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We should try shooting him a PM at the very least. Perhaps there has been a IRL emergency or something.

I'd be terribly sad to see this one go. A unique game and I'm going to miss the arising conflict between Caysin and Nisyac.

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Caysin Gather Power: 3d6 + 11 ⇒ (1, 5, 6) + 11 = 23

Nisyac Gather Power: 1d6 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 2 + 1 = 9

Both of the chaotic gods wait, holding their power.

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Other than making the races match the suggested templates for easy cataloging, very nice!

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Status: Precursor, Active

Created by: Nisyac on turn 14

Physical features: Huge, four armed monsters with no eyes that can only see by scent and tremorsense.

Culture: War. Fighting. Eating. Death. Their intelligence is just high enough to communicate amongst themselves, and their only purpose in life is to eat an destroy everything.

Alignment Score: CE (Chaotic 1, Evil 1)

Orders: None

Major Cities: None

Advancements: War x1

Misc: Burrowers and climbers, have natural attacks.

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Enhanced Gather Power: 5d6 + 16 ⇒ (6, 6, 2, 3, 5) + 16 = 38

Caysin steps back up, advancing the Austratir further. He has them form an order to act by and they begin learning how to fight. They now act by the order of The Golden Light. They will soon be able and ready guardians. But first they build the floating island's first and only city, Aviosan. Caysin steps back, admiring his work.

Create Order (The Golden Light): 8
Advance Civilization (War x3): 15
Command Race (Build City): 4
Current Power: 11

Gather Power: 1d6 + 1 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 1 + 4 = 11

Nisyac shakes the earth beneath a volcano, and as it erupts it spits forth Ignanus, the great being of fire. He is similar to the Ugthaka, but much larger and his rocky skin is riddled with rivers of lava. Nisyac laughs, knowing this is he who will lead the Ugthaka to war.

Create Avatar: 10
Current Power: 1

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Caysin Gather Power: 3d6 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (4, 4, 3) + 3 + 2 = 16

With all of the things going on, including the creating of his own dark reflection, Caysin finally takes a break. He observes the others, storing his power for the time.

Current Power: 16


Nisyac Gather Power: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 5) = 15 That's his 1/age increased power.

Nisyac glowers down at the world with a wicked smile and starts plotting. From the dark cold stones of the mountains he creates the Ugthaka, an evil twisted race that burrows through the ground and eats everything.

Create Race: 6
Advance Race (Warfare): 5
Current Power: 4

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Reading Yidhra's post

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I suppose my main question is does he gather power on the first turn? It's kind of like "I just summoned something, can it act this round?" From your statement I'm guessing that I have to wait until next turn to have him gather power, and therefore act, yes?

Ah, thank you for reminding me about the "Once per age gather extra power." Completely skipped my mind.

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Oh, another question about demigods. Would he be able to act the turn he ascended, or will he come into play next turn?

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Plus, let it never be said Caysin has more sense than bravery. His mortal death is a testament to that. He's a newborn compared to the other gods and doesn't quite realize all the implications yet, and once he does he will probably still laugh at it.

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Are you kidding me? I love Fel! The whole "madness of balance" is extremely interesting. I just don't think any god wants to whimper around scared of another god because, well, we're GODS.

Also, to quote, Caysis did not say you weren't scary, he just said he has had drinks that were scarier ;)

Also, I look forward to having this chaotic evil demigod at my power. Gives me a good reason to go wiping out the other races hehe. Poor precursors.

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Ah, well in that case I hope it doesn't count against my total, otherwise I will feel very bad about killing him off ;)

Edit: Scratch that, I think it would actually be very interesting. Caysin is more chaotically inclined than good. But I still need to know if that counts against my limit.

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Yidhra, Goddess of Paradoxes wrote:

I think we're limited to one each. ^^

Which gives me an idea for next round...

Interesting, that gives me some ideas as well. The flavor on Nisyac is fantastic, I love it, but I hope Fey didn't have any other plans for demigods.

