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"Makes sense Raza, that's a coherent plan. Lets check it out and determine where or what next with that information in hand."

Dotting - planning a Sorcerer for this. Will be working on it shortly!


"Ah Krojun ..." and looking of at the Summoner, "and you too Rohan, you make worthy flankmen ... whether in battle or at a bar." as Talon smiles to himself, quite satisfied.

He takes Magnhlidr's comment in stride, and tries for a more polite smile as if to ask for forgiveness.

... later ...

"Great, now they're robbing graves, that hardly seems the work of goblins."

Good to see you Harboth, and glad you are aboard. We need a damage dealer so that will work out well. Looking forward to it too!

Hey, I'll set up the dropbox today. We should pm the others Harboth, Rachele, etc to get them over here - they may not be seeing the updates or the link to the new discussion thread.

Living the dream!

Awesome,count me in for a submission, will work on it this weekend. Will. Likely go for the rogue slot.

I have:

#6 - Prosperity: Thanks to an excellent contract, a newly discovered trade secret, or just the luck of being in the right profession at the right time, your business is booming. You gain a +1 bonus on all Day Job checks. In addition, a DC 45 Day Job check now earns you 200 gp, and a DC 50 Day Job check earns you 300 gp.

And am looking for something else - any offers?

Hmmm ... how about an inquisitor with some healing focus, could blend some skills with second like combat ability? Thinking more standard races - something that really blends in human, maybe half elf. Figure that a couple of folks with skills focus isn't bad given the scope/role of the organization. If we have the mage and the heavy hitter down.

Hey, I am back, thanks for being patient. Had an extra day of travel afetr a flight got diverted due to maintenance issues.

I'll get to work on my character today, may check in for input, etc.

This looks awesome, is it a Homebrew or the first draft of a new Paizo AP? :)

I will be putting together ideas and traveling most of the day Wednesday, will put pen to paper in earnest for a full first draft Thursday.

This looks to be a really great adventure, it's got my creative juices flowing.

Do we get to add racial bonuses after we roll?

Very happy to be here, posting from a tablet so will be briefer. Prefer Golarion, setting the characters. A lot of great ideas here, I am open for anything, like the thieves guild, missionaries, journey and of course the crawl. I think a highly urban adventure with a bunch of thrives would be cool. Some odd or unique character creation rules may also be good, a foibles approach resulting in some key weaknesses.

Thinking half-elven rogue, son of a merchant, will focus on fencing (weapon finesse) for the dex bonus, general skill monkey, second line combatant.

Let's play with some dice:

4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 1, 1) = 13 = 12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 4, 2) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 4, 2) = 10 = 9
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 4, 2) = 13 = 12
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4, 6) = 20 = 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4, 1) = 15 = 14

Oooh - I like the results, perfect for what I am looking for.

Backstory to come, on vacation this week and have limited posting abilities. Looking forward to this.

Hope I am not too late for consideration, I am on vacation for the next 4 more days and my ability to check the boards and post has been much less frequent. PLEASE! :)

1. I, BudFox, want to play in another pbp please. Especially a GM Mug pbp - I live the momentum and pace of your games and the way that they are run.
2. I typically post 5 to 7 times a day.
3. I currently play in 3 pbp games that are alive and kicking.
4. Some adventures I'm interested in are; Homebrew, Carrion Crown, Council of Thieves ... really anything I haven't played before.
5. I usually/would like to fill the role of party skill monkey - lately I have been fond of rogues and inquisitors. I like to be a combatant with a lot of other value, so I tend to balance the skills with strong/dexterity to support fighting
6. I would be willing to fill any role - thinking of anything from sorcerers to Orc barbarians
7. I'm an Aquarius, middle aged father of 4 boys, love boardgaming and have recently fallen back in love with RPGs. Also big pc gamer. Love gardening and sailing but don't get to do it as often as I would like since I live in the Midwest away from the ocean.

Rolling: 1d100 ⇒ 95

Hey Brayden - we had corresponded by PM - I have given it some thought and think that I am fully booked for the moment, thanks though for the opportunity.

Any room for one more?

I'm thinking of an Inquisitor or a Rogue/Urban Range Archer?

GM Mug wrote:

Budfox - Inquisitor/Assassin - I don't think I'll allow undead Inquisitors in this game

Just to be clear - I was leaning towards a Half-Elven Pharasman Inquisitor, a hunter of the undead, not that he would be undead ... is that ok?

Was also thinking possibly to use Ranger as the second class to get the favored enemy trait and archery specialization over time.

Hey, I'll be submitting a character for this one, I am thinking an undead hunting Inquisitor or maybe a mercenary Assassin. I promise, no sissy swashbucklers :)

Maybe I'll be lucky this time. I really want in on a GM Mug AP.

Thanks guys, that is the problem - played as an Alias, had to then create the PFS character and will now play as him, thanks again!

Not quite - I already have a charecter made, did not create it as a PFS character, played PFS Intro 1 by pbp, now want to add the number to the existing character but cant.

Thod wrote:
BudFox wrote:
I have a PFS#, I have a character that I played a pbp PFS intro with - how do I or do I need a unique number for the charcter - do I have to register him in some way, how do I do it.

