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The pudding fights were tough, since most of the pregens were built to use Pointy-Slashy Things.

But... in 2E, *everyone* is trained in unarmed attacks. Once the party splits the first one and realizes the Attack did no damage at all, the GM might need to give the party a hint on how to stop the things. The two best plans I have seen so far are to create as many puddings as possible and let Ezren roast em all like giant marshmallows, or for the melee characters to throw down their weapons and start punching it in the squishy bits.

As we all learn a new rule set, I think a few hints from the GM on better tactics is a good thing. I’m not advocating telling people how to play their characters, but I suspect that very few players will realize that everyone is now trained to punch things — this is a change from how we are all used to thinking.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

For what it’s worth, I played it as the Shimmerford Road runs along the long edge of the map with the gate. I also made sure to mention crossing the road as the PCs get off the boat and head into the town. Later, I just had the carriage race out of control along the edge of the map from the north, past the gate, then (potentially) crash a few yards farther on.

Remember, that in order to save the carriage, the PCs need to take some action to follow up on the prophecy, Otherwise the PCs notice the runaway coach too late to save anyone and the carriage crashes into a ravine, losing them some treasure bundles.

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Also, in your example, Flat Footed is no longer a bonus to attack, it’s a penalty to AC.

We’ve always had a lot of complicated math. Take Power Attack for example: to correctly calculate the penalty/bonus I need to know the critters BAB, then determine how many multiples of 4 that is, determine if its weapons are one or two handed or Primary or Secondary. And that’s just *one* feat that a critter might have going on. There are also probably buffing spells that I need to calculate as well when I roll that d20.

IMO, the math for PF1 only seems easy because we are used to it. I do not believe that the math for PF2 is objectively more difficult — it’s just different.

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This has been discussed in he GM slack channel when prepping for GenCon. The devs confirmed that the text listed under OP’s second quote are an accidental holdover from playtest text. The rule “increase/decrease one degree of success/failure” is the correct rule to apply in all situations.

I expect there will be a bunch of Core Rulebook errata for our Christmas present. :)

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My rofl-stomping group reported for part 2 of the mission last night, but without their Life Oracle. The Oracle was apparently just slowing them down as we completed the scenario in about 4 hours (compared to 7 hours for part 1).

Everyone was glad, if confused, to see Eliza at the Wounded Wisp. Speculation of what she was doing in Absalom instead of Galt led to the off the cuff suggestion that she might be a member of the Decemverate. A quick chuckle around the table at the unlikliness of that and they were prepared to hear her out. Eager to do her bidding, they made straight for Skyreach, flying over the front gate, but leaving it locked. As soon as they noticed buildings on fire, undead wandering aimlessly, and unknown people sneaking around the grounds, their energies were diverted from Skyreach to the more immediate problems.

They quickly mopped up the various problems and “scared straight” some agents of GM Torch. Who promptly spilled the beans about Zurnzal in the Repository.

One petrified Arcanist later, and the PCs finally found out the location of Vahlo. And Torch. The storming of Skyreach is back on!

Aside: The other table was splaying Serpents Ire so we had a two-Zurenzal evening. Everyone had a chuckle about being in two places at once, once they realized who my group was pumping for information.

The fight atop the towers was a letdown since we only had 4 players, so there were no minions to take the PCs attention from the main guy. Knocked him out in one round. Once everyone got blown to the Wall, they were both horrified to see the fully healthy halfling and amused that the imposing Taldan man was actually a halfling. He made it to two rounds this time, and had the chance to smite the halfling paladin of Chaldira. But even my dice wanted him dead and three nat 1s in a row later, the PCs got the upper hand, and the graveknight fell to a well-timed arrow from GM Torch.

The PCs drew weapons as Torch approached, but were willing to listen once he dropped his bow. As the pile of items on the ground grew, so did their sympathies for him. By the time he offered to answer all their questions, there was no thought of killing him.

Of course the first question hey ask is one Torch couldn’t answer. (Since the info wasn’t in the scenario!) They wanted to know the names of the other two Decemverate members that he had incriminating information on.

The next question was how he knew Vahlo was a graveknight. The little history lesson made the paladin turn white realizing that it could have easily been her, as he was once also a halfling paladin of Chaldira. That couldn’t have worked out better if I’d planned it. And it caused the paladin to be a little more understanding about Torch’s actions.