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Fey wrote:
Rawr I'm scary

Caysin stares at Nisyac for a moment. "Oh yes you are scary...Scary brilliant!" Then his ever-present laugh fills the skies. "Excellent! How can one be brave and valiant without a foe to cross swords and battle your wits against? Oh the dance partner is much appreciated!" He looks at the bloody image of his own frame. "A little theatrical, but let no one say I don't appreciate a magic trick. Yes this will work marvelously, oh the domains are brilliant, I swear I can hear them coming from the mouths of Hellknight's as accusations." He grins at the black rose. "Very nice touch."

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I didn't realize you could create other gods by ascending avatars, I couldn't find it anywhere in the rules, but it looks interesting. After I get the details of the Austratir drawn up I'll formulate a response.


Status: Precursor, Active,

Created by: Caysin on Turn 13

Physical features: Powerfully build avian race with humanoid bodies and feathered wings. Their skin color varies but their wings are always mostly white with a small amount of color in them.

Culture: Warriors, hunters, and protectors. They protect the Silthilar and in return enjoy their art and healing capabilities. They care little for other races besides the Silthilar.

Alignment Score: LG (Lawful 1, Good 1)

Orders: None

Major Cities: None

Advancements: None

Misc: Ability to fly.

Male God

Gather Power: 3d6 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (5, 2, 6) + 3 + 2 = 18

Caysin raises the island where the Silthilar are living, letting it rest in the sky. He draws lakes and rivers in the flying island, letting the water run off the side to crash thousands of miles below into the ocean. Finally he plucks a feather from his hat, and from it grows the first of the Austratir, a mighty race of avian warriors. Caysin releases the island from his grasp, and to his surprise it shifts slightly with respect to the world. After a moment he smiles. "Orbit, interesting. Not by design, but this island is going to slowly orbit the world. I suppose that will cause a great deal of reactions when it flies over the mainland, particularly when the water crashes down." He laughs at the entire idea.

Event: 7
Shape Land: 3
Create Race: 6

Current Power: 2

I'll get the specifics for the race up in discussion soon.

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The Leviathan wrote:
I love what Valis has done; but what is physiology x8?

Doctors, biologists, scientific study of function in living systems.

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Valis, Perfection of Form wrote:
Advance Civilization x16 (Art, Physiology): 80

Bahahaha, glorious.

Caysin examines the birth of the advanced civilization, wincing. "Ooh, about that." He kind of rubs the back of his neck. "Yeah, I was going to make that entire island fly in the sky." He gives her a sheepish look. "But hey, I like the Silthilar! What do you think about sharing the island? I have this idea of an avian race, haven't hammered out the details yet, but they could work well together. The Silthilar's can be the more advanced race while mine can handle the fighting side of things. What do you think?"

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Hexavos wrote:
Haha agreed I would start ripping holes in the Astral if it came to that.

That never ends well.

I think I'm going to try my hand at a flying mountain range, Avatar style. I imagine it might burn a fair amount of points since I'll have to do multiple things to make it work.

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Hexavos wrote:
With the attention span of Pooh bear

The only time you'll hear "wise" and "Caysin" in the same sentence is when there's an "isn't" between them ;)

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Caysin looks perplexed more than anything. "How do the octopus-men function?" He kneels down with a curious smile, poking at it. You get the feeling he's brave to a fault, not knowing when to ere to the side of caution.

Spider-bear, now that's nightmare fuel. Imagine something with the stealth and patience of a spider with all the ferocity and strength of a bear.

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"Nightmare? I've had drinks scarier than you!" He laughs, patting whatever he deems is the closest thing to a shoulder in the dark mass. "So you started a god." He turns to Kom. "And you're like me. What's your story? Not trying to be nosy, just getting a grip on all of this. Last thing I remember was fighting to free my people."

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Caysin looks at his work with pride. "Well isn't that something. Like a game!" He adjusts one of the rivers. "Were you all ascended recently as well?"

