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But what about Zeppler? He's short and I just realized I never really trusted him either so never mind.

I got mind wiped, didn't i? I knew it...

I was watching this at the time.

Less capturing roving magic spells and more using the magic through them. I've got nothing against Harrowers being CC's or vice versa.

Harrowers were not what I imagined when I made card casters a part if the worl, but there's no reason a Harrower couldn't be one. That's all I've got..

lynora wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
Like, at least a few hundred years?

I love how my neighboring small town has grown. ^-^

Arcane Bond/Holy Symbol/That item you cast with = deck of handmade cards.

Out of of rules light stuff(Guardian, Bubble, Death), there is nothing more.

In this setting, there is no known 'case' of it manifesting outside of psychic people, thus it is widely thought that only psychics are card casters, and that it isn't something that can be learned(think how sorcerers suddenly get their magic versus a wizard's years of study).

This is not true, as one person has developed the ability through very.. let's says special training.

Last time we wished someone back to life, Tamrin turned into an elf.

Honestly, I finished watching the Card Captor Sakura anime just before Tales of Agartha(the first game) started, and wanted to emulate that.

We're actually closer to Sorcerers without bloodlines than anything else. Maybe Psions focused on divination.

Ryo acknowledges Filne with a mental nod.

"The demons were not my school's. A student was overconfident in his abilities to summon and control. Have you ever thought that the very existence of this school is keeping the people of Agartha safe? Imagine what would have happened if that student was not in the school were the demons were contained! They would have run rampant and spread like a plague."

"Now, I am more than willing to send someone to take care of any and all demons that got out of the school, but I will not have you thinking that we encourage the possible creation of a full-scale demonic invasion in this school! You have accused me of having dragons in Avalon, and I have said I am innocent of such a charge. Then you accuse me of unleashing demons on the city, and that is a charge I am also innocent of."

"Of course, how I could have been harboring a creature that has been confirmed extinct is beyond me anyway."

Solivala wrote:
I hope both my guys dont run into Baby J, dont think his creep factor will work on etheir one. I scares me to think what Solivala would do. But I bet Gaelvin will sing him to sleep. XD

Soli would end up getting extremely warped emotions from Baby J.

Gaelvin would end up performing the theme to "Barney and Friends" endlessly.

You must be careful when dealing with Baby J.

Jiminy Sunwake wrote:
Nice to see you all.



It came out when I was younger, but I never saw all of it. I was was happy to find the complete set at my library a year or two ago though! (^-^)

Lynora accused me of copying Yu-Gi-Oh! at first...

Not that I wouldn't have, if my nostalgia hadn't been taking over...

Way to break the tension there Doc...

Well, for my part, Cardcasters have faced violence because of their abilities(think Cardcaptor Sakura meets Salem) and since all CCs so far have been psychics...

Several dragons helped the refugees, but a group called Hunter followed them, spread the rumors, and led the dragon hunts. Almost all of them were wiped out. Now the only ones known to exist(at least to the few people who know them) are: Aananda and her mother, Ryleh, and Aananda's triplets(in order of birth): Ephebe, Taron, and Jiminy Sunwake.

Kryzbyn wrote:

So what level are we aiming for? Mid to high teens?

Do you need a background write up? Where do I post that?
Is there any general PBP rules I should be aware of?
Is the Kobold necro idea ok?

Level: This can range from 1-20, we don't really mind. Just remember that needs to be a reason you are at the school.

Background: Put it in a spoiler if you want. If you look at our profiles you won't find ours, but that's because we made them up as we went along(or at least I did...)!

Rules: Um... don't god-mod and don't kill without permission. I think that's about it.

Kobold: I'm okay with it.

Asch Redgrave wrote:
"Sign me up coach!"

If you singed the waiver to be in Aananada's class, you'd regret those words. Since you're in Tamrin's, you still might...

Aananda wrote:
"What's a phylactery?"

"To us, it could be anything. To that lich, it's everything. Before a mage or preist can become a lich, they must first make an item into a phylactery. When it comes to liches, you can only kill them by destroying their pylactery. If a lich is destroyed but the item isn't, they'll come back. Destroy it though..."

