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Why not just go with “statblock” format like the old sheets? It saves so much space on the sheet that there was room for things like character background stories.

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I’m hoping for a 12-15 to face off against Sevenfingers. *evil grin*

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No, that particular module cannot be played for society credit. I do not believe any of the (very old) 3.5 modules have been sanctioned.

You can find all sanctioned content listed here:

For sanctioned modules and AP sections, the chronicle sheets are on the product page at the end of the adventure description text.

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YingYanck wrote:

Can we please get a clarification on how much damage a deadly weapon deals on a crit?

** spoiler omitted **

The question, that came up, was wether the additional damage replaces the normal additonal damage on a crit or if it is in additon.

YingYanck: The “deadly” die is *in addition* to double the normal damage.

So Mersiel’s “rapier +5 (1d6+4 piercing); deadly 1d8, disarm, finesse” would deal 2d6+8+1d8 on a successful crit.

Master or Legendary weapons would be 2d6+8+2d8 or 2d6+8+3d8, respectively. (All else being equal.)

The quoted text seems to have a typo.

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I just ran and reported The Rose Street Revenge. I did not get the expected number of playtest points.

Based on the info in the blog, I was expecting 5 (4 plus 1 for being the GM), since this was a scenario/4 part quest. But my GM tab shows that I now have only 3 Playtest points.

Did I calculate this wrong, or is the reporting system wrong?

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Just got done running Rose Street Revenge.

I actually ran the table with only four players, but I, too, liked how the party size adjustment was set up in the scenario. Even though “add two extra creatures for six players” is the same effective result as “subtract two creatures for a party of four”, adding creatures seems to feel more intuitive to me.

I also like that there was a specific 5 player adjustment.

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I don’t see a list anywhere for which Skill is required to Recall Knowledge for specific creatures.

If the PCs encounter a Ghoul, is that Religion or Occultism? What constitutes a “creature of Occult significance” anyway? What about Dragons? Humanoids? Otyughs? The creature types used to be listed with the Knowledge skill description, but I can’t find any sort of similar list for the Playtest.

What am I missing?

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Anyone know where the Pregens can be found?

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James, there were some site updates a week ago.

Assuming you are already in the Organized Play area.....

1. It’s not quite the same thing, but at the top of the “GM Sessions” tab, there is a link for “Show Seats” that will list all players.
2. The “Sessions” link for each character on the “Player” tab seems to be gone. But, on the “Player Sessions” tab, you can now filter by character name or number.
3. I think you are looking at the new “GM prestige” column. Were those events table-credit-only games for you, thus no chronicle sheet and no prestige earned? GM table credits are listed in the second column from the right and say “1 Pathfinder GM Credits.”
4. Table count is still at the top of the “GM/Event Coordinator” tab. You will almost certainly have to click the “Refresh Points” button to get an accurate count.

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Yes, you need to report the Playtest adventures. Hopefully reporting will be available once the scenarios are released tomorrow.

The tracking sheet is NOT the official Playtest Point record. John detailed this in his The linked blog. The details are in the “Reporting” section. d-Playtest

If your players do not have/want PFS numbers, there are dummy numbers available to use. But they will not be able to claim rewards later.

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Martijn, You can also make a Sneak:Hide action if you have cover, making you only Sensed (setting you up for another sneak attack.) see p. 314 and p. 158.

As far as I can tell, this is equivalent to the previous rules. Is there any other Sneak Attack situation that the old rules allowed that doesn’t apply in the new? 9
(Did I miss something here?)


Hastur!, Yes, the rules are in different sections of the book. But it’s always been that way. Let me suggest that you were so familiar with the old rules that you ceased to notice this about the old Core Rulebook. (Example: what page in the Core Rulebook had the rules for invisibility?)

Its just not possible to print all applicable rules every time it might be needed. Should the rules for “unseen” belong with: Actions (Sneak/Hide), the Rogue class abilities (Sneak Attack), or with the Senses (vision/hearing) section? It’s a logistical nightmare (and a waste of ink) to put it in all three chapters, but the rules are relevant in all three situations.

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Did you try clicking the new “Refresh Points” button on your “GM/Event Coordinator” tab of the Org Play section?

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What a terminalmancer said.

I seem to be missing any scenario that I have run more than once.


Edit: no that isn’t quite right. I have more than 38 that I have “re-run.” Some of those are evergreens and multiple characters received credit.

It might be a problem with anything that is table credit only. Ie, those scenarios with credit assigned to a blank or “0” character number.

