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John Starck Candice aka Ninja Division has traveled to Germany and Prague on vacation in October, possibly also China according to Facebook posts on Oct 28. I took screenshots since he'll likely delete these once he realizes backers know. no money for refunds eh?

got my popcorn ready for the part where Ninja Division is responsible for all shipping outside Europe...

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LOL so Ninja Division is still handling the shipping? 25 pages, 1200+ messages and Paizo has learned ZERO from the debacle.. Ninja Division should have been cut out of any new deal completely if you expect us to believe any of this as good news.

Vic Wertz wrote:
All I can tell you is that I have seen further progress this week. I get that you don't want to be told "give it time," but that is the only answer I can offer.

So are you going on record as stating you and ND have an NDA? its a simple yes/no question really..

"ND's recent post stated that the initial aim was reduce debt with US based Manufacturers."

Right now they are selling digital products to raise money to repay manufacturers for previous masterclass miniatures so those companies will print more masterclass figures and then those sales will help them work on their kickstarter obligations or I could just draw the ponzi scheme like this..

digital products -> masterclass -> starfinder -> rail raiders -> WOTF miniatures -> SDE