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Hey all. I have an upcoming opening for a staff accountant. This is a support position to the senior finance and accounting staff (that would be yours truly), and requires strong data entry skills along with a knowledge of accounting procedures.

As always with Paizo jobs, the posting can be found on the Paizo jobs page.

If you are interested in the position, send in your resume sooner rather than later!

Former VP of Finance

Cosmo says: Teddy Roosevelt vs Nikola Tesla would be like Superman vs Batman.

What do you think, Off-Topic'ers?

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As the title says, a decent dice roller for the iPhone, free for download, I believe today only.

App store link

I figured I ought to share. Enjoy!

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Something that's always bothered me are the favored classes for a couple of the races. My suggestion is:

Elves - Ranger (and/or possibly druid)
Gnomes - Wizard (and/or sorcerer)

My reasoning! Elves are graceful forest-dwellers. Ranger and druid are natural choices for them that fit perfectly. The quote on gnomes is "...where elves have a tie to nature..." This, to me, does not say sitting in a library, reading a book, memorizing. This is trekking through the wilderness, tracking animals, surviving.

Gnomes are magical by nature. They have spell-like abilities built in. They are perfect casters. I admit, bard does make some sense with their whimsical nature, but it only scratches the surface in magical potential of what a truly focused gnome could do with raw power. A gnome is a creature of magic, not a creature of entertainment.