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Robert Brandenburg wrote:
It's possible some people will be seeing their GM credits drop, since we were previously double-counting credits for some scenarios. However, we'll make sure to keep an eye on credit totals to make sure there are no bugs.

Just to confirm, this is definitely not the (only) reason table counts are off. You are showing me at 142 tables, when I should be at 180* “tables” of credit. I track all games played/run in a Google sheet so I know the total is correct. And I can confirm that on Monday, our counts matched exactly.

* You might still show only 179 reported, if Origins is still processing tables.
* I did properly count the 14 modules I have run as 2 “tables” each in this count, everything else as 1 table.

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PFS scenarios have a wide variety of themes. Some scenarios are dungeon crawls. But there are also wilderness adventures, investigations, infiltration missions, social events, rescue operations, diplomatic missions, and many more. Almost all of them have the opportunity for role play. The plots are generally more well developed after season 2.

But roleplaying isn’t really about the scenario. It’s about the GM and players at the table. I disagree with blathers that role playing only happens with a regular group. Some of the most fun roleplaying tables I have run/played were at cons where everyone had just met. Ive also had tables where the GM have done 95% of the talking since I was the only one interested in roleplay and everyone else just wants to roll dice.

People play PFS, and Pathfinder in general, for a variety of reasons. Some of them just want to throw dice and slaughter things. Others want to explore their characters and the world around them. Some people come to RPGs after playing video games and expect it to be the same kind Grind and Level experience. It sounds like the group you played with is more of the “just throw dice” kind. But maybe they just don’t know any other way?

If there are multiple PFS game days/location in your area, I encourage you to try one of the others. Maybe you will find people who have a more similar style to what you are looking for. But if you are in an area where this group is your only play option, maybe you could try to show them that roleplaying is fun? Be the roleplay you want to see! Teach them that there is another way to play.

Side note for born_of_fire:

Three hours is VERY short as a scheduled play time. Scenarios are written to be 4-5 hours. Games locally usually run 5 hours, sometimes six. I don’t even think it’s possible to complete a high tier (7-11) scenario in 3 hours!

Are there no venues you can find where you can have longer sessions? Gaming doesn’t necessarily have to be at a LGS. One of our local groups had a standing reservation for the “community room” at the local Panera bread, for example.

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Is it a new event number?

There was a problem I recall from a while back that the sheets didn’t appear until after reporting the first session.

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In case Tonya gets too busy to answer quickly (since she’s out here at Origins this week), I might be able to ease your mind a bit.

I’m running the short Playtest demos at Origins, and I got a PDF packet with the adventure, pregens, and abbreviated rules a couple weeks ago. I was able to learn what I needed to know, no problem. Then she showed up to Origins with a giant suitcase of laminated pregens, maps, minis and dice for us to use. Easy-Peasy.

It would be surprising if you folks didn’t get something similar once GenCon gets closer.

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Thanks John and Lau for confirming that the spider trample maneuver is ok. I can see how the original starting positions could be a death trap for the PCs.

Tactics Discussion: Encounter O (10-11):
I’m going to be running this encounter in a couple weeks and plan to open with a trample and web if I get the chance.

Hopefully they make the perception check to see the 8 legs of terror zeroing in on their location. I aim for maximum fear! (Even though they will probably go down quickly if the PCs keep a level head. I want to enjoy the looks of horror when I plunk two 6x6 spider “minis” on the map. :) )

Tactics Discussion: Encounter N (10-11):

Speaking of tactics: Any tips from others on how to maximize the PCs fear in encounter N? (Horralydax). Assuming he is aware of the approaching PCs, I was thinking to have him waiting in his freezing fog when the PCs enter so they think “oh it’s just two kobolds, -Shaw.” Until the dragon breathes on them once he gets a turn. Not sure what to do if Horralydax gets a second turn. Full attack anyone who comes near? Make flyby bite attack and head up into the tunnels?

Anyone have better suggestions?

To clarify, I am not looking for sneaky ways to slaughter PCs. Just competent tactics for creatures I don’t run often. My goal is to have “my guys” survive a couple rounds and challenge the PCs to make the encounters feel dangerous.

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James Anderson wrote:
And the difficult terrain affects the spiders too, thus preventing trample?

I must be overlooking something obvious, but how does the difficult terrain mean that the spiders can’t trample the PCs?

