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I just finished running Skull & Shackles for my gaming group, and I'm trying to report it for PFS credit. But I'm a little confused by the terminology of "sessions." Our group took about 4-5 game sessions to get through each book-- does each book count as one "session," because I ran it once, or multiple "sessions," because it took us several gatherings to finish it?

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I have a boon that allows the use of the Daggermark Poisoner prestige class. I'd like to know whether that legality extends to its class features. Specifically:

Daggermark Poisoner wrote:
Toxic Trick: At 2nd level and every two levels thereafter, a Daggermark poisoner learns a toxic trick. She can use a number of toxic tricks each day equal to her Intelligence modifier + 1/2 her class level. The save DC of any saving throw called for by a toxic trick is equal to 10 + the Daggermark poisoner's class level + her Intelligence modifier. Spell-like abilities have a caster level equal to her class level.
Toxic Trick wrote:
Poison Conversion (Su): As the alchemist discovery.

The Poison Conversion alchemist discovery is not PFS legal. Is it a legal Toxic Trick choice for my Daggermark Poisoner?

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I love the idea of the Master Spy prestige class, but it doesn't seem well-suited for player characters. Not because it's ineffective, but because the thing it's designed for-- deceptive infiltration-- doesn't work well in the context of an adventuring party. And while the Razmiran Priest prestige class and the Vigilante base class are both mechanically powerful, if you bring one to an adventuring party you pretty much have to ignore most of your character's thematic awesomeness.

So I've been thinking: What if we put together a group of solo players? Each character spends a good amount of time on solo adventures, but the group still comes together when the need arises. (Think Avengers/Justice League.) This kind of thing would be a nightmare at a "real" table, but would I think be much easier in PbP. This would not be a fast-paced game; if the GM needs three days between each post to keep things straight, then so be it.

I'm looking for three things:
- A kind and interested GM
- Up to five other players who want a mixture of group and solo adventuring
- Ideas on what adventure to play; home-grown is fine too

Sage Bloodline wrote:
Arcane Bolt (Sp): Starting at 1st level, you can unleash a ray of magic force as a standard action, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. This ray deals 1d4 points of damage + 1 for every two sorcerer levels you possess. This damage is treated as a spell of a level equal to half your sorcerer level, and is a force effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This bloodline power replaces arcane bond.

For what purposes is this bloodline power treated as a spell? Can I use a level-boosting trait like Ascendant Recollection to qualify for Eldritch Knight with five sorcerer levels?

If one legal character option references something in a different book, do I have to own both resources in order to use it? For example, if I own Ultimate Magic but not the APG, can I still play a hexcrafter magus?

I'd like to get involved in the 5e Adventurers' League online, and haven't found an active community so I figured I'd start one. I'm willing to run a game, but since I have zero AL experience and limited 5e experience I was hoping someone else could run one first. As I understand it, the minimum table size is three so we need 2-6 other players plus a DM. Anyone interested?

I have a gunslinger 4/occultist 1 who has two module Chronicles to apply (worth 3 XP each). I would like to retrain the occultist level, since it turns out there's an errata that makes the battle host archetype useless to this character, as well as prestige into lantern bearer (which requires a +5 BAB and some skill ranks). What's the most correct way to go about this?

a) Retrain the occultist level at character level 5, apply the two Chronicles, choose two levels of lantern bearer. End result: gunslinger 5/lantern bearer 2.

b) Apply the two Chronicles without choosing a class, retrain the occultist level at character level 7, take two levels of lantern bearer. End result: gunslinger 5/lantern bearer 2.

c) Apply the two Chronicles, choose two gunslinger levels (or any base class) since I don't qualify for lantern bearer; retrain the occultist level at character level 7. Since PFS does not allow a character to retrain base class levels into prestige class levels, those extra levels are stuck. End result: gunslinger 7.

d) Something else

I'm not sure how to search for this, so I apologize if there's a FAQ for it somewhere.

I'm part of a long-running gaming group, and we've played through multiple AP's. Our current lineup includes four people with PFS numbers, so I'm reporting it for PFS credit. Which is great. Unfortunately, this wasn't always the case and in an earlier AP there were only two of us who had PFS numbers, plus the GM. (There may have been a fourth, I'll have to track down that player to find out.)

Question 1: Can you report an AP for PFS credit if there are too few PFS numbers at the table, even if there are plenty of players?

Question 2: I know that at a normal PFS table, you're allowed to play with only three if the GM runs a pregenerated character. Would he have been required to run a pregen if we already had a party of six?

Question 3: One player (with a PFS number) came in halfway through this AP. Can she get credit for the books she played?

I have a halfling in PFS that I'd like to rebuild as a sniper rogue, and I'm looking at the Swift as Shadows alternate racial trait. This character is level 3, well beyond the free rebuild window.

Are there any feats or anything that allow me to take this alternate racial trait after the fact? To clarify, I'm not just looking for ways to reduce the sniping penalty-- unless they for some reason wouldn't stack with Swift as Shadows.

Here are some questions I haven't found definitive answers for regarding hidden weapons.

1) Can I draw one as a move action by taking a penalty on my Sleight of Hand roll? The Sleight of Hand skill only says that drawing a hidden weapon "is a standard action" but the Skill Unlock for it implies that it's normally possible.

2) If I have the ability to draw a hidden weapon as a move action (say, via Quick Draw) and have at least a +1 BAB, can I do so as part of a move?

I was in a PFS game once where a player cast a spell and missed with his touch attack. On his next turn he hit with his touch attack, declared that making a touch attack in and of itself (i.e. without casting a spell or using an ability) was a move action, and cast another spell. The GM agreed with this, but I can't find it anywhere in the rules. Is this true?

I have a question about variant channeling.

PRD wrote:

An iconic ability of clerics is their power to channel positive or negative energy, whether for healing, for damage, or to turn or command the undead. However, given the great variety of deities and their divine portfolios, it naturally follows that some deities would endow their mortal servants with the power to channel energies in other ways that more closely mirror their particular focus. The following categories are examples of alternative channeling abilities based on the nature of a deity's power; for example, a fire deity's negative energy channeling may deal fire damage as part of or instead of the damage from channeling.

When you create a cleric character, decide whether she uses the standard form of channel energy or a variety presented here based on one aspect of her deity's portfolio.

(Emphasis mine.)

Sivanah, for example, has the following:

Sivanah wrote:
Portfolio: Illusions, Reflections, Mystery, Veils

Her domains include several that are listed as variant channeling options. Her portfolio, however, includes none. So strictly by RAW (i.e. for PFS purposes), does that mean deities with such portfolios cannot grant variant channeling?

The city of Padiskar near the northern tip of the Isle of Jalmeray is not so much a city as a ring of small villages surrounding a massive, howling ruin, from which terrifying screams of whatever the Vudrani Maharaja Khiben-Sald left there in ancient times can still be heard. The new Venture-Captain Vasuman Mihir maintains a small safe house for the Pathfinder Society here, taking over from Padiskar’s longtime Venture-Captain Aamina Shahrazad, who was recently murdered by men loyal to Zamir, a bandit lord and rumored Aspis Consortium agent who operates out of the nearby jungles. You have been summoned to this safe house to await Venture-Captain Mihir's briefing.

Feel free to introduce yourselves.

Discussion thread now open. Feel free to dot in.

Recruitment now open, looking for low tier (1-2). Two slots are reserved, but otherwise it's first-come-first-served: the first 4 to speak up get in (I won't be choosing based on party balance.)

This is my first time GMing a PbP scenario, although I've played in quite a few, so bear with me on this.