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captain yesterday wrote:

Why does everyone want to be a evil necromancer, what's so alluring about having a zombie entourage.

I'm seriously asking.

No DM ever lets me try one out. Been wanting to try a Bone Oracle or Undead Lord Cleric for the longest time. They get like 1 big pet and then some red shirt minions. For me it is about not being the goodie good. After 31 years gaming I am over being the "hero" and I would like to try the anti hero types more. Often DMs hear you say necromancer and say a blanket no, when your idea of one and the DMs are totally different. A huge undead army, no thanks, a undead pet and then some red shirts sometimes, that sounds pretty great.

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I hear play what I want all the time. Never really able to do that, lol. DM does not allow evil or worship of evil deities. Then we are using the updated horror rules where casting evil spells causes you to be evil and then there for an NPC. So my main ideas to go to are all out due to being necro themed or using evil deities with a neutral character. Rogue is a good idea, with that high of a CHA, I would end up being the face and the newer player being the paladin might get stepped on, which I want to avoid.

So far from reading the first book gives junk for wizard types. Hrmm.

Thanks for the input.

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I am a player in Ironfang invasion and we are about to make level 3, but we had to party members die in a tough random encounter.

My question is, is a arcane character required for this AP? I do not want specifics more of a yes or no type answer. Currently we have a Paladin, Hunter, UC Rogue and Cleric(new character, replaced other players dead one). I know most APs give out wands and spell books like crazy and I do know that a few APs are super tough without a arcane character.

Thanks all.

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I am glad to have been a part of this. Was super excited to see the Kickstarter keep climbing the way it did. Lots of great industry people chipped in, I was amazed to see all the big names and the amount of 3rd party rockstars that signed up to contribute. Way to rock it out everyone!!

Super congrats to for the great success of this project.

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Thank you Gary! Hopefully much more to come!

Fire Mountain Games wrote:

Congratulations to Chris for his first professional writing credit!

Chris actually played in both a Midnight and Call of Cthulhu campaign of mine some years back.

Much success, Chris.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

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I would love to see some sort of underground Adventure Path. Most of the published ones are set in jungles, towns or the high sea. Such an AP would have a wealth of monsters already out of the gate as well there are good deal of friendly type races found there. Perhaps it could be an underground/dungeon mix, having it span a few underground areas and a series of dungeons made centuries ago by a Lich(still unliving perhaps). They have to solve some puzzle to a treasure horde using clues from each of the various dungeons. The best thing about that type of AP is that the underground or dungeon areas would most likely have been taken over by other nasty things.

All in all I love most of the APs for the Pathfinder game system. Way of the Wicked is one of the best as it allows for an evil game to be run in a new and fantastic way.

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I would love to see what has been written for the Dhampir.