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JTDV is banned for his obvious prejudice against white bikinis. They can be worn at anytime.

Knock, Knock

Come closer to the bowl little Pill bug I have a secret to tell you.

Krevon should not rule this city due to his identity crisis he has not figured out if he is a ninja or a samurai.

"CHOMP !!!!!"


Or I will eat you.

Landshark EATYOU

Knock Knock


I eat things which fall in the water.

Dr House is banned for not having enough meat on his bones to eat.

lucky7 is banned for his lack of heart.

I might have happened if you could have kept your temper.

I rock so hard that I rule all the roosts.

Mr Tasty.

You should spend your time worrying less about others and focused on the prize like I am.

Chicken is banned for making me hungry penalty ... get in my belly.