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Or perhaps an echo of several strains of being, wrapped together in a synergistic whole that brings to mind the writings of Immanuel Kant ....

Let me explain these twenty new charts I've devised for locating every hit on a character and the percentages of armor degradation and possible denting of armor.

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I should do some walking now but I'm hauling about 30lbs in books ATM and it's cold out there on the mean streets of Boston...

Yea, the walking is easy when all you have is a bottle of water and its Sunny and 80 out!

On the lovely streets of Downtown Boca Raton

True that. It's a good thing they didn't Anglicize that town's name. Boca Raton sounds much fancier than 'Ratmouth', lol

Ratón means "mouse," not "rat," and the area was originally named "Boca de Ratones," which means "mouth/inlet of sharp rocks."

-Captain Buzzkill, destroyer of jokes

Duced good show old chap! Your pedantry is only matched by your acerbic wit!