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Thanks for helping me clear that up. The 1d4 seems a bit poor then really. I'm struggling with a lot of Imrijka's combat checks.

I was wondering - can Imrijka's power "You may recharge a card that has the Divine or Ranged trait to add 1d4 and the Divine and Magic traits to your check against a monster" be used more than once on the same check?

skizzerz wrote:
Chimpy wrote:
I just had the issue on Vengeance at Sundered Crag where the Villain, (Thurl&Inhaz) were in Aybssal Rift somewhere (the other 2 locations were closed after the villain escaped), and I defeated the henchmen (Unfettered Eidolon) at the rift. Normally at a location I would do the check to close the location, and if I did so, clear the location apart from the Villain. What happens in this case? The location was on it's flipped side.
The way I would play it is (I think) the same way Mawgrim described it above -- regardless of which side Abyssal Rift is on you can never permanently close it by defeating a henchman which means you can never clear out the location deck of non-villain cards by defeating a henchman. You'll have to just keep burning through the location deck until you hit the villain, and hope that when you do finally encounter the villain that the card is on the flipped (non-Abyssal) side.

Yeah that's what I figured. It takes a bit of tricky logic to work through, though!

I just had the issue on Vengeance at Sundered Crag where the Villain, (Thurl&Inhaz) were in Aybssal Rift somewhere (the other 2 locations were closed after the villain escaped), and I defeated the henchmen (Unfettered Eidolon) at the rift. Normally at a location I would do the check to close the location, and if I did so, clear the location apart from the Villain. What happens in this case? The location was on it's flipped side.

OK so if I fail the check against the demonling, I move randomly (possibly to the same location), continue to make a check against the Adept, but regardless of the result of that check, she is undefeated anyway and gets shuffled back in. I think I got it :p


I've had a situation come up in WotR where my character encountered the henchman Blackfire Adept. I summoned a servitor demon Demonling, which I failed the combat check against. I took the damage and then randomly moved to a different location.

Do I still make the check to defeat against the Blackfire Adept? I'm guessing not, and that the Blackfire Adept gets shuffled back into the original location, but I'm a little unsure.

Yeah I just spotted it in the rulebook as well after missing that paragraph first time I read it. Thanks!

What happens to a displayed card (e.g. cohort Leryn) at the end of a turn? Does it just stay out, and the hand is reset up to it's normal size?

I've been recharging a card to put it back into my hand before the end of each turn but actually now I think this is unnecessary perhaps?


Adowyn and Alain are doing quite well for me although I've only done the first few scenarios with them yet.

My copy of WotR seems fine.

I had a problem in RotR where some US printed expansion packs had lighter backs from the China printed ones, but from what you are saying it's with cards from the same base set?

I'm having a blocker on the 4th scenario of WotR base adventure - Traitor's Lodge. My character - Alain - doesn't have any magic weapons yet, and yet both the villain and one of the henchmen requires magic to defeat. Although I can acquire the sacred prism, this only really helps on one check, because it gets recharged after use.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sounds like I'm not the only one struggling with the base set on wrath then!

Not played Wrath of the Righteous much (only just got it) but have played Rise of the Runelords a lot. I would say get to know your characters weaknesses and choose allies and items that plug those holes.

I think it also takes a few tries to understand how your character works.

Vic Wertz wrote:
You gotta take care of your horse. You'll notice his Lancer role has a power that can help with that.

Explosive runes wiped my hand. So I meant the horse got discarded, not banished. Apologies for confusion!

Troymk1 wrote:
Once he gets a lance his first explore packs A LOT of punch

Been trying him out, but have found once Alain loses his cohort horse Donohan he struggles. Very susceptible to troublesome barriers.

On a general note, WotR seems a little harder than RotR. I've not played SaS but the target numbers seem somewhat higher in general than the first game.

I thought Alain is meant to be the best solo character in WotR?

