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Upgrade Morgga's team.


4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 1, 3) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4, 4) = 15 = 14
4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3, 5) = 15 = 12
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 6, 3) = 19 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 5, 1) = 17 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 2, 1) = 9 So not using this set.
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 3, 3) = 15 = 12

Still no idea what I'll play, but these be some good numbers.

I think dependency is a great one to add more flavour to your character. My character has dependency on a npc's cooking, and given that the npc isn't going to leave the town to go adventuring with her, it should lead to interesting times. I'm hoping that 1) the GM will work with baked goods counting for it and 2) I can convince the npc to bake me things to take with on trips :).

At a lose end, and with only 2 people available to play...we figured give this a test. And it's so a great solution for small groups, and keeping the fun :). So far all good.

Best Shadow Lodge faction mission ever. :)

Hitdice wrote:

I also don't think think the media portrayals cause anything exactly, but the media has such a presence in our lives these days, that I think it's become something of a self perpetuating beast
with stereo types that have little to do with reality for any man or woman.

I think it all depends on how you define media. Media is part of our cultural consumption, so what we consume effects the way we think about things and what we do. Then if you factor in how much some people consume, and the quality of what we consume it will have some effect. The degree of effect is dependent on how critically you consume. So, the way I see it at least, is that media does play a big role in carrying forward the cycle of sterotypes, and creating certain expectations.

Hope I made sense, and that the spelling isn't too bad.


Evil Lincoln wrote:

If you're a dude and you're reading this and saying "I'm not like that" you're probably right. But you're also not alert to just how pervasive it is in people not-you. The s#%$ I see my girlfriend deal with, the presumptions made about her intelligence and character based solely on her gender... that is what makes me so involved. If I had to face that every day, I would have had a total breakdown years ago.

Well done on noticing and being bothered by it. So many reasonable people don't see it, and that's what's frustrating. When I worked at a bookstore and recommended sci fi/fantasy books to male customers based on what I read, I'd get ignored or told I'm stupid for not liking certain authors. When a male co-worker did the same, he'd get listened to. It's those small things that really display inequality.

Obviously I'm not painting all guys with the same brush - my husband and great friends are easy examples of the fact that not all guys do those things - there are idoits in both sexes. It just so happens that I come across more male ones.


First level = max hit die. Levels thereafter - as I know it - hlaf hit die +1 + Con mod, oh and toughness from four onwards if you have it.


I love rangers because they can take care of themselves - and the party with wands/scrolls if there aren't any of the typical healers. Taking care of themselves = survivability in my books. Although that could just be really important with those I play with only, death is always at our heels.

Mostly it's like others said, look at the class as a whole, not it's parts. And just go with what works for you.


NPC Dave wrote:
Evil Lincoln wrote:
NPC Dave wrote:
But for the majority of women, the idea of sitting down and playing a complex game is boring.
[citation needed]

Yeah let me withdraw that comment as it really doesn't apply and complex is too broad a word to use. Maybe a better way to say it is women are much more likely to prefer casual games rather than invest significantly more time into a game turning it into more of a hobby. But even then there are exceptions.

So let me phrase it, sitting down and playing a wargame, a miniature game, certain console games, and other games like RPGs is only going to be done by someone who feels they are accomplishing something worth doing...and for a lot of those games, more men feel...

And I come across this post just after responding to the other one :0. Although again, I'll say that you can say this for anyone, and not just women. Saying that more men would find playing RPGs etc. as worthwhile is drawing from your position of privilege. To be fair, this could just be your experiences, so why not rather say from what you've seen?


Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

The female response is "you should respect my feelings and be upset about this stuff!" .... which of course, doesn't respect the male perspective of "meh.. whatever"

(And I'm only responding to BNW's post because it allows me the easiest turnaround)

Is that really the female response, though?