After confessing all, Torch is going to go spend some time on the tropical island owned by one of the PCs. A nice little vacation where they can keep an eye on him.

The PCs were ready to take up arms gain when two of the Decemverate strolled up, but quickly calmed when Eliza revealed herself. When she made her speech about passing the helm to another, every member of the party literally put their hands out to take it.

And Fade to Black........

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
azjauthor wrote:

Another point for consideration:

The character creation page details "Retail Incentive Program," but what is described there is the reward for having Pathfinder merchandise (faction pins, t-shirts, bags, etc), rather than what is recognizable as "Retail Incentive Program" in PFS1 or SFS, where there's a bonus for spending certain amounts in the store.

Is the intention that buying gaming product in the stores (unless it is Pathfinder branded merch) won't gain a reward at the table?

Good question! The retail incentive has been pretty popular among the stores where we play. They mostly sell snacks and drinks to us, but people also tend to do their boardgame buys on game days because of it. It looks good to the store owners.

So much this. I’d like to continue to incentivize players to buy merchandise at the stores we play in — none of which sell the T-shirts, pins, and book bags that are being discussed in this section.

I’m not sure how to best do so under the new rules, but maybe something like 1 extra hero point if you (personally) buy $10 of merch and 2 Hero Points if you buy $20+. But that might put us at risk of giving out too many hero points.

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Any timeline on when in August this will be made available? We would like to play this at our regional game day later this month....

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

I ran part 1 for a local group the weekend before GenCon at 17-18 (yup, I’m a glutton for punishment).

Our run time was about 7 hours. Mostly spent on roleplay, as this was a power build group and they trivialized the encounters.

Like CigarPete, both Mantis encounters were shut down quickly by people with near-permanent see inivisibility. They knew what they were walking into in the Pagoda encounter and focused fire on the Hyakume. He didn’t last past round two. Three huge water elementals then played mop-up on the claws and that was that. The party was highly amused to discover the new body of the person they were searching for. His new and old body were transported back to Absalom for someone at the lodge to sort out. (The players, of course, are not yet aware of what is about to go down back at the lodge. Poor Monkey Goblin might be thinking he was better off on Mediogalti Island after all.)

Much fun was had Roleplaying the party scenes and sweet talking the patrols around town. I was pleased that none of my party was ready to slaughter the gnome on sight and they listened attentively to her story.

Part 2 is this Saturday. Also at 17-18 (I said I was a glutton for punishment!). I’ll report back on how it all ends...

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I’m sad to hear that this happened to multiple people this year.

I do similar to Jeff. Ask another player/GM to watch my things for a few moments while I do the needful.

But, unless it’s someone I personally know, I also take the valuable stuff with me (ie phone and tablet).

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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I disagree.

I believe his story about faking his betrayal in Rivalry’s End. That little speech he gave never meshed well with how he acted in other scenarios. It felt fake at the time.

I see Torch as a man driven by the need for justice. Certainly bitter and resentful, but also a champion for those being abused. And, to him, the “abused” are the Pathfinder agents. He has demonstrated that he is willing to do what needs to be done in order to protect others, even if those same people will vilify him for his actions. But also a man who is not going to complain if serving justice means he can serve a side of revenge on those that wronged him in the past. Chaotic Good, leaning Chaotic Neutral. The kind of man who belies that the end justifies the means.

I am glad to see that the Emerald Sage Jewel healed some of his scars. Perhaps it’s healed his soul a bit too.

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Gregory Rebelo wrote:

Sorry to hear that Rob. Hopefully today pans out better!

Here, after looking over the PF2 Core and helping Joe piece together the immensity of it, we snuck downstairs to see if we could crash the slot 0 PF2 with the help of Jordan our penultimate roommate (and VL for Houston). After an eternity awkwardly holding the door, we managed to get in and slot 0 a quest table with Iammars/Jen at the helm. She had run the playtest locally, and killed me. Last night she also killed me/Seelah. And 3/4 of the table. Good to see nothing has changed in that regard.

Right now, I am about to set off on a quest for breakfast. Will it be expensive? Will it be palatable? Will I get lost again, in spite of modern technology? The day is young, let's find out!

