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Also we would be able to propose fluff text / ideas for Pro. writers and Paizo Staff. Maybe online articles on sample bits of background for those of us who do not like crunch?

Uzzy wrote:

Given that the Pathfinder Campaign Setting book is coming out in a few months, and that the Gazetteer is out this month, would it be possible to have a new board created on this forum, so that people can discuss the various cultures, religions and other things from the setting, without impinging on the various Pathfinder Adventure Path/Module boards.

It would be nice to have a place where people can discuss and develop their ideas about Golarion. :)

I second the proposition, that would be great. We could discuss other continents, moons, elder gods, the origin of magic, external planes, etc. It would be like Christmas. :-)


The store contains only arthurian stuff by RPGObject. If I'm correct they edit postap. Darwin's World RPG and I would love to order books / pdf of that CS from PAIZO instead of RPGnet or else.

Just to let you know.



As I will play it soon thanks guys for the invaluable ideas around here.


King Bob wrote:

I'd like to see what people think about adding "minions" (from 4E, or some other variant) to Pathfinder. I personally like the concept of being able to add a good number of enemies to the fray, without overpowering the PCs. Either that or maybe some sort of template for monsters that makes them minions: 1 hp, decreased XP rewards, and so forth.


Just my two cents: I'm using "Minions" (from an original Feng Shui RPG mechanic) since 2 years in my homebrew d20 RPG, and it worked frickin' well. I hope they include it in the game.

This product is... Legendary. Akin to the old Greyhawk Atlas for 3.0, albeit thinner. Galt really appealled to me!

Can't wait for the CS to come out.

Wouah the art, man! It's greaaat!! And aside from the gnolls entry, the descriptions are awesome. I just don't understand why these "classic monsters" are not more put to use in monthly pathfinder adventure path & modules (aside from gobs). When are we getting orcs for Gary's sake?

This module was sooo cool! So different from your usual dungeon crawl. I even played it twice with a "newbie" group of 1st levels, they loved it. I just love these unusual modules which do not focus on your weekly dungeon crawl..!


Still, Scarwall climbs up alongside Seven days as best Pathfinders episodes. 3 thumbs up!

Atrocious wrote:
Erik Mona is a prestige class right? From "Complete Eric Mona"?

In my campaign, the greatest dungeon is the Mausoleum of Amon Kier, connected to all other dungeons through vortexes. Guess how the dread Amon Kier himself look like..? ^^

Paul Ackerman 70 wrote:

Could you cancel these two items out of that order please?

1 x Set of 7 Dice: Scarab -- Scarlet/Gold @ 8.33 = $8.33
1 x Set of 7 Dice: Vortex -- Green/Gold @ 7.44 = $7.44

I concur, you are right to cancel them. :-)