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sorry. but there are other places that money needs to go next month.

mindgamez wrote:

I use this one every once in a while, Dragondex.

exactly what i was looking for. thanx

sorry i know this thread probably belongs lower down the list but i figured i would get faster answers posting here and it still kinda fits. i was wondering if there was a compiled list of dragon magazine articles. ie feats with brief descriptions and magazine and page numbers. prestige classes, magic items, racial articles, in general an easier way to use this wonderful reference other than thumbing through them one at a time.

we're getting ready to start a new pathfinder adventure and i was elected cleric. can someone point me in the direction of some varisian dogma, particularly Irori? thanx

we're getting ready to start a new pathfinder adventure and i was elected cleric. can someone point me in the direction of some varisian dogma, particularly Irory? thanx

would it be possible to get all six pathfinder issues in one shippment at the end of the run instead of as they come out, save on shipping and all?

So theres a whole lot of if here but we were planning on testing out pathfinder rpg by running through RotRL on Fantasy Grounds. We started with 5 interested players but life has taken its tole and now were having trouble getting everyone together. If things continue this way we will only have a DM and two players. Would any one be interested in filling possitions if this happens? Keep in mind we havnt played pathfinder rpg, played RotRL, or used Fantasy Grounds to run an adventure. So patience would be a great virtue. No guarantees, but is anyone interested?

no offense to those of you who have been in this discussion from the beginning but i just found the thread and have no intention to read the same comments over and over. but i did want to share a story from our group.

one of our gamers is gay. its never been an issue, occasionally he would find someone to shack up with over night at a pub before moving on with the adventure. one time however he was suppose to lure two guards down and ally so we could jump them. so jason takes off running down the street and just shouts "Its an emergency" in the most flaming voice i had ever heard, way out of character. then takes off down the ally. we fell out of our chairs laughing. we even got a cake the next week for him. probably had to be there but considering this subject will probably never come up again... had to tell it. sorry for wasting the time of anyone who read this.

see wrote:

1) Remember that Pathfinder rangers are getting d10s for hit dice because of their BAB.

2) Remember that Pathfinder is switching to Stealth and Perception, so the traditional Move Silently/Hide/Listen/Spot ranger is effectively getting 2 free skills.

What would I change with the ranger beyond that?

1) Restore his 3.0 proficiency with medium armor.
2) Allow the combat styles to work with medium armor.
3) Give him both combat styles; a ranger can flip from shooting your eye out with a bow to kicking your ass with a quarterstaff.
4) Give him a sneak attack progression of +1d6 at 2nd/6th/10th/14th/18th.

i have to agree. first response was YAY sneak attack. but really it's a little too much. i think you really have to add trapfinding though. what good is a ranger who cant find and set traps in his territory. as far as animal companion, all the other classes now get a choice so in anticipation i would like to suggest the ranger getting the ability to take on animal traits due to his often interaction with animals. not wild shape the like druid but some natural armor from tougher skin, maybe a slam attack or claw or fang or keen eye sight...etc. i also liked the modified leadership so that you had a small community of animals off in the background at your disposal. very beastmastery

just wondering if im alone on some things. after reading the druid abilities it seems apparent the the druid was meant to be an alternative to cleric (more than once the phrase "as cleric" or "unlike cleric" appears) i just dont get why the spontaneous casting effect is summon natures ally. dont get me wrong i see its place on a druids spell list but it would seem some improved form of good berry would make more sense. also am i the only one that thinks travel should be added to the druid domain list? Finally how about letting woodland stride work in magically effected area's.


Level: Drd 1
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Targets: One Plant Touched
Duration: One day
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

Casting goodberry upon any plant you touch, regardless of whether it is a fruit bearing plant, makes it grow 2 magical berries +1 per druid caster level. Each transmuted berry provides nourishment as if it were a normal meal for a Medium creature. The berry also cures 1d4 point of damage when eaten.

is there any published material yet about deities beside desna. particularly irori?

a question to developers what ever happened to splitting up racial and regional abilities?

since i'm sure there are people at paizo reading these boards i figured i would add my support to my fav idea. each class has a fav class bonus and each race has either 2 or 3 fav classes. choose one at 1st level and take your bonus and your done. for those that dont like favored classes and think it should be dropped. do it. you don't need paizo's permission. leave it there for the rest of us. if that sounded anything less than a suggestion in print i apologize, it wasn't meant to be.

if someone already mentioned this and i over looked it sorry, but as far as backward compatibility and converting characters from old adventures to this one. couldnt you just offer any barbarian with extended and extra rage extra rage points for those feats?