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:
We are working on a staggered drop plan. Jason & team have put together a "running the Playtest" guide and written the scenario. We are dropping it to GMs at UK Games Expo first. The GMs at Origins will get their information drop before PaizoCon. The GMs at Gen Con will get it in July.

Tonya, did this get dropped to us yet for Origins? If it is, I can’t find it in my downloads list. Where should I be looking?

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I have painted a LOT of Bones over the past few years. Unless you have tested it, I would not recommend using a any brand of spray on sealer. Many aerosols react a bit oddly with plastic and can soften the paint and mini, leaving it permanently sticky.

I would recommend the brush on sealer. Two coats. Let the mini dry/cure 24 hours before you brush it on. Use thin, slightly diluted coats. I have never had paint rub off my bones. Some of my minis (generic NPCs) travel with me to game day every other week for the past 3 years. No visible wear at all.

I also recommend the Reaper forums, if you plan to take up painting as a hobby. Everyone is friendly and willing to share their experience.

PS: This also applies to primers. Do NOT spray prime your Bones unless you do a test piece. The aerosol softening effect may not be apparent right away, either.

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Also: two comments about the RedCap example stat block:

First, I cannot figure out if the one melee action gives both the scythe and boot attacks, or if each is a separate melee option costing one action. It’s also not clear why the stomp action is listed separately from the other actions.

Second, the special irreligious weakness would be easier to adjudicate if we break out the most important bits that the GM needs to reference:

Irreligious (emotion, fear, mental) If a redcap sees a creature brandish a holy symbol of a good deity or use one for the Material Casting of a divine spell, the redcap must attempt a Save. To brandish a holy symbol, a creature must Interact to brandish it for 1 round (similar to Raising a Shield). Once a redcap has to attempt a save against a brandished holy symbol, it is bolstered against brandished holy symbols for the next 10 minutes.
Save Will DC 17 F: frightened 4 and fleeing for 1 round; S: frightened 2; CS: unaffected.

It’s the same number of lines of text, but now the GM can get the relevant information at a glance. As a GM preparing to run a scenario with a red cap, I will remember that it has “a fear of holy symbols”, but in game what I need to know is “what’s the save and how many rounds is he frightened”?

I would actually like to have it broken out this way for most abilities that depend on saves to inflict a variety of conditions.

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Pretty please can we get an updated set of condition cards to coincide with the launch of the new rules?

The condition cards (including the funny illustrations!) are some of the most useful reference tools I ever bought.

With the changes to conditions, everyone is going to ask: “What is a Frightened 4 again?” Best answer: Here’s a reference card. And ooh, look at the funny Goblin/Kobold/Whatever cowering in fear.

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Joe Bouchard wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Loaning print copies is fine. Gifting them PDFs through the Paizo store is fine. Sharing your own pdf is not.
Good to know. In the future, I'll start printing them out. Thanks.

I know I’m off on a tangent, but you also need to *get your printed copies back* from GMs you loan them to.

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Anything you implement for PFS1, people are going to want for PFS2. Add me to the crowd that considers #4 a deal-breaker.

With that in mind, I believe the best options are #5 or #1.

I suppprt #5 since it leads to less rules complexity. It made sense to have “only once at level 2” when the only evergreens were for level 1. We now have evergreens for all levels, and will likely have them for PFS2.

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andreww wrote:
Lau Bannenberg wrote:
I get much tidier results with a spreadsheet than I ever managed to get with the ITS.
Exactly this. I don't use the ITS in the Guide, I keep a google sheet for each of my characters instead. It is much clearer and simpler.

Agreed. I also have a google sheet for each character.

A little formula wizardry and it automatically sums up the purchases I make and items I sell by chronicle number. I added a column to track gold received on each chronicle and voila!, I have a running total of my current gold. I just need to copy the numbers to the chronicle sheet and the end of the session.

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Michael VonHasseln wrote:
Douglas Edwards wrote:

Would really love to double down on that last bit - giving a small reward like that definitely won't feel like very much.

I really like the idea of being members of an exclusive faction - Seekers or Shadow Lodge with its own unique benefits. They shouldnt even necessarily be better than the other factions but it being kept exclusive will definitely make it feel like an earned reward.

This is one of the better ideas I’ve seen. It involves creating a Faction that has inclusive membership, perhaps receiving direct orders from the Decemvirate. It not only rewards those who already had earned their 5-stars, but also gives an incentive for GMs to continue to strive for 5-Star status running the 1E campaign even after the release of the 2E campaign. This has merit... suggestions on how this would play out?

