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On page 3 under Spending EP the text says,


Special: Once per round, you can spend Evolution Points with no

effect to regain control of your body. If you use this ability as a move
action, you can spend up to 2 EP. If you use this ability as a standard
action, you can spend up to 4 EP. If you use this ability as a full action,
you can spend up to 6 EP.

Does anyone know what regaining control of your body is referring to?

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I just got dropped off a cliff, but I have the utility belt operative exploit. is there an object that I can pull out use and save myself?

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::heart:: Thanks!

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Yeah, the above sounds reasonable to me, too. Grapple combat maneuver to get a grip on it, Athletics check to pull themselves up. Then maintain the grapple as normal, or if they want to attack on a subsequent round, then it'd be a difficult Acrobatics Check to stay standing on the Ksarik. DC 25 = 15 (for balancing on the spinal ridge 15-5cm across) + 10 (for severely unsteady terrain). Then let that Acrobatics check be their trick attack check. If they fail, they fall off; if they fail by 5 or more, then they fall off and land prone adjacent to the Ksarik having used their full action to attempt the trick attack.

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I'm working on a build for a melee healer mystic, and I picked up Diehard forgetting that it was not like Orc Ferocity. What I'm really interested in doing is making it so that before I go down in a fight, I have a chance to cast a healing spell to stay up. Are there any augmentations or magic items that can grant me that racial ability?

I know I could probably level 2 polymorph for it, but I'm looking for something that I can maybe use in a pinch, and casting a spell that provokes doesn't quite fit the bill. Any suggestions?

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Zjfhd wrote:
Thanks for clearing this up for me everyone!

Happy to help!

Also, I feel it's maybe relevant to reference this thread.

There's been some discussion about how the Wireless Hack ability works with hacking. Seems like there is some consensus that the Wireless Hack ability doesn't quite function as advertised. The crux of the argument is that "hacking" is a full round action, whereas accessing a system is a standard. Since the exocortex gets a standard action, some have interpreted the description to mean that Wireless Hack allows the exocortex to access systems but not to actually hack. This consensus provides that you could commit your move and swift actions to hacking in cooperation with the exocortex's standard and keep your mechanic's standard action. So your mechanic would still have a standard to shoot a gun or swing a sword, but the exocortex couldn't hack independently.

To my mind, this interpretation would make coordinated assault nigh useless for the exocortex variant mechanic. So I think there's a reasonably valid alternate interpretation that this constitutes a "specific rule overrides a general rule" situation, where your exocortex is allowed to hack as a standard. But I haven't gotten much feedback on that notion yet.

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Unfortunately no, the range of Wireless Hack doesn't increase with Remote Hack. At level 15 Wireless Hack's range is increased to 40ft by Multitasking (pg 79). By that point your Remote Hack range is 70ft so the two abilities' ranges aren't the same.

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meepothegreat wrote:
As long as you're not doing society play its legit.

What'd be the issue in society?

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Not a rules point, but just a note on orbits: Unless it's a very small planetary object, you'd have to get pushed really really hard to fall out of orbit. As an example, if you were in low earth orbit, (let's say 160km over the surface) and you wanted to decelerate your "friend" to the Karman line (where reentry happens, around 100km), you'd need to decrease their orbital velocity about 375m/s. So you'd have to push them hard enough that they'd accelerate to about 835 miles per hour in about an armslength of distance. They'd be more worried about the whole liquification thing than their eventual crispification on reentry. ;)

For the record, my math may be a bit off. I'm calculating the delta V it'd take to switch orbital altitudes and dividing by 2, assuming that the poor friend won't be circularizing at 100km. KSP, don't fail me now!

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Paranoid Android wrote:

Hi Paizo forums,

This is Patrick the GM of the Cosmic Crit podcast. We just finished up season 1 of our show, and the Dead Suns AP and today are starting our season 2! If you stayed away because of Dead Suns spoilers, there is not a better time to join the Crittermander fanbase with our new Episode #1


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Wide-Spectrum Ocular Implant

Wide Spectrum Ocular Implant wrote:
This doesn’t grant you darkvision, but in darkness you can see significant sources of heat due to your infrared vision.

So what are significant sources of heat? Presumably it includes hot engines and fires, but are living creatures significant sources of heat? What about unliving creatures? What about weapons that have recently been fired? Is there any guidance one what types of things this allows you to see?