It was fun being killed with you last night.

Thanks again to Iammars for running for us.

(Wish me well, I’m currently in the middle of a very large scrum outside the dealer hall doors waiting to Buy All The Paizo Things!)

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

When you wish upon a Star.......

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

What the others said.

Additionally, you do not need to own the bestiaries to GM. All required stat blocks are now included in scenarios. That was changed a couple years ago. Definitely any season 9 or 10 will have them either in the text or in an appendix at the end.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

GM hotel assignments have not yet gone out.

This was asked on the Slack earlier today also. If you haven’t joined the slack for GMs, I would encourage you to do so. There is a wealth of knowledge in the community.

Dark Archive

My scenario found me!

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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Sounds nice. Lots of nice rewards.

But I’d be a lot more impressed if my Playtest points were actually getting calculated correctly, so I could redeem some of these in a couple weeks. I’m supposed to have over 100, but my Org Play page still shows “0”.

Dark Archive

Mine is still missing. :(

I’m scheduled to run 10-22 in another week and really need as much prep time as I can get. Could you poke the Downloads page for me?

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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I just noticed that the Max Gold section has disappeared. *sad face*

Any chance we can get that back? As a player, I have gotten a lot of chronicle sheets where the GM has not written the Gold amount legibly. Since players generally end up getting max gold, it is useful in trying to decipher such scribbles.

And as a GM it’s very handy to have it printed right on the sheet when I am filling it out. Hopefully, this info will be put at the end of the scenario at least, so no one needs to manually add up gold for each encounter.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Shifty wrote:

Can we get Sczarni back now?


I’ll vote for the Sczarni, if you’ll vote to reinstate the Shadow Lodge. :)

But seriously? I’m really liking what we are seeing with factions so far.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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I have a small request: please stop “pre-printing” the first digit of the character number on the sheets.

It’s too small in relation to people’s actual handwriting, so I end up just writing the whole number myself every time anyway.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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Oh. And last I heard, the only events known to be missing from the Origins online registration are some of the older scenarios. But they should be getting added “soon.”

(Not on the committee, so I don’t know any more details on which events specifically, or when they will get added.)

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Keep in mind this year when registering for Origins events:

1) For evening games you can not limit he events shown by “day”. The midnight end time confuses the event registration system. This is an issue every year.

2) The event numbers in the Excel sheet do not match the event numbers in the registration system. This is new for 2019.

To minizime your frustrations, search for PFS/SFS event by NAME only to get what you need.

Also, any unpaid events tickets will be put back into circulation on May 17 for others to grab.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Suggestion this year is to search by name (only) for Origins events.

The system never worked correctly for the sessions with the 12:00 midnight end time. This confuses the date filter.

And this year Origins folks announced that somehow all the event numbers in the Excel grid are different than the event codes in the system.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

I nominate Murder on the Throaty Mermaid.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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We would love to have you at Origins, BNW!

As far as walking, Columbus is quite flat. The convention center is on two/three levels, but there are escalators everywhere to get between floors.

Random other things a first-timer might want to know:

The closest grocery store is probably The Hills Market, and that’s a mile, maybe. It’s also more of a botique grocery. There is also a small grocery in The North Market, one block from the convention center, but go there for the myriad foodstalls, not the grocery store. (They mostly seem to have overpriced produce when I have been there in the past.) Fair warning, the food stalls will be packed tighter than the dealer hall with people. But it’s worth the trip at least once.

There are a lot of restaurant options nearby and a food court right downstairs on the RPG end of the convention. FYI, we are always on the ”south” end under/in the Hyatt hotel, in their ballrooms. The Hyatt also has some food options and the “Big Bar On 2” is a popular late night spot. There is a Starbucks just outside our room.

Water stations (cold only) are provided by the hotel.

Origins is considerably smaller in attendancethan GenCon, so most people end up at one of the ”attached” hotels. But even if you are staying elsewhere, the downtown area is very pedestrian friendly. We also have a bunch of different scooter companies and a bike share for getting around. I think the Segway Tour place is even still in operation.

For Pathfinder, some events will sell out, like the specials, but if players are flexible in the Scenarios they can play, nearly all generic tickets get seated *somewhere* in every other slot.