"The problem though, is that a phylactery can be just about any small item, from a box to a ring to a necklace. But I will find it."

So back to nonlethal then... Hmm.

"Well, since morning sickness isn't all that serious, I suggest we all go back to bed. I'll get the children back home in the morning, explaining that I'd been asked by other parents to find their son. Seers do that often enough that it won't attract suspicion."

"I don't think they'll remember much off tonight, which is really for the best. Those poor kids.."

"I'm going to enjoy destroying the phylactery."

So now we get to make plans... or go back to sleep? Have I mentioned I need rest a bit more than other people? This non-lethal damage is going to add up eventually...

Which brings up the subject of whether or not the use of my cards can inflict the fatigued and/or exhausted conditions. I think a Fort save equal the level of the spell being emulated may work. I'd really like a system of some sort, but I can't think of anything past a Fort save based of spell levels...

*shuffles cards*

Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

"Um...hello? What about m.....crap. Nevermind...."

"Frakkin' ears...." :)

I understand your frustration. You see, until just recently, I too thought I was human. Turns out I'm actually a hotel for micrscopic mechanical insects that were injected into me without my knowledge. I'm forming a support group called "The Previously Human" that might be able to help you cope with your frustration.

"I don't know how far doctor-patient confidentialality can go before it breaks... We may not be able to find any at all that are willing to overlook her 'differences'. Her kind aren't liked in Agartha, something I couldn't understand before and saddens me now. Doctor's have skilled minds too, which means I may not be able completely remove memories they'll have of her..."

"It isn't technically common, but I know some infections can cause it. Hard as it is to believe with someone like Aananda, food poisoning can do it too. Of course, she may have picked up a bug while we were... traveling. Her immune system might not have been able to handle it."

"I can send for a doctor right away."

Aananda wrote:
"Hair color?" she asked confused.

"I think Razzy was trying to make a hair dye, and it may or may not have need to be ingested. Given that you give people who have been shocked something to drink... I'm sure he didn't though, it was just a thought."

narrator wrote:
The children all appear to be perfectly normal kids.
"See? Same hair color as when we brought them in."
narrator wrote:
What little coherent speech can be gotten from them indicates that they were all stolen from the nearby town.

"At the very least we know where they came from. I can take them home once they recover enough to give me an address. I'm going to suggest they stay at the loacl temple until things are settled. People can't be taken from there unless they want to be. Of course, that won't stop him from..."

You forgot the "t" in abruptly. Guess it's a good thing you've got that Caster, huh? I don't want to think about you and verbal components right now!

"Come on brother," Ryo says as he grabs Tam's arm to keep him steady. "Let's go see if Raz has some of that wonderful blue drink made." He pauses. "We should also make sure none of the kids have a different hair color..."

The earth rumbles as the wall Ryo created sinks back into the ground, and he dusts himself off as he picks up his Earth card. He walks back into the wards.

"Like Keaton said, we're going to be seeing that guy again, but we'll be better prepared next time, now that we've seen him. I'm guessing it's lich research time?"

"Well that certainly makes things easier," says the figment as Tamrin pulls the children in and Kar changes into a tiger.

The earth outside the wards begins to tremble ever so slightly as large buds start to rise up in the garden.

One more round... hehehe.

"Keaton can keep the kids safe, keep Mr. Shadow's attention divided as best you can. Feel free to throw some of the brink walls around the garden at him, Addy doesn't like them anyway." The figment Ryo whispers.

Aananda wrote:
"Okay, so what can I do to help?" she whispered back.

"Distract him. We're going to try and get as many children away as we can without that thing knowing. Addy's already growing the plants, and anything that keeps it's attention from those and us will be helpful."

He looks at the creature, and now that she's looking, Aananda can see Ryo's nothing more than the 'mites' she sees when looking for magic...

Sorry I'm logging in so late, it's amazes me how long I can sleep after staying up and watching Zombieland.

Ryo watches closely as the creature trades blows with Tamrin, then smiles as he taps Aananda's shoulder.

