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General Korg signals for the attendants to raise Gilly once again. After a few moments the blade is ready to drop.

"Ccccuuuuuuurssssssssssssssssssse you."

the blade is released and it completes it's function. The convicted murdering pirate's head bounces into a basket but then it flops out. The face has a horrific twisted smile and the blood shot eyes peer towards the beer vendor's cart.

1 Aggrah
2 Dr Tes
3 Bradan
4 Poke
5 Bron
6 Calain
7 Beorn

lucky character: 1d7 ⇒ 3

Bradan please make a Will save.


Only sinew attaches the neck to the body, yet the pirate talks."HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA" Blood begins to spurt out and spray the surroundings.

There's a loud click of Gilly's release mechanism and then a Schwooooosh" sound as the blade slides down. A thwack" sound echoes and the whole platform shakes. But rather than a head being cleanly chopped off the blade barely sinks into Capt Jack's flesh.

"MMMMYHAHHHHHHHHH, it won't be that easy you swine. The Creeper will be released."

"I regret NOTHING...NOTHING. You may kill me today but I'll haunt you tomorrow. Someone will DIE by the creeper curse! He spits, "Mrs Turner BEWARE your trip home!"

With that General Korg drops his arm as a signal.