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Bron, Beorn, and Bradan the crowd around you have dispersed nd the beer vendor is closing up his cart. "Well enough entertainment for me today....yes siree. Gotta go." He point towards a building on a small rise, "Good room at Fort Karnog Inn. That seems to be where Mrs. Turner is heading at least." he waves at you. "Hope you get over the fits...that looks like a terrible affliction."

"Here son...have drink. It'll take the edge off." He passes a pint to Bradan.

"That's General Korg and Mayor Feathertown." The beer vendor announces as he references the minotaur and gnome.

Suddenly a series of bells sound that brings the crowd to attention. There's a lot of pushing and movement as most of the townfolks look towards Gilly.

"Ohhh, it's about to begin."

"Ask 10 people that question and I'm sure you'll get 10 different reasons for what he was looking for. Some think was a lost treasure map, others believe he was double crossed, and more think he was searching for a lost lover." He shrugs his shoulders and raises his hands upward. "Mrs. Turner's staying at the new Fort Karnog Inn, I suppose you can ask her." He motions over to a an imposing looking building that is on a small rise it looks like small keep.

"Pilgrimage to combat evil you say?" He chuckles. "There's plenty of evil around, including a man who's about to loses his head, don't need much of pilgrimage to find it."

The brewer honors his pledge for a free round of pints when the bard performs although he seems a bit disappointed mumbling, "Thought there'd be more words and lyrics to it."

Does anyone have any other questions they'd like to ask?

Bradan Finn wrote:

"Yeah, Bradans my name. I live with my folks out and about, but I don't remember seeing you last few times I've been in town."

He holds up another finger as PokePoke hands out his ale.

"Guess I'll take another cup as well. So, this bandit guy, how did they bring him in? Some adventurers out looking for bounties? Or someone stumbled onto him?"

Bradan gladly relaxes, laying down his long polearm and setting his heavy pack on the ground.

He shrugs when Bradan mentions he hasn't noticed him before. My marriage is Nib. He is one of the owners of Varl's Edge who is the local smithy. Varl makes the absolute best weapons. Top quality and enchantments. He's so good he drove some of his competition out of town." He announces proudly. "Well they staked me in a small brewery."

"Now it's a funny thing how they caught Bloody Jack. He just strolled into Foggy Lake about two weeks ago looking for Mr. Turner. He found Mr. Turner at his cartography shop had a few words then slit Mr. Turner's throat." He exhales, "Poor Mrs. Turner walked right in on it and screamed for help. The guards caught him in the shop sorting through some old maps."

Beorn the Divine wrote:

"Oh...I like good poem or song. Do you have any good ones? I'll give everyone a free pint if you care to perform one for me." he opens his hands in an offering gesture. "You know we had an excellent bard here previously, but …" he whispers, "...she didn't make it back from THE Dungeon. She went poof...or so "they" say He air quotes the word "they". "Anyway, our library is excellent."

He eyes Poke Poke suspiciously, "They have books there...I suppose you can barter with them about letting you eat a book."

Bron Rilon wrote:

Bron walks next to Beorn and calls out to the halfling.

I'll take one ale!

He hands over the pint. "You're definitely a new face. You know there's a small temple near the library in case you anything religious-like. Strapping adventurer such as yourself is bound to need some healing potions or cure disease type potions. You never know when those come in handy."

Poke Poke wrote:
"Hello, half-shanks. Poke Poke grabs two of the pints and passes one long to Doctor Tes not paying attention that only three were ordered. He looks over at the human "Thanks, smelly.

The halfling smiles at Poke Poke, "Did you come in with Meath'd and his litter?" He waves a hand over towards the ogre and goblins roughhousing near Gilly. "Never thought I'd see it in my lifetime but they've been good neighbors."

Aggrah the White Witch wrote:
baldwin the merciful wrote:

"So did you all come in for the execution?"

No. Just happened to make it into town today. Looks like they've made it into quite an event. Aggrah takes a sip of the brew and thanks the halfling

"No need to be so timid with the beer it's not gonna bite you."