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Rednal wrote:
Some people who got prizes from me still haven't PM'd me about them. o wo You fine folks should get on that.

Did you get my PM, Rednal?

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I'm definitely in! This is super generous, taig.

Are new races accepted as topics or should it lean more towards the equipment side of things?

Not too important, but I was wondering what the cover would be for the PoD compilation if you make it. Would it be one of the covers for an individual issue, a new piece, or something else?

Is there a thread for Starfinder publishers to post open calls for freelancers? There's a sticky thread over on the Pathfinder 3pp forum.

Is there a specific length that you would like for the Xeno Files pitch? I have a few ideas but am not sure quite how long to make my pitch.

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I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I did try to start a subreddit for Pathfinder third party products if anyone wants to use it. Link:

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I'm super glad that Spelljammer got called out. Even if Starfinder is going a different direction tone wise, Spelljammer WAS one of the first science fantasy RPG settings and in my mind still one of, if not possibly, the best.

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Daaang... Thanks for posting it to YouTube, now I have something to do for the next hour.

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Ooooh... an open open call? Just have to decide what I think is actually good enough to submit..... Really glad the deadline isn't for a while...

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Has there been any more progress on the idea of creating a 3PP RPGSS that was discussed upthread?

Can/should we include background information and additional information about our example item besides just a short description and statistics?

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Cool, I actually saw Naiche in the credits for Gonzo 2 (and a few other LRGG products) and really liked what I saw.

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Who did you say was coming in two weeks at the end?

I can definitely do this with my group. Count me in.

I would say that that's sufficient and once again wish you good luck on it as I will almost certainly be backing it.

NOTE: I meant to say Extra Combat Talent to get gun kata for my monk. (Technically unarmed swordsage in a 3.PF game)

I think there is one called Martial Training or something. I used it to get gun kata for my monk.

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Was this discussed on Professional Goblins?

I'll definitely see if I can do so.

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And to think that I had free time....

Forrestfire wrote:
Hey all! Been a while. There's been a lot of hectic times on our end, so we don't have a full update to the avowed playtests today, but we do have a brand-new product for you, which can be found here as a free download!

Ooooh! A shiny new product! Gimme! Waiiiitttt...What day is it... Nah... you wouldn't do us like that. :P

That sounds really cool and best of luck to you.

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Time to start working towards those stretch goals! Hype!

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I'm releasing three more classes for the open play test. Links to the proteus (already released), boozehound, storyteller, and juggernaut are below. Please review with maximum candor and minimum tact.

The Proteus

The Boozehound

The Storyteller

The Juggernaut

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Thanks a ton for answering my question(s). I hope you guys decide to make a compatibility license for the setting. I would love to see what everyone would create for such an evocative setting.

Really don't want to intrude and plan to back tonight regardless, but I don't think I ever got an answer to my question about if we could make O7 compatible products. I got an answer from Jason Sonia but I don't think that answers my question of if people could make O7 adventures and such. I'm asking because I was thinking of maybe making something that I think could use O7 rules if I was allowed to use them. Because it will be under the OGL, I could use the mechanics, but I think it would be better if I could say X is an O7 Product. Again, really sorry if this is an irrelevant question and I really support the idea and think it sounds awesome.

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Renaming the "release" of the classes to open playtests after my work got torn apart on /r/Pathfinder_RPG and /r/Pathbrewer. That definitely gave me a lot more ideas and I will be posting my other classes as open playtests once I get to my computer. Thanks a lot to anyone who read my wordvomit and managed to stay conscious long enough to review it on Reddit.

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I'm currently ignoring all of the AMAZING advice given to me by quite a few people in the third party industry, and trying to undergo a trial by fire as painlessly and with as little fire as possible. AKA I'm starting to publish a couple things for fun and without investing too much cash and with very low expectations. I don't have anything out yet due to still setting up DTRPG accounts and such. If you want, check out my website here. I am still working on getting OneBookShelf up and running but my first couple products, which will be PWYW, should be up soon. I will also put PDFs of the products on the website in a bit. Please leave a review if you have time to look at them when I publish them, especially harsh reviews. Criticism is needed to become better, or at least that is what I'll tell myself when I cry myself to sleep after my first review. :P

Okay, thanks for the reply. I was just wondering if people could advertise their products as Occult 7 compatible and so on, like how you can apply for a license to make your product Starjammer compatible.

It looks like a really awesome project and I hope it smashes all of the stretch goals, but I have 2 questions before I pledge:
1. Will there be a BackerKit for backers to expand their pledge?
2. Will there be a compatability license, at least for the O7 if not for the setting?

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Likelikewise. :P

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Listened to it yesterday and it really seems cool! Hope it continues for quite a while.

Ooooooooh..... Shiny..... Can we get an ETA on the playtest version or no?

If you guys use an open Backerkit, can people who didn't back the Kickstarter but did so for Backerkit count towards the last 67 for Open World?

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Wow... I wish I had more experience... I would be great at being part of a hoarde....