Events: I GM the whole time, so I haven’t looked st the online registration yet, but assuming they use the same system as recent years, DO NOT try to filter events by day when purchasing tickets for the evening game slot. Since they end at 12:00, the site considers them to span two days, and will not show any of those events if you enter a day in the search tool. Easiest is to download the Excel Event Grid and search for events you want by the event number or name.

If there is anything else you want to know, just ask!

PS: Origins is the same weekend as Pride. The downtown area including the convention center is going to be very crowded, and parking will be... potentially difficult. The Satruday parade usually goes past the convention center, so some roads will also be closed at times that morning/noonish. Plan accordingly if anyone is going to stay at an outlying hotel and drive in each day.

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:

We've passed the schedules to the Origins and PaizoCon committees, so they will be reaching out in the next week or so to volunteers.

Work on the Pathfinder Core Rulebook (2nd ed) is wrapping up soon and we are working on ways to get the ruleset to GMs as quickly as possible. It will be a rolling grant - UKGE first, then Origins, then Gen Con.

Slack channels are invaluable for keeping up with information and having feedback from the devs. We have channels for SFS 2-00 and PFS 10-98, as well as different Gen Con departments. Have general ones for each convention as well.

<link removed>

Once there, look for the pinned messages for the individual channels. Request access and we will add you to them.

Thanks to HMM who is our slack concierge and helping people get to where they want to go!


Any chance we will get an Origins Slack channel as well? I assume the existing channels for PF2 and the specials could be used for discussion by both groups.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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@altica, you are misinformed. VOs sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, not contracts.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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DragonflyBlue wrote:

So, I am in for gen con! Hubby is making me do it...

7 Slots... 2e and SFS

The horror! Being made to go have a fun gaming week.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

I did something similar to Ilmakis, but with numbered discs instead of minis. Be sure to include one for Wotan/“Eliza”.

I gave each player a card with their number on it, and told them to write their actions. So everyone could look at the board, without revealing locations. I then announced all the actions at once. The players figured out who was who on about round three after combat was initiated by Wotan. We abandoned the cards at that point. Once the attacks start happening, they get really motivated to identify each other.. ;)

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Blake's Tiger wrote:

So, jewelry did not exist until Ultimate Equipment was published?

No, prior to that it was listed as 'Treasue.' The one itemized jewelry, signet ring, is listed as Adventuring Gear.

UE listing jewelry under Clothing rather than spending the print space to create another heading does not make jewelry clothing anymore than listing a stirge and pseudodragob under Animal makes it an animal rather than a magical beadt or a pseudodragon an animal rather than a dragon.


By a strict reading of the rules, I still think the only jewelry available for PFS characters to purchase are those I listed above from the Core Rulebook or Ultimate Equipment, both under the category of Clothing. (I do not own every Paizo book to check, but these are the only two sources I found when I searched.)

Treasure is not an item a PC has ever allowed to purchase and keep.

As you note, Signet Rings are Adventuring Gear — they are practical items with a specific purpose. In the examples I’ve seen, they are generally plain items, not decorative ones. They imprint a symbol into the sealing wax of a letter. It is no more “jewelry” than a pocket watch would be.

If I were really in Rules Lawyer mode, I might point out that Striges and Pseudodragons are in table 2-3 “Pets and Familiars”, as well as table 2-4 “Hunting and Guard Animals”, so they count as both animals and pets.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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I have been pondering this, since it’s an interesting question. As far as the rules go, I would like to suggest that jewelry should be considered as ”clothing.”

The only specific entry for “Jewelry” available to purchase is in Ultimate Equipment on page 90 and listed in Table 2-9, both of which have the heading of “Clothing.” All the other items listed in this section are clearly worn items that most would consider as clothes. Therefore, the jewelry should take damage, albeit applying some hardness when calculating the overall damage seems appropriate.

You could argue that jewelry is also mentioned in the Core Rulebook since it is listed in the entry for Courtier’s Outfit and Noble’s Outfit, and obliquely referenced in the Royal Outfit. But these are all still in the “clothes” category.

