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Dragonborn3 wrote:
Fatespinner wrote:
88.) Create a crackling, sparking aura around your hands to make a captive think you might blast him with lightning at any moment (my DM gave me a +2 bonus to my Intimidate check since the guy didn't have any Spellcraft and couldn't tell it wasn't genuine).
I've saw some one in the game a play do that cept lightning encircled him. (he was trying to scare goblins it didn't work)

you know your in a low levelgame when you cant scare off goblins. =)

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1) Why adventurers never needed a restroom.
2) Shave the beard off the dwarf barbarian from a safe distance.
3) Hang "kick me" signs on the back of the team monk.
4) as the spell component to a magical trap that paints bank thieves blue.
5) enchanting the "mood rings +1"