Unlucky!! haha

Obviously you're free to play it how you wish, but I think playing a blessing to add an extra die after a check would make the game too easy. Losing sometimes makes the winning that much sweeter :-)

After getting experienced with the game and playing it a lot, I take my original statement back. It's not harder at all. It's just some classes work better solo or in pairs. And it's also a game about knowing when to use a card, and what kind of cards to aim for. For example with the cleric, taking all offensive spells rather than cures I find helps a lot, and getting weapon proficiency ASAP makes life a heck of a lot easier.

(Still loving it!)

Also bear in mind that the villain & henchmen will sometimes be near the top, or near the bottom, of the location. On average over many plays (a loose term) the villain/henchmen will be halfway down the location, which means that with 6 players, it will, on average, take 5 * 8 = 40 explores, which isn't so bad, and should be do-able using explore-again mechanics.

For a single player game, on average, it will only take 15 explores to encounter all the villains and henchmen. But I guess in single player there are more failures, so it takes longer.

Paizo have balanced it pretty well I think.

I'm sure this has been asked 100 times before, but will these packs be compatible with Skull & Shackles as well as RotR?

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You're assuming people reading this forum are males with female partners ;-)

For what it's worth, I play it with my housemate and we are both into RPGs, but he is less into card games than I am, but we both love PACG.

My Character Add On Pack cards are a lighter tone, it's quite annoying.

The backs of the cards on my character add-on pack are noticeably lighter than the other cards. I wonder if they are second printing ones then.

I have completed Adventures 1 & 2 solo with Merisiel. Haven't had too many times I've had to bail out. I've given her heavy crossbows and this makes most combat less challenging. She has problems with wisdom and intelligence checks to close locations. I've picked items and allies that help with those kind of checks.

I do struggle with Dexterity checks on my Cleric too. Trying to get some blessings or allies to help but they never seem to appear.

After a bit more playing, I am finding it easier (but still challenging). I think I was recharging or discarding cards when it wasn't worth it so I didn't have them when I really needed them. Choosing when to use a card seems to be the key to success.

I think I had a run of bad luck on my earlier scenarios. Better/more shuffling perhaps!

Yes I concur - I think Brigadoom is one of the hardest scenarios I've done. Trouble in Sandpoint/Glassworks is worse though, that's just horrific.

I usually do an overhand shuffle, a stack and then a couple of cuts. Seems to work pretty well. Habit from Magic the Gathering :p

I'm considering getting a bunch of friends round to play PACG and I'm sure they'll love it, but I'm curious as to what happens to the game when there are 5 or 6 players. There are still just 30 cards in the blessings deck, right? With 6 players, there are potentially 80 cards to get through. Surely even using cards to explore, it's very hard to complete a scenario without the clock running out?

For those people that have played the card game a lot and know its ins-and-outs, I was wondering what advice and recommendations you would give to newb player who wants to play the cleric in the base set? Things such as what spells to pick, when to use a blessing, how to get dice pools large enough in combat, what items are useful to have, that kind of thing.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a look for some videos when I have a bit more time.

Question: I thought in order to use thieves tools the character had to be trained in Disable?

I think one of the most annoying things for me was when I was trying to close a location after I failed to close it after the henchman turned up. I was playing the barbarian and there was a Spectre and a Ghost I couldn't defeat as I had nothing magical.

Another question: if I'm playing a scenario and it's not going well - can I bail out and keep the items I've already acquired?

I got the pathfinder card game a couple of days ago and have really enjoyed playing it but I am struggling to get past the first scenario.

The first time I played the cleric and my friend played the monk. The henchmen and the villain were near the bottom of each location and the blessing deck ran out. I found the cleric frustrating since its melee attack was so poor and it didn't seem to have enough offensive spells.

The next time I played the bard and my friend played the wizard. The bard died because I kept having to switch my offensive spells out for the cure spell (on myself), and had nothing to attack monsters with, so my hand of 6 cards kept getting wiped out. The wizard made it to the end.

I then tried a barbarian solo. Vs. monsters was easier but I had nothing against traps, and those, along with a couple of low rolls against monsters, killed my barbarian. Twice.

It just seems that a couple of missed rolls against monsters will end the game. Using blessings and discarding weapons for the extra die helps, but doing that burns through cards too fast.

Am I missing something because I have seen many posts saying how easy the game is and I'm not finding that at all.