I don't get upset with it often, only when it makes no sense for the character. The getting upset about it part comes when those things have invaded society to such an extent that it's thought of the normal mode of dressing for women. Although to be fair there are some weird men out there, who honk and go all "Hey baby" when you're wearing shorts (just above the knee shorts, althoug having to clarify that also serves as an example of the problem) and a t-shirt. Sometimes it seems like there's no winning for anybody 0_o.

NPC Dave wrote:

But for the majority of women, the idea of sitting down and playing a complex game is boring. The idea of jumping into a hobby or activity where most of the participants are guys is uninteresting or uncomfortable. For her posting on Facebook and getting attention from her social circle or going out with her friends to socialize and talk is much more interesting, fun, and rewarding.

I'd say it's more for most people that sitting down and playing a complex game is boring. Saying for most women is part of the problem with geek culture. I think something else that should be factored in is that of exposure. I only really got into gaming that wasn't The Sims at university, when I got exposed to more things. The best way to get more people into any hobby is to introduce them to it, and try to be as polite and friendly as you can be. :)

Saint Trickery wrote:
Cassey wrote:
When I read the name I thought that the organization was made up of war orphans all grown up, who decided to kill anyone who'd make other children orphans.
That would be really cool!

It would, now just to use it sometime :).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When I read the name I thought that the organization was made up of war orphans all grown up, who decided to kill anyone who'd make other children orphans. So, for me at least, the name is a bit disapointing.

Good luck with voting :).

I struggle with how people who had their books destroyed would go around and pretty much destroy others. I get that's not the point of your organization, but it's the one thing that jumped out at me 0_o.

Good luck with the voting :).

Sure it is a philosophy, but look:

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:

Group: "So these guys wanna take my ring of sustenance?

DM: "Yes."

Group: "Kill 'em all and salt their lands!"

Easy antagonism.

They could provide lots of fun, but it'd mostly come from work done by the GM and not the actions of the organization.

Good luck :).

I like the idea, just not the execution. You might get a vote from me, if there's enough left once I've read the rest. Good luck :).

Really, I just have "Duuuuude" running through my mind. I liked other organizations, but boy do I love the whales in this one. You have my vote. Good luck :).

I'd misread shantaks as shark tanks, and it was still cool even after I realised my mistake ;). You get my vote. Good luck :).

Lady Ophelia wrote:

It's a meh. It reminds me of Gaston's hunting lodge. I am expecting their leader to look like Gaston when he walks in the door.

Status: Reserve List-Not bad, but not great.

What she said.

Good luck :).

Not a fan of the name, but I liked the rest of it. You get my vote. Good luck :).

I really like the name, it screams "Kicking ass, and taking names." You got my vote. Good luck :).

I like it, but I'm not sure if it's enough to keep a vote after I've read the other organizations. Good luck :).

My top 5 is made up of things I'd either want for my characters or I think will add a lot of fun to the table.

1) Dustings of Darkness
2) Spellbreaker Gauntlets
3) Ghostvision Gloves
4) Night Monarch Vardo
5) Sticky Pugfoot


This item could lead to some fun and dangerous times. :)

I think this is cute, although it could just be because I'm currently in a Jade Regent game.Nevertheless, I want this Tardis in our Jade Regent game. Now to figure out how to talk the GM into it. :)

Despite it not being cool for the player that has it, the rest of the party will love it - most of the time. The twitchy foot is awesome. :)

Coolest item of the round for me. :)

Very cool. Did anyone else get a Luna type character walking around with these, or is that just me?

This is hands down my favourite item. I think that coming up with a low cost item is very hard, and pulling it off well deserves some yays. So yay :).

Sadly, no job for me. Oh well, I just got to keep on keeping on.

Such cuteness :) Belated congrats.

Thanks Wintergreen, MaxBarton and Emperor7 for the well wishes :) The interview went well, I'll know later this week if I made the final round or not.

I applied for a job, they called and the manager wants me to interview for a position I wouldn't have applied for. It's great that someone who doesn't know me thinks that I can do something I don't think I can do. Now just to nail the interview, and believe that I can do the job.

