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I questioned shipment schedule of my order (#4076208) on E-mail.
Sadly no reply until now, so I write it here.
Is there any trouble can not be shipped already?
Please check back details.
Thank you.

Is there any web enhancement of this adventure?
I buy PDF, but it has too low resolution for image.
(maps, covers, etc...)
I think PDF is just 3mb volumes so this book needs quality up for that.

Serpent wrote:
Camarila wrote:

Wow there are 28 new items and 4 new monsters!

I've never seen so much items in one module.
Heh, 4+28 sounds oddly familiar. Any undead monsters in it? :D

Yup, there is a new undead monster named 'immured', which CR 3 and looks like zombie.

Aura of Breathlessness (Su) The agonized gasping of an immured displaces oxygen within 10 feet of it, automatically extinguishing nonmagical fires within this range. Breathing creatures within the aura must hold their breath or risk suffocation. Whenever an immured deals nonlethal damage to a creature holding its breath in the aura, the duration the target can hold its breath for decreases by a number of rounds equal to the nonlethal damage dealt. The immured cannot dismiss this aura.

Bound (Su) Immured are bound to the locations in which they died. Each hour an immured remains away from the tomb or building in which it died, it takes 1d6 points of damage that can’t be healed until it returns to its place of death.

Breach (Su) As a swift action, an immured can touch a nonmagical wall and open a spatial rift. The touched 5-foot section of wall (which can be up to 2 feet thick) effectively ceases to exist for 2 rounds, except for a dark, semisolid membrane that blocks line of sight through the rift. The immured can see, move, attack, or even drag a target through the rift without penalty. Other creatures can move through the rift, treating it as difficult terrain. After 2 rounds, the rift closes, pushing anything inside it into the nearest open space.

Seize (Ex) An immured can choose to deal nonlethal damage with its slam attack with no penalty on the attack roll. In addition, an immured that deals nonlethal damage with its slam attack can attempt a drag combat
maneuver against the target as a free action.

Wow there are 28 new items and 4 new monsters!
I've never seen so much items in one module.

I want play Numeria, plasma laser and robots and outer space!