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Much Better

Not all the files are pdf and the result is that they are not able to be used for a wide variety of users. I had to fight to get the file to download right and now I find that only part of them are able to be used and viewed. I am very upset at what appears to be a tremendous waste of my money.

[Note to Cody4us from WorldWorks Games: On the issue of GSD files, just so its clear, you aren't missing any usable files within the product. There is a section in the product covering automated cutting (see page #15 of the instructions under "Automated Cutting"). The extra files you are seeing are known as "GSD" files. These files allow CraftRobo & Silhouette SD automated cutting machines to cut every page within the product automatically.]

Sorry I realized that after the above writer pointed it out. The product is great, I LOVE IT!!!!

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Ok, but needs more challenging fights


The overall plot was good and the story was interesting. But..
Spoiler alert
Encounter 4 is WAY too easy for the bad guy to get away. Properly run, there is no way he is not, unless the players are a little suicidal. As a DM I had to slow down the bad guy in the interest of fairness. Also if a person has a pathological aversion to something, give them ways to avoid it once it happens (without giving something away)

The final fight was the most interesting, but one of my players (the min-max guy) didn't like being robbed of his players role. I thought it was great, but it is a proper warning for a player.

The upside is that the faction goals were not too easy and they were fun. The factions are making the game more interesting and the best selling point.
Overall it would be nice to see an enemy's armor classes be a tad bit higher. Men in light armor with 10 dexterity are appearing too often, esp. for 2nd level.
A low level spell caster once in awhile would be great. We prefer human opponents to monsters as a group, but we hope that that they are more than yet another warrior.
The use of terrain in this mod to challenge players is great and should be used more often.
Overall a good module.