the extra math on the other hand was welcomed in our group. itgave the experienced players a little something to do. before now the barbarian was reserved for new players bogged down with learning the game and no room in the old noggin for extra math.

does the paladin get to choose each day whether his divine bond can take the form of spirit or animal. or does he have to choose at the level he gains the bond which he will recieve from then on?

sorry. its late and i have to work tomarow so no time to read the many threads. we just had our first very small play test and the only complaint so far was there werent enough skill points at first level. we ended up using #+intx2. did we miss something?

can someone point me toward the 1.1 update instead of just the designer notes.

still really excited and about this concept and hope some form of this makes the final cut. as far as cultural feats vs. simply dividing racial and cultural in the stats and letting the dm sort it out on his own after that. i, personally, would like to see feats. say the dwarf and half orc get 3 (since everyother race now gets 2 +2's to abilities as well the orc should have gotten some buff to off set that), the human and half elf get 1, the elf gnome and halfing get 2. it makes the human a little more fun too. but i'll take what i can get on this one.

this never occured to me but OMG i like it. two big thumbs up and i hope the powers that be make this one happen.

given that the barbarian is required chaotic i think having a required lawfull is not only reasonable but balanced. i always liked that most of the classes had a city/wild counterpart. making the paladin a d12 and a total holy TANK with auras instead of spells would just be plain fun. haveing a "smite good/evil" entry isnt that confusing. If a paladin is of a LE deity then all Evil creatures within the area of the aura are effected. makes evil fight opposing evil kinda more fun. as far as having two spell lists just let the paladin choose of the new domains off his dieties list. no two paladins alike. two paladins in the same party could be effective in two totally different ways. sorry for any incoherence im trying to type this and run after my 2and5 yrolds.

can someone post the paizo chatroom link please. thanx

we are getting ready to start the RotRL AP in a few weeks and re-writing our chars to reflect this for playtesting. one of the players were already planing on using a palidan re-write that came off this message board sometime around christmas. i was wondering if you were planning on using it or if we should wait.

most of the good stuff is already mentioned here is i would like to suggest theme decks or sets, fighter sets, caster sets. let the consumer get more bang for their buck in the short run.

not to be critical or sound unapprecitative (<-thats gotta be spelled wrong) but isnt it a little late? most people have run through most of the adventure.

after the blog about goblinscomic.com i checked it out. i read through it in one sitting it was so good. then the updates were about every other week. it just wasnt as good reading one page at a time. suddenly i noticed it took months for anything substantial to happen. went on to multiplex.com also read it in one sitting. loved it. same problem. finally i decided my new years resolution would be to only read them once a month. figured if i cant make the artists pump out the comix any faster i would just read them in a way that made them more enjoyable to me. havnt read one yet this year.....ITS SOOOO HARD!!!!


was doing a crossword and the clue was Cicatrix. apperently it meant scar. fell in love with in right away. and the avatar that should be obvious now.

as far as a cult is concerned i am week willed and easily suggestible with a strong sense of loyalty as long as i get a pat on the head and a "good job" from time to time.

everyones busting on the spells as far as low power. but if you take a wizard down to an adept then the fighter becomes a WAY more powered class. you'd have to adjust him as well. its easier to remove magic all together. which means messing with DR. a lot of monsters CR's are hightened by SR. everything needs to be re-evaluated and should be done carefully

i could see calling for the touch attack. thats like saying a bull fighter has to kill the bull on the first run or be stronger than the bull.

Saern wrote:
No, I think it would be a bad idea to not let the paladin's auras effect himself. All thematics aside, think of it from the player's perspective: your cool stuff doesn't affect you. Whatever attack or save bonuses it gives, whatever AC or resistance boosts, you don't get. My response would be something along the lines of "WTF? A bard can boost himself. Cleric and sorcerer/wizard buff spells work on themselves and everyone else. Why is my paladin not able to buff himself?" Not to mention, that doesn't really do much to make the paladin a strong class, so much as it makes the paladin make everyone else strong. I suppose a similar argument could be made about the bard, but that's its core job. The paladin will want/need the boosts to perform its main job (melee combat).

i was just trying to offset any idea of it being too powerfull now. and the cleric, sor/wiz spells that effect everyone are later effects. it takes a while to reach the coveted Mass spells. not to mention when you do mass the effect it lessens the effect as well. might make a difference if i had seen the auras effects i guess. as for the bard most of its abilities say "ally" and atleast two of them say it cannot effect the bard. i had read over it lightly recently and that part is what stuck in my mind and why i made the suggestion. but i do see where some wouldnt be so self sacrificing as myself and be turned off by it.

