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I'm trying to make a gladiator type character using the Steel-Breaker brawler archetype. So I pose this question to you alll. Anybody know of any ways to get a bonus to wisdom checks?

Alright. In another argument with one of my fellow players. Does the Eldritch knight advance abilities other than spells such as magus arcanas or arcanist exploits?

Edit: I say no.

Thinking about making a Greed character from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood what are good ways to get DR and natural armor as high as possible?

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I'm kinda hoping to see a Cavalier/Samurai archetype in the ACG or something that forsakes the animal companion. I mean I enjoy mounted combat and animal companions (Even in spite of this recent conundrum.) But I'd like to play a samurai with challenges, resolve, and banner and the like without having an animal companion. Same with the cavalier since many people have complained about his reliance on an AC.

So. What should go in place of the animal companions? I know I'd like Samurai archetypes more along the lines of fighter archetypes. Like the Polearm fighter and the Two-weapon warrior. Like making a Samurai with neat abilities with that focus on the Naginata or something. I don't really know at the moment. What do you think?

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So the new FAQ on how mounted charges work states that both you and your mount are charging to make this attack.

The problem that has arisen with this new information is that characters that don't have some way to make ride checks as less than move actions cannot command their mounts to charge.

So the fighter archetypes, The Roughrider and Dragoon, can no longer charge without multiclassing even though they have abilities linked to charging while mounted...

Is this going to be fixed anytime soon or are these and similar archetypes and classes just going to have to live with never being able to charge?

If a spell storing weapon casts a touch spell can it hold the charge? My idiot would like to know.

So. I'm trying to create This

Any recommendations? I'm just trying to compile a basic list of ideas before I get to work building.

So I'm trying to recreate a character from Samurai Champloo who fights with a Yari. Important part here is she is blind and I've got no experience with that sort of thing in pathfinder so... Is it possible to make a viable blind character and if so how?

Alright Bromigos and Lady-dudes. I'm trying to build a Hiei character for my next campaign. It's gonna be an evil campaign so I'll be playing a more pre-Yu Yu Hakusho events character but I'd still like him to have similar abilities. I already had a basic Ifrit/Kensai build for him but I've been reading more about Magi on the forums and I'd like to have some extra input. So I ask if you have any flavor or function advice to build the bad*@# that is Hiei Jaganshi.

I loves me some fighters. But not the standard take a big heavy imposing object and swing it with the utmost bravado type. Although I would never insult that kind of fighter. I like to make fighters that fight in different ways without losing effectiveness, or not much at least. Some of my favorite fighters are fighters who use unarmed styles combined with some of the different fighter archetypes. So I ask you all. What are some of your more interesting or creative fighter builds? Bonus points for back story and flavor.