MaxBarton wrote:
Over a year of unemployment after graduating with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree.

It does suck, I've been unemployed for 18 months now :-/ Just keep on looking and applying, oh and maybe some volunter work will help lift your mood.

Sharoth wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
My ex-'s older sister went into the hospital for pnemonia and she had a blood clot that started in her lungs and went to her heart. Her brother will be pulling the plug soon. What sucks is this a person that I respected and admired, despite her not being the most people friendly person in the world. (~grins~ Granted, she did not think much of me, but I have changed a lot since then.) I had wanted her to have a good life and I owed her big time for helping me, my ex-, and my ex-'s kids out. ~sighs~ R.I.P. Angela. You will be missed.
Some good new. Angela came out of her coma and is talking. I have no idea how coherent she is, but she might make it through this. If not, at least she will have a chance to make peace with my ex-, her kids, and her brothers.

Yay for good news, I hope she makes it.

Erik Freund wrote:
Sean McGowan wrote:
Also, it occurs to me that a happy event occurred among the stress of the past couple of weeks that might have been overlooked. Didn't you go and get married? If I'm not mistaken in that, then congratulations!

I'm surprised anyone remembered! I stopped talking about it when someone in my gaming group pointed out that it might look like I could be trying to use my situation to fish for votes. (Wish, uh, I wasn't.) But yes, Rachel & I were married on March 5th. Thanks Sean!

I still haven't unpacked my new apartment, but I set aside my important Pathfinder books and put them in my car so that they wouldn't be lost in the sea of carboard boxes. I run my first game as a married man tomorrow: Carrion Hill!

Big congrats to you and Rachel. Don't forget marriage takes some work, but it's fun :)

Emperor7 wrote:

My youngest son turns 21 in 2 days. A group gift for him?

Batman, Dark Knight movie poster autographed by the cast and director of the movie, including the late Heath Ledger.

He's going to pee himself. ;)

Pretty please adopt me, I'm not too old ;) Seriously that is one of the coolest presents ever.

Wintergreen wrote:
Snorter wrote:

If this is all making the prospect of the Con unbearable, or at least unpleasant, is there anything you can delegate to others to organise?

I don't think it's written anywhere that organising a whole Con, and dealing with the issues on the day, should be the sole responsibility of one person.

We know for a fact that at least one other Venture Captain intends to come, as well as plenty of veterans who've done the con circuit for years.
We also know that attendance will most likely be higher than last year.
It's certain that events will have to be split over multiple rooms.
There's a lot to be said for splitting the Venture Captain duties, to ensure each room has at least one designated contact who knows the itinerary, who's playing what slot, can hand out pregens to newbies, explain the xp and prestige, etc.
You don't have to be in the same room as anyone you don't want to.

Thanks Snorter, yeah there are people I can delegate to and there are enough rooms to distribute people around but still I know that my emotions will be running high just knowing that they are around and feelings don't always go with rational thought. My commitment is totally to making sure the con goes well, but I know from previous experience that I can make sure the con runs smoothly even when I'm hurting.

It seems that you're going to be the better person, and say it's ok because you'll be in different rooms. In that case I think it's really important to have as many friends there as you can, she's going out of her way to be nasty and make you feel uncomfortable, so she should get the same treatment. Yes, I know it's mean and nasty, but it'll just be your friends being friends. Then again that could just be the type of friend I am :o

Ps. It's better if you've got lots of female friends, no one can be as mean as us ladies when someone is nasty to our friends.

Simcha wrote:

I did not get the job I was interviewed for. Really had my hopes up... Serves me right, I guess. :(

Would have been my ticket home, could've left this damned backwater behind.

Worst thing is they didn't even give a reason. Will call them though.

Hope there is a silver lining somewhere...

As someone on the job hunt as well, I get where you're coming from and it sucks :-/ I'm sure though that your silver lining will show up. Luck with the hunt.

