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"You should go get yourself a good spot."

Beorn the Divine wrote:
Pardon, is Gilly that guillotine? Beron seems to have toned down his voice.

"Yes it is." There's a bit of excitement in his response. "After the town was attack, General Korg and Mayor Feathertown, saw fit to ensure law and order in town. The good mayor invested in Gilly." He smiles, "My brother helped to erect the platform she stands on." he proudly announces. "Crime and banditry has plummeted."

Beorn the Divine wrote:
Beorn is somewhat wary about this, an oath to defend the town? Protecting against an attack is common sense, but he didn't want to have to be committed to anything.

An officer steps in and adds, "For those of you who are new...or unfamiliar with Fentonville's recent history." He pauses making sure he has everyone's attention. "Fentonville has been attacked by hordes of undead and demons from the abyss. From in the air..." his hand waves over head, "and from the land. It was terrifying but we came TOGETHER to defend this town. That is why everyone pledges to defend this GREAT town, if the need arises. That is the price for admission." You can see that for a town there are fortified walls made with stone, earth, metal, and there are numerous guards walking about the walls.

He nods and says s short blessing to the lapping tide. "I'll send word tomorrow."

You get a hunch or feeling he has a bit more to say about the journey but he is hesitant and leery at this time.

"It'll be a rough journey...don't right like what you all are going to do with Thul if you find him. Doesn't seem right...bad things happen at the fort." He exhales. 'Lots of danger down there...lots."

"I came to the living sea late in life, I spent my youth exploring tracking mostly...but my I try to well the Father's bidding. I spend most of my life tracking through the gold mine that lays under this man's garbage is another treasure. Folks dispose a lot in the sewers, including bodies. I've found two priests there dead and mutilated from torture...weird magic used to prevent speaking to them. I also know the sharks have been frequent, too many if you ask me. I know little else but I keep searching." he stops and listens.

Make a sense motive check.

"I came to Father of the Sea in a round about way late in, people can find the proper wave to surf." He grins. "Quell has blessed you with much inner strength, you just need to trust in yourself." He grasps his holy symbol then Chells hand and says a short prayer to Quell to wash the filth from this Port one stone at a time. After the prayer he bows again and prepares to depart when he hears the request for a private conversation. He nods his agreement and walks the cleric outside on the dock.

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

Astrianna simply shrugs at the mention of Thul being tortured. "Like I said... I aim to be on the Commandant's good side."

When she hears the price Astrianna nods her head. With the reward we will still be making our money back. "Deal. We will give Zalen his half of the money when we next see him." She leans forward in the chair. "Is there anything important we should outfit ourselves with for going into the sewers? I can create magical lights, so that's no problem."

He looks at Chell, "Your friend has loose morals. I hope she doesn't lead you down the wrong path." Answering her question as to why Thul is wanted "dunno..he's a thief I suppose."

"You have have plenty of cure disease and sickeness. Lots of nasties down there...Skum, gatormen, criminals, shark, roaches, rats you know stuff that generally can make you really sick or kill you. Easy to get lost."

"You sure you want to do this? People tend to avoid the sewers at all costs." He chuckles, "You all are a bit big to enter theourgh the storm grates throughout the city...if you could get through they are locked...but you're way to large eve you missy." indicating to Astri. "Keep the heavy armor at home...stay with light, or you'll be pulling it off a lot. You'd need to be a slice as a greasy pig even with medium stuff on. Think jabbing weapons...not much room to hack and slash in a the tunnels." He finishes his aged brandy. " based flame is useless lots of gas down there. Make sure you don't have any open wounds...nasty diseases know." He gets up to leave. "I'll leave word with Flagor midday tomorrow if all is set to go, and where to meet." He bows. "I need to go pray."