Holy Symbols, for example are “Adventuring Gear,” not “Clothing.” Clearly, the Gods protect them. ;)

Philosophically, it does not seem unreasonable to me that the character should have to either suffer the -2 penalty or spend most of their chronicle gold to replace the items. This is significantly less costly than, for example, Raise Dead. Will it hurt to lose most of the gold for the scenario? Yup. But benefits have costs.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

He clearly had a scroll. It isn’t listed in his inventory since he already used it. :)

In general, “Run as written” means we ignore small stat block problems like this and assume he has some way to cast it. In this case, the mage armor is already included in his stat block; I see no reason to remove it. Dude’s likely to die in 3 rounds anyway.

No matter how careful the writers/editing staff are, the sheer volume of scenarios that get produced each year means that some of them will have stat block errors. Unless it’s a truly egregious error, just roll with it. Generally just let the bad guy do what the statblock/tactics say he can.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Janice Piette wrote:
With regard to the second boon on the sheet: Is there a way to report a GM’s character as dead?

... how badly did THAT Game go?

There really isn't a way to kill the DMs character in the game.

I’m not sure you have read the scenario yet then.

The character I plan to put the credit on would absolutely do The Thing. Even knowing the consequences. *Especially* knowing the in-game consequences. She always was a bit power-hungry....

I did not see it called out anywhere that the boon was not available to GMs, so I was assuming that I could choose to have the boon apply.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

GenCon, here I come!

But 10 slots at GenCon? Who is crazy enough to try that kind of schedule???

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

With regard to the second boon on the sheet: Is there a way to report a GM’s character as dead?

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Why not just go with “statblock” format like the old sheets? It saves so much space on the sheet that there was room for things like character background stories.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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I’m hoping for a 12-15 to face off against Sevenfingers. *evil grin*

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

No, that particular module cannot be played for society credit. I do not believe any of the (very old) 3.5 modules have been sanctioned.

You can find all sanctioned content listed here:

For sanctioned modules and AP sections, the chronicle sheets are on the product page at the end of the adventure description text.

Dark Archive

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YingYanck wrote:

Can we please get a clarification on how much damage a deadly weapon deals on a crit?

** spoiler omitted **

The question, that came up, was wether the additional damage replaces the normal additonal damage on a crit or if it is in additon.

YingYanck: The “deadly” die is *in addition* to double the normal damage.

So Mersiel’s “rapier +5 (1d6+4 piercing); deadly 1d8, disarm, finesse” would deal 2d6+8+1d8 on a successful crit.

Master or Legendary weapons would be 2d6+8+2d8 or 2d6+8+3d8, respectively. (All else being equal.)

The quoted text seems to have a typo.

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

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I just ran and reported The Rose Street Revenge. I did not get the expected number of playtest points.

Based on the info in the blog, I was expecting 5 (4 plus 1 for being the GM), since this was a scenario/4 part quest. But my GM tab shows that I now have only 3 Playtest points.

Did I calculate this wrong, or is the reporting system wrong?

Dark Archive

Just got done running Rose Street Revenge.

I actually ran the table with only four players, but I, too, liked how the party size adjustment was set up in the scenario. Even though “add two extra creatures for six players” is the same effective result as “subtract two creatures for a party of four”, adding creatures seems to feel more intuitive to me.

I also like that there was a specific 5 player adjustment.

Dark Archive

I don’t see a list anywhere for which Skill is required to Recall Knowledge for specific creatures.

If the PCs encounter a Ghoul, is that Religion or Occultism? What constitutes a “creature of Occult significance” anyway? What about Dragons? Humanoids? Otyughs? The creature types used to be listed with the Knowledge skill description, but I can’t find any sort of similar list for the Playtest.

What am I missing?

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

Anyone know where the Pregens can be found?

Dark Archive 5/5 Venture-Agent, Ohio—Columbus aka Cirithiel

James, there were some site updates a week ago.

Assuming you are already in the Organized Play area.....

1. It’s not quite the same thing, but at the top of the “GM Sessions” tab, there is a link for “Show Seats” that will list all players.
2. The “Sessions” link for each character on the “Player” tab seems to be gone. But, on the “Player Sessions” tab, you can now filter by character name or number.
3. I think you are looking at the new “GM prestige” column. Were those events table-credit-only games for you, thus no chronicle sheet and no prestige earned? GM table credits are listed in the second column from the right and say “1 Pathfinder GM Credits.”
4. Table count is still at the top of the “GM/Event Coordinator” tab. You will almost certainly have to click the “Refresh Points” button to get an accurate count.

