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So, with the Shory being a civilization that flew all over the world (there's a city in Tian-Xa, after all), I have to wonder what their people actualy look like. The only images we have of Shory, that I'm aware of, are three undead sorcerers from "Crucible of Chaos." Stitching together what the people of a city/country look like from three corpses isn't exactly the best though. So, is there anthing that shows what the Shory people actually looked like?

My guess is that they are mostly Mwangi/Garundi, with elements of other ethnicities sprinkled in there as they picked up people (after all, one element in "Crucible" says that there are names of people from other parts of the world listed in one part)

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Shory are really well detailed in one of the Mummy's Mask backmatters. They're Garundi, primarily.

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I'd say their ethnicity is Shory, isn't it?

Robert Brookes wrote:
Shory are really well detailed in one of the Mummy's Mask backmatters. They're Garundi, primarily.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to those books. Thanks for the information.

Anything I should know that Crucible of Chaos doesn't bring up that I should know about? Particularly, where any Shory Mythic?

Mythic Realms has confirmed there were mythic Shory. Also based on a few designs of clothing as well as skin colour, they strike me as Garundi or maybe even an out of place mexican anlog (no expert in anthropology nor American history, so sry if I am getting an entirely wrong impression)

The Crucible of Chaos predates Golarion as we know it (it's under the Gamemastery line!), so I believe elements of it were intentionally generic. That being said, I'd note the following:

(1) As presented in CoC, the Shory were a nomadic race with cosmopolitan views and contact with a wide number of other races and planar beings. Their "ethnicity" is likely shaped by that contact, so that they are not homogeneous.

(2) The Shory had access to immense magical abilities, and may have altered their appearances accordingly.

(3) It is implied various tribes and groups allied with the Shory, so Shory cities are populated by a number of different creatures (winged apes, Djinn, etc.).

In short, I believe you can make the Shory out to be whatever you want. I'd emphasize that they are not an analogue of any Earth culture, but rather an example of a highly magical, highly-eclectic civilization.

They are explicity said to be very dark skinned, so Mwangi I assume. Garund wasn't always home to the Garundi, they migrated from down south at some point so maybe the Shory are some kind of proto group. From the sound of things I imagine there weren't too many actual Shory and they existed more as a ruling class with Mwangi, possibly some Garundi, as the majority. I'm guessing here though.

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I've always assumed Mwangi since they're from the west side of the mountains as opposed to the native Garundi in the Osirion Empire.

could have been High Azlanti....

well it could, after all in the FR, there was a High and a low Netheril back in the arcane age....

and the azlanti had powerful interplanetary gates( thank you starfinder)
so it would not have be such a stretch that they could make flying cities

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According to Blood of the Ancients, one of Old-Mage Jatembe's Ten Magic Warriors united several tribes of different ethnicities in Central Garund to form the Shory. About 200 years later they had developed more advanced magic and took to the sky.

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