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Don't like it change it. I plan on using Stargates and Slipstream Engines for Ships.

I gave away all my Pathfinder stuff so I don't have that to use anythow, besides the way Starfinder works I really don't see how the KAC & EAC's will work with PF AC system.

I'm just saying they should have at least a dozen or so Aliens or Creatures to hold you over until the Alien Manual is released or a few pages of generalized stats for NPC's/Aliens with some type of templates to add on to make robots or creatures with until then. It wouldn't hurt them to help the customer out once in a while but paizo and others seem to think everyone likes to wait months for creature books.

I find no Aliens or creatures in the core book. For once I wish they would include a few or a GM way of creating a few of there own. I get tired of waiting on Monster manuals.

When are you going to have more of the Pocket edition stuff available, I want a core book but can't find one any place, not even from you guys, considering your the makers you should have plenty available....

Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Charles Scholz wrote:

I clicked on the subscription button and it went into my shopping cart. When I looked at the shopping cart, it says there are 2 items in my cart. I opened the cart and it only shows one Item. I am confused. Could you look into this for me.


Edit: I should have said the sub-total says there are 2 items in my cart.

Just had a test, and I believe that item 1 is the subscription itself, and item 2 is the first item in it, specifically the base game.

Yeah I did this too but I think it's charging for 2 items for postage, $22.00 postage for roughly a 6+# boxed game on cheapest postage is a little extreme! I can get it from Miniature Market with Priority on Preorder and only pay $10.15 and that's with the character add-on deck, somethings wrong here. I would do the subscription but not at those shipping rates, I will probably use Miniature Market and Pre-order from them instead.

Is there any plans for another adventure path set after this one?

Son of the Veterinarian wrote:
While I was more than happy to wave goodbye to THACO and not look back, I will say that I still consider The Complete Book of Necromancers the best supplement WotC ever put out.

Sorry but that was TSR not WoTC buddy.

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HowlingWolf wrote:
the best way to stop people from pirating stuff is to offer a better product/service than the pirates. if you price your stuff reasonably and make the process easy, most people won't pirate. the harder you make it on the paying customer, the more likely they will take their money else where.


Umm ... just a few inaccuracies with these sentences. First, those "offering" pirated material are "offering" the same material that you are buying here. Second, as to the price, with torrents, you are paying nothing, so there is no competition possible on the price front either. Third, MOST PEOPLE DON'T PIRATE ANYWAYS! Why? Because doing so is (1) illegal and (2) a really freaking a$$%@!* move, especially if you actually like the product you are downloading or uploading.

As to the server issues, good luck Gary and crew. As much as I would love to download book 1 of the new AP, I have no issues kicking back and waiting for the server to come back up. Better to have it done and done properly than rushed and go through it again in a short time.

They do thru a paypal CC.

How much longer, would like to get the PDF, I paid for today sometime?

Lemartes wrote:
Shalafi, it puts your name or id on the pdfs as a watermark to discourage uploading it to a torrent.

Doesn't work.....Jerks still do it.

Gary Teter wrote:

We don't use DRM, the personalizer just watermarks PDFs and we're not going to change that.

The personalizer server threw a rod last night and sprayed bit fluid all over the colocation facility. We spent several hours last night trying to make it happy but no dice—we're going to try swapping out some pieces today that we couldn't last night.

We have a preliminary transition plan to get a replacement server back up but it'll probably take a few hours to get everything into place if we're unable to get the main server back online.

Adding redundancy to this system has been on the todo list for some time but it's easy to get complacent when a server has hundreds of days of uptime with no problems.

Ok, I will wait for awhile.

I just paid for a PDF and can't download it, it's freakin WED the 13th why are the downloads still not working! If they keep it down too long, I'm filing a non-delivery protest with Paypal.

I gave up on my FLGS stores, they never have anything in on time and its always gone before I get there, so I usually order through Amazon or Noble Knight any more. My nearest store is over 45miles away anyhow.

Awwww, I just traded off all my d20 BESM off to Noble Knight, see them if you want my books now, they where really nice.

I bought the PDF seems a bit more complex than MRQ2 to me.

Thanks, we'll wait and see what the Blood of the Night book has in it, that sounds right up his alley. In the meantime he can play a normal class until then.

My son is wanting to play PF, he plays a D&D 4E Vampire and wants to play a PF Vampire, is there a book that has the class in it for him to play as one? All I have is the Core book.

Kinda wish they made this as a rules light version instead of a Beginners set, with levels 1-10 who don't want all the details PF core has, something I could use as a main rules set without all the rules complications and BS. Add in another race and class or two expand to level 10 or 15 and I would have been satisfied. Maybe they could bring out an expert set expanding it to level 15 or so, would be like the original D&D B/X versions then. Too bad had promise.

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Scott Nelson 52 wrote:
Stefan Hill wrote:
totoro wrote:

The characters really did play like units on a battlemap.

My $0.02

One number and one word...

5' step

Correct me if I'm wrong but of the AD&D family 2e was the only one that didn't recommend the use of "wargaming" figures (i.e. miniatures).

I think it's fairer to say that 4e streamlined the battle-mat mentality that 3.5e cemented into my beloved game.


Well I got news for ya, were do you think D&D came from, hummmm. Chainmail a wargame.

Yep where they came up with the idea that chainmail wasn't very good at a roleplaying game due to its requirement of miniatures and battle-mats/gaming-table and thus D&D was born...

Great so we have come full circle and made D&D a wargame again?

Not really, 3e had miniatures as well, in fact I still have the things, oh and 2e had miniatures as well, come to think of it, wow so did 1e, hummm, looks like the miniatures really never left D&D, it was never a circle but a straight line, the system just evolved beyond what some 3e advocates wanted, they are all tied to the past, so be it but its time to move on.