"There are two things right now that can help, but one I'd like your permission for. That thing uses shadows. Addy has a pair of plants that could help, but they'll take time to grow big enough." He whispers.

"One thing you should know... I don't take kindly to people who endanger children. You also interrupted my sleep, which means I'm cranky."

Ryo walks out of the house, standing next to Tamrin, Ruji perched on his shoulder. Neither look happy.

"Fate has delt you a bad hand indeed, to send you here. Why don't you shed some light on the situation and tell us exactly why you're here?"

Serpentine eyes glow faintly in the night, and vines weave slowly to form create a circle...

Razule Yrrum wrote:
He then turns to glare at Ryo. "I know you got us gifts, where are they?"

"Well thanks for ruing the surprise Razule" Ryo ducks to avoid the vial thrown at his head, "but I was saving them for later. You got some new cook-ware on your bed. Addy and Ormarr, I got you some gifts too, also on your beds."

Ryo laughs as the kitten wiggles out of his grip and crawls back and forth across his shoulders.
"It's good to see you too."

"Kar, this small ball of clawed fluff is Ruji, probably the oldest kitten you'll ever see. The kid holding the snake is Ormarr, my oldest charge. Like Addy, I had to take him before his magic got anymore out of hand."

Hope everything goes well with the appointment.

"You may very well come to think our home is one of the most interesting places in Agartha. I can't say that things are ever quiet and calm around here for long." Says a voice from the doorway. Ryo stands there in outfit he bought to blend into the jungle, having decided to go without his normal cloak and robes and relax.
Mechanical arm in full view.

"Kar is it? Razzy came and told me someone new was here after Ryleh kicked him out of the mirror room. He seemed glad he didn't have to weed today, and went back to his room. Something about organizing notes."

Looks like I may not be around for a week or two, but I'll jump in when I can.

Aananda wrote:
Cardcaster Ryo wrote:

"Then I guess the question is: Do you still want my help making the future better, or would you prefer it if I left?"

Ryo's face is blank, and his eyes give nothing away.

Aananda sighed and stamped her foot with frustration. "What part of 'family doesn't walk away just because you're an idiot' was unclear? Honestly. You are! Just don't ever lie to me again or I'll kick your butt."

"As long as you don't break it. I'd hate to wake up one morning and.. You know what? I'm going to stop before I give you anymore ideas."

Anyone else notice we haven't gotten a post count since we broke 100 pages?

"Then I guess the question is: Do you still want my help making the future better, or would you prefer it if I left?"

Ryo's face is blank, and his eyes give nothing away.

Dantyreslithorn the Tarnished wrote:



But I digress.... ;D

*starts pushing the dragon back*[/oov]

[ooc]Shut up and get back in the card!

"You missed the point." Ryo thinks sadly.

"How do we know how time works? Because Ephebe told us? How do we know what was true in her reality is the same as in our own? There are places where time follows no rules at all."

"You want the truth?"

"Long ago I looked into my own future once, by mistake, and saw me and Keaton. We were happy. We'd both gotten married to wonderful women, and he had moved to the city to be a merchant. If what happens in out timeline is set, what the hell happened? What changed so much that to cause this kind of pain? By all acounts, I shouldn't be here arguing with you!"

"Buy even if we go our seperate ways when we go back, even if we never see our talk to eachother again... I won't be sad that I knew you."

When Aananda starts crying, a look of fear and guilt becomes clear on Ryo's face.

"Nononononononono! Don't cry! Scream at me, hit me with the arm, but don't cry!" He trys very hard to get her to stop crying, but fails horrendously. This might explain why Adsila's garden is so big. ^-^

After he gives up trying to calm her down, Ryo listens to what Tamrin has to say.

"How am I supposed to know about reviving the undead? I'm no cleric or necromancer! All the knowledge of vampirism I have came from an ancient book! If he could have been brought back that way, why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"The magic broke Aananda, I was no more in control of him then you our Tamrin were. Even the armor I wore and the blade I held were nothing but illusions! Without my cards, it was one of the few things I could do."

