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A squad of celestial eagles circles and dive-bombs one of the dracoliches.

The eagles streak through the air, doing their best to keep all of the flying threats at least distracted so that the fighters on the ground could keep their attention focused on the threats in front of them.

A lone celestial eagle comes flying in at great speed.

"Azuri'ith! She comes! The evil one has brought her army into the Place of the Wind!"

"We are pleased that you have chosen to come to this place, Earth Champion," an elder celestial eagle speaks to him. "It is an honor to fight alongside you, and the spirit you carry with you," he adds, nodding meaningfully at the eagle side of the hammer.

The largest of the celestial eagles flies over to the balcony and lands in front of her. It gives her a respectful nod.
"We have answered the call, Star Song. We will fight against the Black."

In response to the summons of the winds, a flock of celestial eagles descends from the sky and lands in the nests that have been prepared for them.

"We answer the summons of the Winds, Azuri'ith."