Moff Rimmer wrote:
The arcane cabinet -- I agree that it is basically a bag of holding. However, you don't have to fish around for something and the weight is considerably less. For those reasons I would probably still price it out as the smallest bag of holding since it doesn't hold as much. So personally I would keep it at 2,500 gp.

weight i had not considered. as far as fishing around though thats only a move action where as it is 3 move actions to retriev something from the cabinet (unless there was only one thing in the cabinet i would probably let it slide as free). you'd still have to find the potion you were looking for amidst the other potions on the shelf for instance.

Moff Rimmer wrote:
Arcane skeleton key -- Ok, this one is a bit more difficult. The room is nearly 4 times the size of a portable hole. It also provides its own oxygen. On the other hand, you have some serious limitations with the door -- you pretty much can only use it in a town, you can get trapped, etc. (You will want to consider what effect the spell knock has with the extradimensional space.) A portable hole has a value of 20,000 gp. With the increased size of the space and the replenishing oxygen, I actually feel that 50,000 gp is reasonable if not on the high side.

i know there are still problems. for instance i'm not sure what plane it exists on. any other suggestions?

i really like this but i had a few questions. 1. didnt see an answer to the duration of protectin allies in holy conviction.2. I dont thing the paladins aura should effect him. i just see the aura as being kind of an inspireing magical light and makes him seem more humble if its an ally buff. 3.Companion made more sense after you described it as paige or squire inspired. but can you still "call" the companion as you could with the mount? it seemed helpfull with that stair gripe. 4. are you getting rid of spells altogether or just assuming they stay the same? other wise. mind if i borrow?

If I've learned anything from RPG Super Star it's that everyone will disagree on magic item pricing. My wizard is interested in more arcane as well as alchemal studies and currently trying to balance this with his traveling lifestyle. I want to create a magic item but am not sure how to cost it. So here's the item and what I got out of the DMG

Arcane Cabinet - A fine silver cabinet key tied to a crimson ribbon with silver arcane symbols, this key opens the door to an non-dimensional space. When the key is held before you and turned while speaking the command word, you can open the door to a 48x72x18 inch double door cabinet with adjustable shelving. Opening, closing, removing, or placing anything in the cabinet is a move equivelent action. (insert rules for bag of holding and portable hole here)

this is basically a small bag of holding and I was thinking between $1000 and $1500. The one I was really haveing trouble with is this one.

Arcane Skeleton Key - This key comes in all shapes and verieties since the creator can use whatever key suites his personality. When this key is placed against a door (not neccessarily in a lock should there not be a lock on the door) and the command word spoken the door opens to an extradimensional room. The room is 20x20x8 feet and is completely unfurnished even devoid of light. The key always opens the the same room so anything placed in the room is there the next time you visit. The key only functions on doors that you are invited to use, own, or have payed to use (innes and the like) the appearance and climate of the room is set by the preconception of the first person to use it (wood or stone walls, dirt or constructed floors, delapidated or finely crafted, hot, cold, temperate) and cannot be changed. The room creates its own oxygen. If the door to this room is shut it can only be accessed by the key or opening the door from the inside. You always return from the room through the door you entered from. If somone knocks on the "host" door it can be heard in both rooms. If you try to leave the room and the "host" door is open you can not exit however you can magically close the door by knocking on it. If more than 50lbs blocks the door you must wait untill the blockage is moved and are affectivly trapped.

according to the dm's guide the price for command word item is spell levelxcaster levelx1800g. If you use Leomunds Secure Selter as the base spell that makes it 50,400. Seems a little low to me. any thoughts?

were starting RotRL on fantasy grounds sometime next week. i'll let you know what i think of it. as far as what you had in mind there is the comic in the back of the later dragon issues called "play by mail" i never acctually payed any attention to it but i do remember there being a "if you interested in play by mail caming;visit XXXXXX for more info" you could try something like that over email

Sebastian wrote:

It would have been much more interesting to me if there were caves beneath the plains, and the blink dogs were traveling back and forth between the plains and the caves.