There are two options

A) you can register your character. In the past this was on the right - guess you find it with the new layout if you go to player resources.

Thanks for the input but I can't find where I add a number - I already have a character set up, and I don't want to create a new characher, I want to add a PFS# for the one I have. I only see edit profie on the right.

I have a PFS#, I have a character that I played a pbp PFS intro with - how do I or do I need a unique number for the charcter - do I have to register him in some way, how do I do it.

I have a PFS#, I have a character that I played a pbp PFS intro with - how do I or do I need a unique number for the charcter - do I have to register him in some way, how wdo I do it.

And if I failed to confirm the crit after rolling I would still get the regular damage right?

Just to be certain - do I have this right:

Using a rapier (1d6/18-20x2)

1. If I roll any of 18, 19, or 20 I have a threat of a crit, I must roll again and succeed in hitting against the opponent's AC to qualify for the x2 damage. The x2 damage is not a single damage roll x2, but two separate rolls calculated using all modifiers.

As an example: roll an 18, resulting in a crit threat. Roll again and get 15 which hits. Roll 1d6, add my strength modifier for damage, do the same again and add the two results to get total damage.

2. Also, a straight 20 does not mean an automatic hit with a crit range weapon, correct?

Just got in after a weeks vacation - will be posting a character, very interested.

Blackacre wrote:
Excellent. I'm working on a dwarf skill monkey rogue (I recognize that elf has the more optimal race characteristics, but I can't stop swimming upstream), and will post as the alias as soon as I can get it together, probably before the weekend.

Hmmm ... I was thinking of something similar, but I could do a Ranger (maybe Urban ranger archer specialization?). I'll see if I can post them both. Either one works for me.

Mort the Cleverly Named wrote:

Beyond that, either system only gives you a single attack. No Rapid Shot or Manyshot, no haste or iteratives. The way the system is set up, taking a single shot in combat (even with Sneak Attack) just doesn't stay relevant at higher levels. It is less important at very low levels, but even at level 5 when Rapid Shot and Haste are in play you will start falling far behind.

This may not be an issue for all people, who will be fine with moderate to low damage combined with the skills and talents the Rogue brings, but many people find it to be a less mechanically effective style than they had initially hoped. Hence the warnings about it.

Thanks - this is just the type of input I have been looking for.

So - the Rogue Archer is technically akward to play with mediocre results, especially when compared to other builds.

So I should go with a straight forward Ranger or Fighter Archer or stick with a more pure Rogue - perrhaps a dual wielder or swashbuckler variant?

Thanks for the input.

How exactly does 'taking a level' in another class work.

I was thinking of being half-elven - favored class Rogue and something else - perhaps Ranger. If I start as a rogue, then do a level or two of ranger - mechanically how does that work?

I level up from 1st, and I want to go Ranger for 2 levels - do I take the additional HP for Rogue or Ranger at that time, do I take the bonus abilities as I enter the new level, meaning the Ranger special feats? So do I get the combat style feat at the 2nd level Ranger? And if so if I then go back to Rogue do I get to add the Arhcery Combat feats?


OK, as background I am an avid pc and boardgamer. Its been a couple of decades since I have RPGd. I have done a couple rounds of hour long D&D battles at GenCon but thats it.

For a few years I have been interested in getting back in and have been intrigued by Pathfinder. I have signed up for a couple of PFS sessions at GenCon and have been reading and researching trying to get myself ready.

My gaming group plays boardgames so I don't think I'll get another chance to play outside GenCon sessions each year. Besides that I don't have the time to pick it up regularly. I am looking to have a great experience, build a character, even if it is slowly over the years. I may only ever be playing lower level characters (below 10 or even 5).

Here are my questions:

1. I realize that there are many different kinds of players with different styles, skills, etc. I have been thinking about an archer rogue build. I have read several posts/blogs about how to optimize characters individually or with aspects/actions of other characters as well as critiques of these options. I am interested in a good, solid build, but as much as that want the flavor of the role, etc. I want to be capable and not be a liability to the party. Some of the criticisms go on about having to have multiple sneak attacks, etc - and that the character is worthless or a afilure if you can't get this or that right. I just don't know how big a deal that really is - is it a fatal error to play something like that or even a more vanilla character? I realize that I may not end up with the perfect 15 level progression build but how bad is that - does that mean that I really will have a bad experience or limit my party? I want to play a rogue, I want to be able to fight and do some damage, I don't want to die right away. I'd like to be a great archer but also will try melee sneaks as well. I don't really want to be a tank or a mage.

2. I plan on doing my homework and being prepared. All in I will probably have 40+ hours of reading and prep in before I sit down to play. Is there any reason I shouln't sit down ... or that I should only sign up for an intro game rather than one of the more interesting to me PFS level 1-3 or level 1-5 scenarios? I plan on factoring my knowledge into my character and play - sort of the unexpected hero, highly skilled but thrown into a situation they aren't used to, without the bestiary knowledge, etc ... forced to react.

3. At GenCon, for several of the scenarios there are spots for 48 people - how many people typically make up a party?

4. Any other general advice?