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So if the point is that the mechanic effectively gets an additional standard action while still getting a full-round of hacking in, how do we square that with the language of the Coordinated Assault class feature?

Coordinated Assault (EX) 11th Level wrote:
If you have an exocortex instead, whenever you and your exocortex are both attempting to hack a system, you each receive a +1 circumstance bonus to the checks to gain access.

It seems clear that the wording allows the exocortex and the mechanic to both make checks while hacking (which as we've noted above is a particular usage of the computers skill). So is this a case where the specific rule overrides the general rule (i.e. hacking is typically a full round action, but not in this case)? Because otherwise, the conditional nature of Coordinated Assault would mean that you could never get the +1 bonus since it would require the mechanic and their exocortex to be simultaneously hacking (which wouldn't be possible given that the exocortex only gets a standard)

Perhaps the intention was that the exocortex could aid, as a standard action and that if you're hacking and your exocortex is aiding, you both get +1's on those checks? But it seems like that would be an easy thing to say concisely if that's what the developers meant.

I would really love to hear a developer's thoughts on this subject. But in the meantime, what are your thoughts?

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Pantshandshake wrote:

That's fair enough, I was answering about Overload Weapon, and forgot the 'Weapon' part in my post.

Now, Overload would also not work, because it takes a standard action. Presumably, if you're using Spring Attack, you don't have an extra Standard action in there.

Yeah, and by the time mechanics are able to get spring attack, they already have remote hack, so they can just Overload at range.

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Gronnigan Conroy wrote:

I'm not sure Overload would work like that.

If you're itching for some melee with your mechanic, why not get Overcharge and a Skyfire Sword or other powered weapon? Lots of Exocortex mods can be used to support a melee build.

Yeah, my strength is pretty low, and powered operative weapons are in pretty short supply. Eh, I'll just shoot my gun I guess.

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Pantshandshake wrote:
Overload only works on a weapon in your possession. So, nope, you can't use it on someone else's weapon.

Oh, I was mixing bits of Overload with Overload Weapon. Durr.

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Gary Bush wrote:
To expand on Pantshandshake's comment, if a character is using their standard action to make a ranged attack, they can't use their standard action to cast a spell.

Yeah, unfortunately, Ranged Attack is a subtype of the Attack action, which is different from the Cast a Spell action. These kinds of semantics are eminently frustrating, but I've got to agree. RAW you probably can't do it...

That said, I'd allow it in a heartbeat because it's dope, and otherwise, it would be a little like saying "Nah, it says you can make a ranged attack, not shoot your gun".

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Would the mechanic trick Overload Weapon be considered a melee attack for the purposes of using the Spring Attack feat? I'm working on a build where you dart in, overload their weapon and get out before it goes off.

I'm getting a little bored with just standing in the back and shooting a laser rifle, and I'm looking for ways that I can make combat a little more interesting as a mechanic. Maybe do that at the same time as my exocortex attempts a Distracting Hack on their PDA, then move away, next turn: track and shoot. But this is all besides the point. Thoughts?

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Paranoid Android wrote:

This last Monday when the Moon eclipsed the Sun we released the first episodes of our new Starfinder Roleplaying Game Actual Play Podcast "COSMIC CRIT". We wanted to come back to the Paizo boards and let you know a little bit about the podcast, the game and why we love Starfinder so much.

  • First off, you can find our first gameplay episode entitled "Space Hooligans" here on our website

  • Secondly, if you want to subscribe on iTunes you can listen to episodes 000, 001 and 002 all right now.

We fell in love with the idea of converting our Monday night game group to Starfinder, and recording our experiences with the game, back in May. We've been hard at work reading all the setting tidbits, crafting characters, and writing back stories since then.

While we are playing the Dead Suns adventure path, our game is going to have a lot of character story mixed in alongside side-quests and extra elements. Even if you have played or watched Dead Suns already, there'll be something cool and new to check out in Cosmic Crit.

We will be releasing a new episode every Monday, and we are going to keep the show clean. While we are cursing on the podcast, it will be along the lines of "Frak" or "Goblin Spit". While a little violent, the show should be something that we think anyone can take a listen to.

If you want to follow us online you can take a look at our website, our facebook page, twitter or instagram. We love feedback and chat online all the time.

Can't wait to hear what you guys do!