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Gather Power: 3d6 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (3, 6, 6) + 2 + 1 = 18

Caysin further shapes the peninsula, adding bodies of water and rivers to let the area thrive and spreading the forest. Then he turns his attention to the sea where he raises several large islands near the currents. The Pabthaczil he leaves to their own devices, leaving the race as primitive hunter-gatherers.

Shape Land x5

Current Power: 3

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Hey, live and let live says Caysin. As long as you don't go all LE and trying to rule with an iron first there won't be any problems ;)

I can handle character things just fine, and I do appreciate the insight into the different gods, but I am more concerned about the rules side of things.

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Interesting to see how so many of you are massing power. I can only imagine the massive changes that are all going to happen at once. Caysin, on the other hand, is impulsive and will rarely store power unless there is something very important he needs to do.

I appreciate any and all advice, I'm new to the system and am just learning the ropes.

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Status: Precursor, Active,
Created by: Caysin on Turn 12

Physical features: Amphibious race with smooth, slimy skin that ranges from green to blue to red, although other colors exist rarely.

Culture: Hunters and fishers mostly, they protect their families fiercely and make their homes in the cliffs to hide from others. They try not to get involved with other races, but if somebody is in need they might help. They hold no laws but act by the unspoken bids of common decency, believing everything good or evil you do will in turn be directed back at you.

Alignment Score: CG (Chaotic 1, Good 1)

Orders: None

Major Cities: None

Advancements: None

Misc: Thrive in the heat, are excellent swimmers and climbers.

Male God

Gather Power: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 6) = 13

Caysin comes to his power with little understanding but much joy. He fiercely embraces the possibilities, testing his power quickly.

He takes the southwestern point of the world, shaping the peninsula. Where the coast bends in on the northern shore he creates a vast sandy beach, and flanking it are high cliffs, making the beach the only local point of access. Behind the beach comes forth a dense forest. Then he brings heat from the ground, turning the forest into a humid jungle and making the entire area tropical

He than breathes life into a new race called the Pabthaczil, and amphibious race that thrives in the heat and makes their homes in the sides of the cliffs.

Shape Land: 3 points
Shape Climate: 2 points
Create Race: 6 points

Current Power: 2

How do you handle the map editing? Do you want us to change it or are you in charge of that?

Also, can we freely converse with each other as gods? Sorry, don't quite entirely have the grasp of the system yet. Please do point out anything I'm doing wrong or could improve upon.

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Hexavos when and how do you want us new players to jump in?

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Hello everybody, very excited to be in such a unique game!

Here's the info on Caysin if you wan to know about him.


Titles The Laughing Blade, The One Among us, The White Rose
Domains Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Protection
Subdomains Good (Redemption), Liberation (Revolution), Luck (Fate), Protection (Defense)

General Personality and Attitude
Caysin is a lighthearted god who believes in few shackles on life. He fights against oppression and unjust rule in all of their forms. He laughs and jests about everything, believing that is the only way to properly enjoy life. Sometimes his carefree attitude leads to carelessness.

Caysin was born a man into the slums of the heart of a tyrannical nation. The law was cruel and unjust, draining the life from the people to feed the power hungry nobles and tyrants of the land. Caysin began an uprising of the people to throw off the heavy shackles that bound them. Caysin found a job near the tyrants and spied on them, feeding information to the revolutionists. It took many years of spying, stealing weapons, and planning, but eventually there was a full-fledged revolution. Rivers of blood ran through the streets as the hellknights and liberators cut each other down, but at the end of the day Caysin and the people were free. Caysin was found dead at the steps to the king's throne, a dozen dead fully armored hellknights around him. He wore no armor, his right hand clutching a dueling blade and his left clutching a white rose, now spotted with blood. On his face was a smirk, as if he had died laughing. But as his friends reached down to claim his body it faded away, the only things left behind the thin blade and the bloody rose.