it up.


Love the setting, I bought the PDF a while ago. Black Friday sale... hardcover is now mine.

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Love the rework.


Simply put, fantastic. Looking to run a PF AP? Don't even hesitate to pick this one up.

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Got surprising amount of use from it


Contains a lot of information, doesn't give away too much about the adventure. Good resource IMO.