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Dungeon Monkey wrote:
What's that smell?! wrote:
Smells like teen spirit.
Don't click that linky ...its a Sanity roll if you do ...

You've killed me. X_X

Cassey wrote:
BenignFacist wrote:



Cassey wrote:

Oh noes, I'm a lie *crisis*

Bath time!


wut? o_O

works for me.

You can solve anything surrounded in hot water and bubbles.

*shakes fist*

You forgot the chocolate :)

And the Whiskey.

Wut? O_o

Who is Ronnie James Dio?

What does fawtl mean?

Winnegan's fake. wrote:

Seven termites from Uganda?

Is this the right place to post up complaints about the lack of iconic characters using shoe laces?

This is my first post! Isn't that nice?