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About Cardcaster Ryo

He looks like this, only his clothes and hair are red.

Cards used so far and their meaning.

Fire: represents new growth after hardship.
The Gate: represents leaving something behind or giving something up.
The Guardian: represents protection from an unknown source.
The Friends: represents your friends.
Death: No explanation needed.
The Secret: represents a secret that has the power to cause terrible grief and pain.
The Shield: represents the need to defends one's self or others. Can indicate repressed memories in cases of amnesia.
The Arrow: represents getting to the point, straightforwardness.
The Doppelganger: represents lying to oneself and split personalities. If drawn upside down, it means some one wants to be like you.
The Illusion: A lie that is easy to believe.

Ryo's Charges:
Adsila- name means 'blossom.' Ambient plant mage. Female halfling.

Ormarr- name means 'army of snakes.' Male half-orc.

Ryo vs the Temple Monks


PO'd Ormarr


Battle-ready Adsila

Tamrin.. you left me alone with two magelings...