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"Won't ride up!" The underwear package lied.

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Freehold DM wrote:

Something bad happened at work today. Cant discuss it but...yeesh. Not sure I want tomorrow to come.

No, not suicidal or anything!!! Just...not happy.

I can dig you a hole to hide in, I can even dig it adjacent to mine.

We can be tunnel buddies.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Woran wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
Woran wrote:
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...just got the email to remind me: Today is my 15-year anniversary at my current job.

Does that count as "a career" or "in a rut"?

Depends if they give you a cake to celebrate.

MrT recently celebrated 12 years at his job.

LOL. GothBard works for a gaming company. She gets all kinds of cool gifts. Even when they "just" won the Halloween costume contest this year, they each got a $50 gift certificate.

In 19 years in tech, my grand total rewards have been:
(1) A pen
(2) A watch
(3) An extra week of vacation (from 13 days a year to 18)

Yeah, employee recognition just isn't a "thing" in my industry...

You're clearly in the wrong company.

MrT works IT in the financial sector. He gets a gift certificate for his birthday and for christmas.
For his 12,5 years at the company, they bought cake for him and his department, got him an insanely large bouquet of flowers and got him a synthesizer (as his hobby is making electronic music).

In my old company, which I was a part of for 6 years, you got a small gift for your bithday. Like a creditcard sized multitool, a travel mug and a box of chocolates.
For christmas we got all kids of gifts. I got remote controlled ball, a little flying drone, a camera (like a go-pro, just a different brand).

Both MrT's company and my company are big. MrT's might be a rival for your GlobalMegaCorp.
Now that I joined a small company, I did not recieve a birthday gift.

You're just a wacky European. You weirdos still believe in treating employees like human beings and all that nonsense.

Hey, who let you off the hamster wheel!

grabs tranquilizer gun and darts.

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Hey, that Captain Yesterday seems like a pretty interesting person, I bet he'd have some cool answers for s*!*, he's lived a full life!

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It's 42 degrees and sunny outside, I was barefoot without a jacket in my backyard for a full twenty minutes before I remembered it was winter.

Life is good.

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I almost remember the last time it was 70 degrees.

October something or other.

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So, overall I'm extremely impressed with Starfinder.

It is everything I ever wanted in a space rpg, and more.

Even if the family bumped me down to Chief engineer.

So, you want to start a cheese war!

What do we have here...