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The post apocalypse might be worth it if I can communicate telepathically with my dog like Don Johnson.

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The plexi-glass prison reminds me of something used a lot (particularly in Marvel Netflix series) in television in the not so secret hideout. You know, the main characters dojo/moms apartment/garage/etc that they always use to hang low, even though the police/bad guys/etc know about it and have even raided it several times in the past. I am sure its to save set costs and keep the budget down but man...

This is the real war...

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Pallys of any alignment and nobody cares about the lore change, but make gobos a core race and suddenly everyone looses their damn minds!

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Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:

I think what's disappointing thflame is that a 20th level fighter isn't actually much stronger than a level 1 fighter.

In Pathfinder 1.0, you knew you were high level because you had enough carrying capacity to push or drag the International Space Station, or because your wizard was smarter than God. In 2.0, you'll be capable of epic feats of might and magic and magical might and mighty magic . . . but your stats won't reflect it. And it does seem sort of strange that a high level character who's legendary in Athletics can take a skill feat to lift and throw a mountain or whatever, but because of how the stat system works she won't actually have a higher STR mod than the STR based ranger in the party with no such mountain chucking prowess.

I wish they would just stake the heart of ability scores once and for all.

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Ryan Freire wrote:
CE Pan wrote:
Cant we all just get along?
I am, but at this point its pretty clear alignment is in, playing a larger role in the game with things like anathema helping to flesh out behaviors, and golarion IS the setting of PF2 with setting neutrality taking a back burner. Railing against that is old man yells at cloud, or slapfighting with the tides.

Sometimes, punching a wall is a stupid thing to do, but it just feels right.

Cant we all just get along?

Pffft, Id just choke up on the damn spoon...