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Full Name



Male Half-Orc


Unchained Savage Barbarian 13


Medium - 6'6" 310lbs

About Brom'mash of Taldor

Brom’mash (Brom to his friends) is a truly massive figure with a hulking muscular physique that could be carved from marble. He wears a loose open-fronted tunic that puts his powerful torso and olive-gray skin on display. He commonly wears a half-helm with enormous curled horns that partially obscure his crude features and further evokes imagery of Brom as some kind of deific figure. Worn across his back via a gilded leather harness is an ornate ulfen longaxe, engraved with the lion of Taldor – a weapon previously wielded by his mistress’s late husband.

Brom was born to a tribe of marauding orcs in the darklands as the result of the violent union between an orc warrior and one of his victims. He was orphaned at a young age (barely a teenager) when his tribe was cut down by a unit of better trained and better armed Taldan soldiers. He and the other children, that were deemed old enough to work but too young to be a threat, were taken to Oppara to be sold as slaves.

In the flesh markets he caught the eye of a young recently widowed heiress. The decadent noblewoman, known for her appreciation for savage things, found herself attracted to the orc's powerful form. Unable to resist young Brom's animal charms she purchased him as a pleasure-slave and began his training immediately.

A decade later Brom had all but forgotten about his former life and had become wholly loyal to his noble mistress. After a harrowing ordeal in the Oppara opera house the noblewoman realized exactly how powerful and influential the Pathfinder Society was. Needing someone inside the Society she could trust (and not being one to be denied her desires) she sent her favorite slave away to be trained and indoctrinated at the lodge in Absalon.