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UllarWarlord wrote:
Shah’s Hookah

One of my favorites this year, mainly because I like it when underused mechanics get to see the light of day and that this item was perfect for one of my PFS characters.

There's a bit of wordiness here and there, but I think that what held you back was the edginess combined with the addiction drawback. I understand why it is there, but many folks have a knee jerk reaction of drawback = down vote.

I look forward to seeing what you do next year, even if it may need to be less edgy for advancement.

Jon Agley wrote:
Fray’s Fabulous Fireworks

Alright, full disclosure: I run a year-round fireworks store, so I was extra critical of your item.

My biggest qualm with the item was that it extinguished what little thunder the alchemical weapons & fireworks have.

My biggest surprise was your spell requirements. Specifically, the absence of pyrotechnics, snapdragon fireworks, or sound burst.

I liked the random factor, but felt that it could have been written differently to limit the SAK-ness.

There are dozens of firework types in the world, and this item only exhibits skyrockets. There are also an immense variety of visual and sound effects possible, but the item sticks to describing the shots as colored patterns. It also did not help that there was a tent down the street from my shop this past July called "Fran's Fabulous Fireworks", though I suspect that this was sheer coincidence.

I encourage you to continue to go for the riskier, creative entries in future years though. If you refine your mechanics proficiency, I'm sure you'll do well.

Material: Viridium
Sense: True Sight
Adjective: Sulfuric

I am working feverishly to safely disassemble all of the Top 223 and inspect them for defects. There have only been between 189 and 300 injuries so far, most of which were the consequence of explosive runes and symbol spells. I wish I had more accurate numbers, but our secretary has been subject to a sepia snake sigil.

Having taken careful aim over the course of multiple cinematic montages, she takes her shots, firing one bomb that drops hundreds of portable holes on the target, and a second one that magically launches items that function like bags of holding through the placed holes.

There were indeed 5 culls.
I have to dispose of the culled.
Do you have any idea how careful I must be with my portable hole piles and my crates of bags of holding??

Warehousing never used to be this dangerous.

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Eric Morton wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
Amanda Plageman wrote:
Eric Morton wrote:
Amanda Plageman wrote:
Oooh... Chest as in 'upper torso'. I was somehow reading chest as 'large box', and was confused, since I didn't even know that was a slot.... /facepalm
Upper torso + large box = brassier of the mimic
..... am I a horrible person for being intrigued with that item?

Not unless I am too. (A valid possibility.)

As "spacious" as necessary, and offers storage space? :D

Changes color and texture to match any outfit; transforms into a bathing suit on command; uses mimic adhesive to maintain support without straps in situations where straps are unwanted...

I may have submitted the wrong item this year.

A deal so good, you can't let go! 5 out of 5 stars.

So I've collected all of the devices that drop Bags of Holding into Portable Holes and vice-versa. I have named it the RiptRiftic Bomb. Worst case scenario, we actually need to use this apparatus.

In the future, I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with the RiptRiftic Bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the planet will be killed though.

Please do not make me make another.

Covent wrote:

Oh Item, from the first time I saw you I knew you were dangerous! You have the moves, you have the footwork, you could go all the way.

You could be a contender.

You are definitely the most dangerous thing... Competition!

Gosh you make this fun, thank you excellent item designer. I would be shocked if we do not get to see your mapping skills.

Best of luck, and if we meet in the second round, :-).

Prepare for a battle!

There's only a week left until my contract expires. Just gotta survive one week. Please don't kill me...