Wintergreen wrote:
Paul Watson wrote:

Adivce from someone who isn't currently, and hasn't been for a while, in a relationship so take it for what it's worth.

I sympathise with the desire, but it is absolutely the wrong thing to do to ban her. Is PaizoCon UK going to be in two rooms again this year again? If so, make sure she and her partner are in the other room to you to minimise contact. I know this won't make you feel any better, but if you don't act as the bigger man, it might hurt in the divorce itself as it makes you look unreasonable. No, that isn't fair, but it is a possibility.

Also, don't comment on her new partner. After all, you're the organiser so during PaizoCon you are always going to be too busy to talk to her.

As I said, I'm sorry you're going through this, but even if it feels good and is understandable, revenge isn't the best thing you can do. I'll see you in July.

Thanks Paul,

I'm posting here to get a range of opinions so yours is as helpful as the others. To be honest, I'm getting tired of being 'the bigger man' in this and nothing I do is going to interfere with the divorce.

Seeing her at other conventions hasn't been good for me but I've never been seeking revenge (some explanation, yes, but never revenge).

I've not made a decision yet anyway.

Paul is being such a grown up :) On reflection of what he has said, it probably is best to be the better person. That said you can be the better person, but your friends don't have to ;)

As far as playstyle goes, it's not a big bother either way, just as long as my friends and I have fun. That's why I agree with what Lorekeeper said about the GM tailoring what she has to suit her group. To me this proposal has enough combat and investigation to ensure that a group with both styles of play is satisfied i.e. no one falls asleep at the table :o

Glad to help, and to know that I'm not the only one who thinks she's being rude. Hmmm maybe she won't understand, but the new partner might? Either way it sounds to me like you're better off.

BenignFacist wrote:



Cassey wrote:

Oh noes, I'm a lie *crisis*

Bath time!


wut? o_O

works for me.

You can solve anything surrounded in hot water and bubbles.

*shakes fist*

You forgot the chocolate :)

Urizen wrote:
Speeding ticket. Need to come up with $177 in seven days. Blergh.

That sucks :-/

Wintergreen wrote:

Sucky things: No job, going through a divorce where she won't talk with me about it and I have to move out of my current place soon but here's something I want other people's opinion on.

I set up and run the PaizoCon UK Pathfinder Convention and this year my (not quite yet) ex-wife has asked if she can attend with her current partner.

My first reaction is no way. Am I being petty? What should I say?

I think she's being rather rude, and saying no is not a bad thing. The divorce isn't even finalised and she has a new partner already, and you should just take it and have them rub it in your face? Say no, but in a nice way, not an "you're an evil cow" way. She should understand why, and if she doesn't then you're better off.

Umm I hope that wasn't too much...something. It's just that rudeness is a big peeve of mine. Maybe messageboards aren't for me ;)

messy wrote:

narrowly avoided a car accident yesterday.

now i'm all freaked out about driving.

i guess it could've been worse, huh?

It could have been, but the freaked outness will stay with you. While driving to my drivers test, a truck suddenly pulled out in front of me - the truck was on a painted island - as we were about to go past it. Needless to say I didn't pass the test, and I'm only now getting back into driving, almost 2 years later. So I'll say what happened to you sucked.

I was waiting for the poll to go up :0 I voted for Jerall.

Russ Taylor wrote:
On Thursday, we got chosen to adopt our new kids. Jay (2), Brandy (3), and Arianna (5). After 18 months of waiting, things are finally moving quickly.

Yay, congrats :)

Nebulous_Mistress wrote:

So... sounds like we're being evicted. I haven't had a job since the stint at the game store, and it's not for lack of education, skills, or trying. Tomorrow we're going to the apartment office to "discuss options," aka "when we're leaving else we get sued".

I don't know where we're going to go.

Oh that sucks so much :( I've been job hunting for 18 months, but we've been lucky with my husbands job. I hope that something can be worked out so that you don't need to move too soon. Hugs

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