"I was thinking about what would have happened if I suddenly went from 'kill the monster' to 'no don't kill him'. I lost part of my arm in an attempt to save to save my family Aananda, which included you two by then, even if none of us knew it. Don't try using the nanites against me, I didn't know about them until very recently, remeber?"

He shrugs.
"You've helped me so much, I didn't want to bother you about this. Especially now, when you have much more on your mind than I do."

"I know. It might not mean much to you anymore, but I am sorry."

"You've been around me long enough by now to know what my eyes clouding over means. He meant for the vids of our childhood to make me act rashly, create an opening for him to attack. It almost worked. I wanted things to be like they were before my stupid cards took us Above and that damn thing bit him..." He stops as he starts shaking and looks away. It takes a few moments before he can speak again. "I took control of him while blocking my memories of what he really was. The magic broke a few hours after we left, and he was about to go hunting again.. before I convinced him otherwise."

"The reason I didn't.. remove him from existence when I had the chance.. are the very scars I got from his feeding. He could have killed me so easily and left, afterall, how would you have found? Would you have kept looking after the attacks in Mentor stopped? Something kept him from killing me, from making me like him and having me assassinate you both... I think my brother, the Keaton I knew, is still in there."

"I'm trying to bring my little brother back."

"Normally Aananda, I'd say I have little idea what my Cards can do and are capable of. Getting injured in the same place as Doppelganger was an example. I've only been part of the endangered Cardcaster species for maybe.. a month and a half now?"

"But that isn't the answer you're wanting, is it? I put the arm in the illusion for the same reason the autocaster and datapad are on the table there. If things... got out of hand, I was going to leave before we started fighting, and I'm not talking verbal fighting either. I didn't want either of you thinking I used you to get things I couldn't normally."

"Do you remeber the fight we had at the mansion, when Keaton looked like a little kid again and I started protecting him?"

A groan comes from the "dome" in the corner.

"Come on, what does a Seer have to do to get some shut eye around here?"

Ryo lowers the wall partially so they can see his head, very sleepy eyes looking at them.

"Oh, sorry about the arm. I didn't want to be disturbed, so I took it off to add some realism to the Illusion. I'm to tired to use Doppelganger right now. Leaving fire bombs on the Silver and using Shadow like I did..." He hskaes his head. "Too much all at once."

narrator wrote:
Cardcaster Ryo wrote:
My room's going to get ejected into deep space, I just know it...
Well, then it's a good thing you have that autocaster. ;P

Ha. Ha. Ha. That only works until I get to target practice for the newest shipment of spell-missiles! 0-0

My room's going to get ejected into deep space, I just know it...

narrator wrote:
I'll be on a little late in the morning. And I don't know how much typing I'll be up for. I hurt my hand. I'm hoping it isn't broken. And it takes a really long time to type one handed.

I hope it isn't broken. I hated it when my arm broke(so hard to hold a GameBoy with a cast getting in the way :( ) and I can't imagine the trouble a hand cast would be. Hopefully it's just a bad sprain or something.

"I understand Rylehtin'akksavith, and I would expect nothing less. I thank you for not telling them the first chance you got, or coming in here to rip my head off about this, though it would be understandable. Could you go now? I don't think my next discussion about my brother is going to be as pleasent as this one, and I do need to rest."

Once Ryleh leaves, Ryo recreates the illusion that he is sleeping on the bed. He places the comm Aananda gave him and the datapad Bek'kaar gave him on the table next to the bed, then removes his metal arm and puts it in the illusion. He then grabs a pillow, heads back to his corner, and remakes his wall before he finally lets himself pass out.

Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

And this picture is the best image I can find on short notice for Tam as an elf (at least with correct hair and eye color). Nothing in the avatar selection here comes close - unless we're turning Tamrin into 'Tamara', that is... :/

What about this? I just couldn't see Tam as a redhead... *shakes head*

Ryleh wrote:

Ryleh sighed and rubbed her temples.

"You do realize that Aananda and Tam are unlikely to see it that way? When Aananda wakes up and has a chance to think she's going to realize what she saw. And I already gave Tam the mirror so that he could watch the battle, figure out what went wrong."

