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About Caysin


Titles The Laughing Blade, The One Among us, The White Rose
Domains Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Protection
Subdomains Good (Redemption), Liberation (Revolution), Luck (Fate), Protection (Defense)

General Personality and Attitude
Caysin is a lighthearted god who believes in few shackles on life. He fights against oppression and unjust rule in all of their forms. He laughs and jests about everything, believing that is the only way to properly enjoy life. Sometimes his carefree attitude leads to carelessness.

Caysin was born a man into the slums of the heart of a tyrannical nation. The law was cruel and unjust, draining the life from the people to feed the power hungry nobles and tyrants of the land. Caysin began an uprising of the people to throw off the heavy shackles that bound them. Caysin found a job near the tyrants and spied on them, feeding information to the revolutionists. It took many years of spying, stealing weapons, and planning, but eventually there was a full-fledged revolution. Rivers of blood ran through the streets as the hellknights and liberators cut each other down, but at the end of the day Caysin and the people were free. Caysin was found dead at the steps to the king's throne, a dozen dead fully armored hellknights around him. He wore no armor, his right hand clutching a dueling blade and his left clutching a white rose, now spotted with blood. On his face was a smirk, as if he had died laughing. But as his friends reached down to claim his body it faded away, the only things left behind the thin blade and the bloody rose.