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I'm guessing he read the book of the damned.

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Although I will be quite busy this morning, so I might tune out here or there. :-), I'll have to think on that other one, good one!

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So do I win because I'm the only one that's answered your question, or did I disqualify myself for only reading past "a duel to the death" until now.

For the record Morgan Freeman will take out James Earl Jones by inviting him to a Star Wars DVD retrospective interview with a complimentary buffet, at which point Patrick Stewart will deceive Morgan Freeman with a coded message from Andy Dufrane instructing him to go to a deserted cove, where it will all end between Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart in a sordid duel of hookers and blow, with Patrick Stewart's years of doing voices for Seth McFarlane having the clear advantage.

Hope that properly answers your question, Thegreenchristmastreegamer. :-)

Do you like the holiday spin I put there :-)

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*bangs head against shelf*

How can I have an hour and a half left, this is inhumane I say!

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Sharoth wrote:
Ok everyone. How long will it be before Captain Yesterday has an alias with Real Life TM in it?

Well I hope you can live with what you've just unleashed onto these boards.