To keep it fair, you need to provide some way for 2ndEd only players to get access. Maybe... “One character can join the faction for each star you earn in either PFS campaign”?

Actually, this feels like a better GM reward to me than the current GM chronicle. To be clear, I don’t mean “more powerful,” I mean that it is more likely to be used. The GM chronicle has some very nice bonuses on it, but in practice doesn’t get used until you are 4 or 5 stars. Linking stars to faction access would be a smaller benefit, but that would *feel* more useful since there would be no need to wait to use the benefit.

This wouldn’t be game-breaking if the faction rewards are kept in line with the other factions.

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Dustin Knight wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:
Dustin Knight wrote:
4. Notes: I wish the chronicle sheets had a space on the bottom to encourage note-taking. For practical purposes, players can use it to track what items they found in the scenario, what items they are purchasing, what enemies they fought or just what city the scenario took place in. It also always warms my heart when GMs write notes on my chronicle sheets, and makes them special records beyond telling me when I played a game.
There is nothing stopping people from noting this kind of information on the current chronicle sheet format.

Not all sheets have space. See: Beyond the Halflight Path.

All sheets have space: The back of the prior chronicle. :)

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While I like the idea of not wasting paper, I am against a digital-only solution.

The reality is that many games already never get reported online, or are reported incorrectly. Increasing the number of things that need to be reported will only make for more opportunities to get things wrong.

As a GM, I don’t need the extra burden of reporting detailed data, and dealing with players who dispute the online record. As a player, I don’t want my characters’ rewards to rely on the reporting accuracy of someone that I may never see again.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

It would be helpful if the guide we hand new players didn't dive right into the minutia and expect people to determine the state of the forest from that description of.. well I would say trees but the guide sometimes gets bogged down at the leaf level.

If the first 4 pages have to be a light intro and the last 28 pages a technical manual so be it.

Very much this. One of the things I really do not like about the current guide is that character creation rules are buried in an appendix. Basic info needs to be in the first chapter. The most important thing a new player needs to see is how to make a legal character, not minutiae about how much gold your PC has to contribute if a pregen dies during an adventure.

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Stars won't carry over direct, there will be some other symbology, but the team is looking at ways a GM's stars may impact pieces of version 2. If you have an idea, we'd love to hear it.

Assuming PC races will be restricted in some way, I maybe you could unlock alternate races based on the number of existing stars a player has?

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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
I have no idea what is in the evergreen go now boxes
Everything you need to run the scenario. A copy of the printed scenario, flip mats, map packs, pawns, chronicle sheets, and a reporting sheet. We can even provide a writing utensil if you don’t have one. Just bring your dice. As long as you are familiar with the story, you can run an effective table with the contents of the box.

You might want to make sure all your mustering people know where these are and how GMs can get a set. Last year, when my assigned scenario did not have enough players, I ended up running Wounded Wisp using Starfinder maps because the person in charge of reassigning us told me that they were the only blank maps available.

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Thanks for continuing the RSP. And an especially big thanks for letting people keep working toward the Skinwalker boon. We are going to have a lot of happy GMs in my area.

Paperwork question, however: will existing locations need to “re-apply” to participate in the program for the new year?

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For those who need a hand drawing circular rooms. You might one to grab a tool to help you out. I bought one of these ( amp;wmcp=pla&wmcid=items&wmckw=55740-1012&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwKvTBRC 2ARIsAL0Dgk3lvkInrDjxx8CdyuNSpw5oe282_N1outS517-UbXnItN3GObMGWFAaAnLiEALw_w cB) a few years ago. The holes are even big enough to use my wet erase marker with.

The intended use is to draw up to a 6 inch radius circle by putting your finger on the small “button” in the middle and your pencil in one of the tiny holes marked for the radius you want. Spin it around and you get a perfect circle with the exact radius you need.

But, with a bit of care, I found that I can get up to 12 inch radius circles if I put my “pivot” finger inside one of the 1/2 in cutout circles on the one end, and put my pencil/marker in the tiny holes as usual, then spin.

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Leaving the Westin now and headed over. I'm in for the Weary Sky.

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Thanks, Mikko. I think I like the "Catch!" approach a bit better. For comedy value.

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Plot question: if the PCs don't choose to do the Scarab Sages mission, how do they get the key before the big battle in part L?

Did I miss it somewhere? If I missed it in the text, I suggest Amenopheus give it to them at the Intermission section, "in case it comes in handy".