Dark Archive

Yes, you need to report the Playtest adventures. Hopefully reporting will be available once the scenarios are released tomorrow.

The tracking sheet is NOT the official Playtest Point record. John detailed this in his The linked blog. The details are in the “Reporting” section. d-Playtest

If your players do not have/want PFS numbers, there are dummy numbers available to use. But they will not be able to claim rewards later.

Dark Archive

Martijn, You can also make a Sneak:Hide action if you have cover, making you only Sensed (setting you up for another sneak attack.) see p. 314 and p. 158.

As far as I can tell, this is equivalent to the previous rules. Is there any other Sneak Attack situation that the old rules allowed that doesn’t apply in the new? 9
(Did I miss something here?)


Hastur!, Yes, the rules are in different sections of the book. But it’s always been that way. Let me suggest that you were so familiar with the old rules that you ceased to notice this about the old Core Rulebook. (Example: what page in the Core Rulebook had the rules for invisibility?)

Its just not possible to print all applicable rules every time it might be needed. Should the rules for “unseen” belong with: Actions (Sneak/Hide), the Rogue class abilities (Sneak Attack), or with the Senses (vision/hearing) section? It’s a logistical nightmare (and a waste of ink) to put it in all three chapters, but the rules are relevant in all three situations.

Dark Archive

Did you try clicking the new “Refresh Points” button on your “GM/Event Coordinator” tab of the Org Play section?

Dark Archive

What a terminalmancer said.

I seem to be missing any scenario that I have run more than once.


Edit: no that isn’t quite right. I have more than 38 that I have “re-run.” Some of those are evergreens and multiple characters received credit.

It might be a problem with anything that is table credit only. Ie, those scenarios with credit assigned to a blank or “0” character number.

Dark Archive

Robert Brandenburg wrote:
It's possible some people will be seeing their GM credits drop, since we were previously double-counting credits for some scenarios. However, we'll make sure to keep an eye on credit totals to make sure there are no bugs.

Just to confirm, this is definitely not the (only) reason table counts are off. You are showing me at 142 tables, when I should be at 180* “tables” of credit. I track all games played/run in a Google sheet so I know the total is correct. And I can confirm that on Monday, our counts matched exactly.

* You might still show only 179 reported, if Origins is still processing tables.
* I did properly count the 14 modules I have run as 2 “tables” each in this count, everything else as 1 table.

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PFS scenarios have a wide variety of themes. Some scenarios are dungeon crawls. But there are also wilderness adventures, investigations, infiltration missions, social events, rescue operations, diplomatic missions, and many more. Almost all of them have the opportunity for role play. The plots are generally more well developed after season 2.

But roleplaying isn’t really about the scenario. It’s about the GM and players at the table. I disagree with blathers that role playing only happens with a regular group. Some of the most fun roleplaying tables I have run/played were at cons where everyone had just met. Ive also had tables where the GM have done 95% of the talking since I was the only one interested in roleplay and everyone else just wants to roll dice.

People play PFS, and Pathfinder in general, for a variety of reasons. Some of them just want to throw dice and slaughter things. Others want to explore their characters and the world around them. Some people come to RPGs after playing video games and expect it to be the same kind Grind and Level experience. It sounds like the group you played with is more of the “just throw dice” kind. But maybe they just don’t know any other way?

If there are multiple PFS game days/location in your area, I encourage you to try one of the others. Maybe you will find people who have a more similar style to what you are looking for. But if you are in an area where this group is your only play option, maybe you could try to show them that roleplaying is fun? Be the roleplay you want to see! Teach them that there is another way to play.

Side note for born_of_fire:

Three hours is VERY short as a scheduled play time. Scenarios are written to be 4-5 hours. Games locally usually run 5 hours, sometimes six. I don’t even think it’s possible to complete a high tier (7-11) scenario in 3 hours!

Are there no venues you can find where you can have longer sessions? Gaming doesn’t necessarily have to be at a LGS. One of our local groups had a standing reservation for the “community room” at the local Panera bread, for example.

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