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They took it and locked it away. Some secret base in the side of a mountain, most likely. They'll be coming for you soon as well. Or maybe for me...

What was that? Did you hear something?

Elections don't matter, the lizard men will determine the winner. They always do.

psionichamster wrote:
Also, Hi FAWTLies.

Who's the new guy? I don't trust him.



I've heard 'things' abut Sebastian.


hides in the shadows

Wait... you're saying these people are real? Damn, I knew it!

Conspiracy Buff wrote:
Wolfthulhu wrote:

Alright, dammit. What's with the handcramps? It started during one of my absences ad I haven't been able to pin down the source.

I hate being on the outside of an inside joke. :-(

Oh, it's no joke. It's all to deadly serious!

You see, a swarm of AI nanites recently escaped from a secret government laboratory in Hoboken, NJ. They've since reproduced and begun to move forward with their insidious plan to overthrow humanity and establish themselves as our Invisible to the Naked Eye Overlords.

They plan to accomplish this by invading human bodies and seizing control of our central nervous systems. However, because their software is incompatible with our biology, it causes a slight cramping of the muscles in the hands - i.e. hand cramps.

So, when you see these "hand cramp" posts, it's one nano-slave marking himself for all the others. Then you should run.

I knew it!

Electric-shock should short out their systems, right? I have just the thing here somewhere...

KageZer0 wrote:
The Shadows contain more light than you know.

Dude, and they want to keep the light, like. In the dark, you know?

Scan complete, must be server side.

Vaziir Jivaan wrote:
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Top 5 RPGs--Q3 2010

In the ICv2 article out this morning, Pathfinder is now tied with Dungeons and Dragons 4E as the best selling Role Playing Game on the market for the past quarter. Allow me to be the first to extend my congratulations to the entire Paizo team! You guys have earned it. *Salute*

And Hasbro, in a raging fit of jealousy will try to buy Paizo, replace the "Pathfinder" name, fire all their talent, and put Wayne Reynolds rendered Mr. Potatoheads in place of the golem.

Of course, that's just the conspiracy theorist in me speaking.

Congrats Paizo Staff. Keep doing what you're doing. :)




I think you may be onto something...

Quietly fades into the shadows.