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Thankies for answering :3

Back to Noqual, what was its genesis?

I wanted an unusual weird material that could be mixed into walls to hamper teleportation and passwall type effects, and explained it via the use of noqual to block those effects. Sort of a mechanical way to duplicate something like dimensional lock, which the game didn't have at the time back in the 2nd edition D&D days. And from there it became a type of metal that could make antimagic-themed things, particularly as an element used to lace golems to explain their high resistance to magic.


Was Mithril at any point on the table to become a sky metal?



Aside from Noqual have you made any other special materials?

Should not catch up on threads before coffee, I read Nyquil and was wonder what properties it and what could be made from it. Like does Nyquil Armor give a more restful nights sleep?

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Because the same 5ish people keep arguing in circles. Thats the short version.

Yeah we have a system in place for getting Dev input. This question is unlikely to garner enough hits on the FAQ tab to rise above some of the longer standing questions in the queue. So if only the dev team's answer will do for you.....Good luck!

Here is some info as far as that goes Tallow

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I usually see people who want to use magic swords to hack through stone walls.
I don't see this much, unless we're talking about an adamantine weapon. Being able to cut through things like butter changes what's effective for a lot of people.

I'm having rules forum flashbacks.

So since we have had a back and forth and someone asked what the percentage of people on both sides of the issue where, here a little poll thread on the issue just like the post with your position on it and feel free to comment.

Edit: may be a few minutes making sure I have proper positions on both sides.

captain yesterday wrote:

It looks like I broke something again.

The message board feed for Adventure Paths is completely invisible on the AP page.

No hurry, just thought you'd like to know. :-)

*headslap* stop touching things!

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Profession Shipwright?

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*smacks DrDeth in the back of the head*

Dammit Deth rule #258 always pop true strike against kobolds.