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We've been playing 2nd Edition since playtest now, and I've come to wonder about the Ranger. One of our party members is a Goblin Ranger with the Hunter's Edge choice Flurry (played by my son). He is equipped with two goblin Dogslicers. This character seemingly does nearly game-breaking damage. The Dogslicers do d6 damage and are agile and backstabber. He is multi-classed into a rogue, so he does the 2d6+4(striking weapon) plus d6 sneak attack plus 1 for backstabber.

He uses Twin Takedown every turn (why would he not?) so gets 4 attacks in a round at full attack bonus, -3, -4, -4. He works well with my fighter and his own animal companion, so he very nearly always targets a flat-footed opponent (effectively lowering his negative from MAP by 2; ie attacks at +2, -1, -2, -2 over full attack bonus). Combine that with my fighter, who trips most turns, he gets opportunity attacks against a foe virtually every turn, for another full attack each turn.

This guy normally hits 3-4 turns per round (including the opportunity strike) and does 15 or more damage per strike. He crits like mad, so the damage is consistently higher.

My son and I were discussing this, and we are afraid that we nearly trivialize a lot of fights as he can usually take out or nearly a foe or 2 per turn.

I guess my questions are:

1) Are we playing this ranger correctly?
2) Is this guy outside the norm as far as damage goes?


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Vlorax wrote:

They didn't "nerf" anything. PF2 is a new game, it has new rules, comparing damage numbers to PF1 is just as fallacious as comparing them to 5e.

They're different systems based on different rules and gameplay assumptions, you can't directly compare numbers and gain any useful information because the damage is relative to the challenges/monsters of each game.

Thank you! I came here to say EXACTLY this.


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siegfriedliner wrote:

How often does the positioning to make it work come up in natural play without literally shoving enemies into place ?

It's not something that will align itself every round, but with the increased ability to maneuver in combat offered by 2nd Edition (because fewer creatures have attacks of opportunity), you don't have "fabricate" situations to use this ability. And consider that the swashbuckler has even more movement options than most other characters with the additional speed granted by panache and the various tumble upgrades they can take (tumble behind for instance).


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My opinion only - Attack routines in PF2e show a lack of vision. With so many actions, especially for a mobile character like a Swashbuckler or a Monk, you will probably change your actions every single turn depending upon the circumstances. The 3 action economy, coupled with so many good actions you can make (including moving away and forcing your foe to spend an action closing with you) mean you shouuld NEVER have a set routine.


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I am registered to participate in 3 scenarios for Pathfinder 2 at Gencon this year, and I cannot seem to find enough information about them. Primarily, do I need to bring a developed character with me, or will pre-generated characters be provided? If I need to develop characters, does anyone know where I can find the rules and how to register them, if needed?

Thank you in advance for your help