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Damn it! So close to getting his horns, I can't make a profit without a fresh supply!

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Try the 'horn man, it'll clear that cold right up.

However if it does give you an erection lasting four hours you probably shouldn't see a doctor.

Gotta cut the Dragon horn with something, you can't just put pure 'horn our on the streets, that would be irresponsible!

I got something to help with that

For instance, Tom Cruise, never met the guy!

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Freehold DM wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

I hear Dragon horn is a powerful aphrodisiac :-)

Although I'm not sure the world is ready for Freehold fresh off snorting a half a kilo of Dragon Horn:-D


No! I don't do that anymore! I don't need that stuff to live my life!

You sure? First horn is free! Chicks dig dudes on the 'horn:-)

George Clooney, does it every day!