i already liked this country and you just sealed it as my favorite. I have this image of a map of the country with an over lay of underground "roads". i have this image in my head of a blink dog leading the adventurers to some important location and standing on a hill top with the moon in the background then blinking under ground, leaving them to figure out the next part of the adventure. a lewis and clark style adventure of a party exploring this new continent with the occasional guidence of a native "sacagawea". the more i think of it the cooler it starts to sound. this mystical coming and going, never speaking but always guiding. trying to help avert war between the settlers and natives

for some reason i cant shake the sound of adventurers stumbling upon this on a beach with drums pounding very "Jumanji" like. and i'd like to go on record as like the reform in the box thing. mind if i ask why you changed from a monkey to a cat?

those that dm in my group start at 1st level because it gives the players a chance to grow into their characters and eases us into running adventures again. our players hate it becuase 1st-3rd level is so strait forward, this adds GREAT and needed flavor to low levels. people should focus more on low cost items that allow you to tweak character personalities

Heathansson wrote:
Before I read it, I just wanna say I like the name the best.

im glad i wasnt the only one. it seemed like judges were taking points off for the name, but the name is the main reason i read it. i was a little disapointed when i saw it wasnt a summoning effect though

waltero wrote:



Fizzban wrote:

The Shannara books by Terry Brooks You have alot of Elves and Half-Elves not many little folk tho.


yeah, i acctually listened to those on cd on my comute to and from dc about a year ago. the reason i started this thread to be honest

Wicht wrote:

Bone (Jeff Smith) (not a novel but a great read) has non-human main characters (sort of like gnomes maybe :p ) and in my opinion should be in every fantasy lovers library.

just looked that up on amazon and if you hadnt recomended it i would have closed the window based on cover art alone. after reading the description however i must say im interested

Heathansson wrote:
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

thanx heath. guess i shoulda seen that one coming

Lilith wrote:


The Dark Crystal

got legend, dark crystal, labrynth, and princess bride for my wifes (then girlfriends) 19th birthday almost 8 yrs ago. ahhh memories

R-type wrote:
Did you know theres a sequel to Willow (in novel form) written by George Lucas and Chris Clairmont (of X-men fame.) ;)

.....title? please

i recently purchased Krull (not Kull the conquerer), conan series, and red sonja. any other suggestions?

ok two comments here, and im sorry im comming in late on this one.
1st his posting habbits. my only problem there is that he claims to have them. if he just updated when he wanted with out comment i would be fine. but since there is (or rather used to be) those little words at the top of the strip (updates mon,wed,fri) i did always feel disapointed and let down when they werent there. case in point goblins comic. updates maybe twice a month, i check it every monday and if theres nothing new to see i happily move on.

2nd his attitude. and this is the part where i will be labled a monster and the only part any one will respond to. for which i will save that comment untill i have said the rest. when his first book came out i was extremely excited to own a print in hand version of the strip i found so entertaining and loved so much. however my wifes best friends birthday was coming up and the extra income to spare for this print became her gift. my wife ordered the book 7 WEEKS before her birthday and months after it was available. it came 3 weeks after the birthday. my wife was extremely embarased to give a card with an IOU to her best friend with as much time as she had to make this gift happen. the week before her freinds birthday my wife sent him an email asking if there was some problem or reason for the delay. she received a scaithing email that was beyond rude. we havent purchased a single product from him since. that is the definition of unprefesional. i make contrubutions to goblins without receiving anything. i like to support those that bring me joy. but in his case... Honestly if i ever met the guy, illness or not, i'd probably take a swing at him for how he treated my wife. he was that rude

So i wanted to pick up a new fantasy book but im looking for something with a non human hero. (no dark elves either) are there any books were gnomes or dwarves or halflings star in the main role?

just adding one real quick. i once played a half orc sorcerer and a friend played my barbarian brother. our party came against a large stature with a riddle that i answered with "Stars" and collected my reward. for the rest of the campaign my brother would walk up to everys statue he saw and shout "STARS" and hold out his hands with a stupid grin only to be disopointed. it was great

I really like "The Heist" idea. one of my favorite things to do is make chars. Mind if I steel that idea?

i hate incoherent parties. in the begining i would let my players decide which would take which of the "core" classes they wanted and then go thier seperate ways. returning a week or so later with characters that made NO sense. finaly i made everyone create 1st rogues from the same neiborhood. low level enough to stay off any theives guild radar but pety criminals nun the less. most of them moved onto other classes quickly but it was quite cool to hear the standard battle cry of "Reeaadyyyy....FLANK". The next adventure i had everyone create characters that were freinds from a large Magic Institute that set out for adventure on the day of graduation. they each had to pick a class that could cast arcane magic. that one ROCKED.

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