"I was hoping I'd be forced to leave by then, but it seems I'm not so lucky. The only argument I can think of now is that I only said I would finish things, not kill him. That argument has more holes than moth-eaten blankets though.. I think I'll stay in my Shield for that."

Ryleh wrote:
"The obvious solution to how to change your brother back is to kill him and then use magic to bring him back to life, as himself rather than as an undead. Short of that I do not know how to release someone from a curse of undeath."

"I'm not sure I can bring him back that way, not with magic that rivals the wish that brought Tamrin back. Since I've no acess to that kind of magic, I've had to turn to science. Whatever changed him took time to do it, which leads me to think it can be reversed. I've already had blood samples from before and after his transformation undergo analysis, and there is very little different."

Ryleh wrote:
"And as for doing anything to save my might want to remember that Chan'trikalliax is also my child. Over the course of my lifetime I have had 42 children and I was only ever able to save six of them. Chan'trikalliax murdered four of his siblings. There are some lines that, once crossed, cannot be erased. He is dead to me. Even Aananda, who loved him, cannot forgive him his depravity. Yes, he is possessed by a demon, but for all that, he is still himself. He made the choice to be what he is. Do not think that you can engender sympathy with that comparison. From me at least. You might have better luck with Aananda. She'll be thinking of James. He is just as evil and depraved, but he at least was never given a choice. Much more like your little brother. The problem is that that doesn't undo all the horrible things they have done, now does it?"

"No, it doesn't, but gods be damned if I'm going back on the promise I made to my parents! I know changing him back won't reverse a single thing he's done, I know it won't bring my friend back, but nobody is going to stop me from trying without killing my. Yes, Chan'trikalliax is dead to you, yes he is possessed, but I refuse to believe you would not go back and stop all of that from happening if you could." He pulls a card from within his robes and flicks it through the barrier. It looks burnt and useless, nothing a Seer should be carrying around. "Before I turned from magic, I tried making a new card, Time, to change things. Needless to say, it didn't work."

Ryleh wrote:
"And then there's the fact that you lied to them. Lying to me I can understand, but lying to's not going to go over well, Ryo."

"I know that! I was lucky when the ship's scanners didn't pick him up when he got here, and if things get out off hand, I know I can get back to the asteroid, and get home. I'll send Ormarr and Adsila to help with Chan if that happens."

Ryleh wrote:
"And what is this supplement you speak of?"

"Something I tried working on without much success. Razzy accidently found my notes(I swear that kid snoops more than Aananda looking for skimmer parts) and fixed them before I knew about it. It keeps Keaton from having to have a 'drink' at the expense of others."

"I wasn't particularly worried about you attacking me actually, just Tamrin or Aananda. Or both at once. And then there's the fact Tamrin could bring the entire ship against me... Sorry, I'm rambling a little bit, aren't I?"

"So.. a detailed explanation. Well, since I vaguely remember a large hole swalling Aananda, I believe you were at the after-party? Good. Anyway, seeing the images of our childhood again, and wanting to save my baby brother.. I lost it, and took control oh him instead of being the one controlled, as your daughter and her husband think. I was stupid to think I could save him while he was in the blood frenzy though, and lost control of him. He was always stubborn..."

"Anyway, he would have gone off to feed again if I hadn't convinced him otherwise. At the arena, when I saw the chance to stop him, well" he holds up his mechanical arm, "you know the result. Later when I was strong enough, I left to seal him into my shadow until I found a way to cure him. I wasn't lying when I said the magic in my shadow would keep people from sneaking up on me."

His starts blinking rapidly.
"Wouldn't you do anything to save Aananda? No one was in any danger, expecially after the supplemnt was created."

I've got to take my neices swimming, but I'll be back on later.

The Ryo sleeping on the bed fades away.

"I thought of you three would come to see sooner or later." Ryo says as he lets his glamour fall, showing him to be in the corner. "Consider the actions I took when Tamrin died, I thought it best to have an illusion take any attack against me." His Shield evelopes him, cutting him off but allowing him to see and hear clearly.

"Personally, I'll understand if you'd prefer it if I left. The last time you saw Keaton, neither he nor I were in our right minds."

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