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I don’t see a list anywhere for which Skill is required to Recall Knowledge for specific creatures.

If the PCs encounter a Ghoul, is that Religion or Occultism? What constitutes a “creature of Occult significance” anyway? What about Dragons? Humanoids? Otyughs? The creature types used to be listed with the Knowledge skill description, but I can’t find any sort of similar list for the Playtest.

What am I missing?

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I ran and reported PFS Scenario #8-4 for event code 64811 for tonight with me as GM, but my GM table credit did not increase. Could someone have a poke at it when they get time?

Much thanks.

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In the spirit of trying to run as written for PFS, I have a plot question on this one.

What are the consequences if the PCs don't spend the time running around the island to disable the Orrey? Given the likely party composition, none of them may feel motivated to free the villagers because it's "the right thing to do," so I was to be prepared with the potential consequences.

As far as I can tell the only consequence is that the villagers stay under mind control. No change to gp or pp earned.

What happens at the end fight then? I feel like the Big Bad would force not only PCs who fail the save but also any available villager to finish digging through the last wall as quickly as possible, then send villagers and skum in waves to fight the PCs similar to what would happen for interfering at the exterior excavation site. This could get lethal pretty fast with the Big Bad, a level 8 sorcerer and waves of murderous villagers and skum.

Advice appreciated...

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Could someone have a look at what is holding up order # 3996185?

It's been a bit over a month now that it has been "pending." Is the order being held up by the currently out of stock Grand Lodge Pin? If that is the issue, is it possible to push the pin into a separate order so that the modules and other things can be shipped now? I am scheduled to run one of the modules next month and am getting worried that they won't be here in time.


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I've been GMing for a while, but have only ever done PFS which has some specific and very open rules around purchasing/upgrading equipment. I'm planning to run a module in the near future as a home game / "campaign mode" game. However, I am unsure what modules assume about PC equipment access.

I'm looking for some common guidelines on how purchases are usually handled, with the goals of 1) Being realistic on what might be available in a rural area, 2) Not ending up with PCs who posess significantly more equipment than the module assumes, and 3) Not unnecessarily hampering players characters.

It seems clear that pretty much any mundane gear is available.

According to the stat block for the town, there is an x% chance of any requested wondrous item being available for purchase in a given week. How does this work out in practice for the "must-have" items like belts and headbands? Do PCs just not have the opportunity to purchase them?

How do you typically handle requests for specific items? My thought was to roll the availability to see if it happens to be onhand somewhere, or else to have one of the shopkeepers offer make it to order (available in X days), assuming the item is of a level the shopkeeper could craft. Under this scheme, many high level items will not be available at all because of the required caster levels.

Dragon's Demand spoiler:


Normally, I might expect that PCs would just travel to the nearest city to get the item they want, but that would be contrary to the plot.

All the action takes place in and around the Small Town of Belhaim and there is really only one opportunity to leave the town to purchase equipment elsewhere. And that opportunity doesn't happen until about 2/3 of the way through the module.

Current casters in the town are an Alchemist(5), a Cleric(4), and IIRC, a Druid(3).

Also a related question: I assume that all XP and gold rewards listed in the module are the party total, not the awards for each PC, right?