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Don't know if it's still available, but Friday I grabbed a 5 day parking pass at the garage next to the hotel (Capital Common Garage) from SpotHero for $150. A bit pricy, but super convienent.

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*reads scenario*

No! It's not true! He was framed!!!

(Great scenario, going to be a lot of fun and excitement on Friday night. Also, thanks for the bestiary entries at the back of scenarios. It's so much easier to prepare knowing that I don't have to add templates to things myself, or search through page after page for statblocks, since they are all nicely arranged in one place, by tier.)

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Speaking of the Westin, where do folks recommend for safe, secure parking?

I was at GenCon two years ago when we were at one of the Marriotts, and they had an underground garage. Anything similar at the Westin?

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James Risner wrote:
Most of Sunday seems less attended. Am I picking bad scenarios? Bad Time?

Not sure how many gamers will be swayed by this, but there is a total eclipse passing over most of the US mid-day Monday. People might be planning to leave earlier on Sunday than they otherwise would so they can see it.

I know I am tentatively planning to leave Sunday afternoon for the drive down to Kentucky to camp with friends. OR, if my friends can't get the days off from work and don't end up camping, I plan to drive from Indianapolis to Columbus on Monday and take a "short" detour through western Kentucky on my way so I can see it. Since plans aren't decided yet, I don't want to commit to Sunday gaming.

And I can't sign up for Wednesday gaming since I still don't have a Paizo badge. :(

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EJDean, I'm still able to download the reporting sheets.

Do you have an event created on your "GM/Event Coordinator" tab? There should be a link for "Download Session Sheets" to the right of the event dates list.

The link appears for me for my events that are not marked as "Completely Reported."

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Looks like maybe a bunch of people got missed.

I've also contributed to the email flood for the GenCon leads. :)

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For a list of event days and times, there is the Event Grid on this page: (First orange button)

Locating events in the registration system can be a bit tricky since the registration system considers any event that ends at 12:00 midnight to span two days. The key then, is to search for "All" days, rather than a specific day. Don't forget to specify a category: "RPG" or "All".

Example: To register for the Saturday night special "8-99 The Solstice Scar", search for "Solstice Scar," "All," and "RPG." Each table of 6 has its own event code this year.

To view all the PFS events (18 pages worth!) you can search for "Pathfinder Society," All,", "RPG."

There are events all 5 days starting at 1:00 Wednesday through 1:00 Sunday. Start times are 8:00 am, 1:00pm, and 7:00 pm. There are games for Pathfinder Society, the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild, and Pathfinder Society Academy (for the kids).

PS: Netapolis is not quite correct. Not all events have "Scenario" as part of the name. There are also modules, and card games, and the academy. (Oh my!). They *do,* however all start with "Pathfinder Society."

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What did you want to know? Last I heard, there was still a need for GMs, but I do not know details.

The GM application is here:


Card Game application here:

Source: Am Columbus OH VA, though I do not do the Origins planning.

Dark Archive ***** Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Thanks for setting this up. Going to be a great resource for scheduling games!

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If you are looking for tech, it will be in season 6 and later. Scenarios: 6-1,6-2,6-3,6-17, and 6-20 are all high in tech content, as is scenaro 8-4.

Guns were invented in Alkenstar in the Mana Wastes. The only scenario I remember set there is #7-12, but the guns aren't really featured.

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Here I am back with another request:

This time I am interested in leading up to the Destiny of Sands series. Before this, was any other Sage mentioned besides Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage? Did we ever get any background on him? It looks like he just appeared with no introduction in #3-01.

So far I have the Sages arc as:
#5-12,5-15, & 5-16 Destiny of the Sands
#6-4 Beacon Below
#7-11 Ancients Anguish
Nothing so far in season 8...

Anyone know of any scenarios I should add to the list?

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Oh! I read this earlier but just saw you were in Columbus. I didn't put the names together.

I wish I had seen it before I left the game day (that you were at) this afternoon. Bring what you have to the next game day and one of us here can get you sorted out. :)

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Nefreet wrote:

There aren't a lot of Psychic casters in our area, but we enforce the strict casting requirements. When I've ventured away from my area, it seems that few GMs do (and many are simply unaware), so I don't look forward to GMing for Psychic casters at Cons.

Lots of Kineticists, though. I have a Sylph Aerokineticist who just reached 9th level, and will enjoy playing through the trilogy set on the Plane of Air.

Nefreet, As someone who has not been able to mentally process the Occult class rules, I am not sure what casting requirements you refer to. Could you elaborate a bit so I can make sure I am doing this right?

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