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So it's confirmed the main big otherworldy threat is the king in yellow?
My players are super generous and letting me make their entire characters, to add to the amnesia and horror element. I'm planning on fully integrating the pc's backstories into the campaign, including one as a traitor who will be at first unaware she's part of the main old one's cult. I may have to wait til all books are out to implement it..

as if by magic it is now there.

as if by magic it is now there - i withdraw all snotty complaints

I purchased the pdf interactive maps for Rise of the Runelords some time ago and really love the product, but it seems my download which i've tried on multiple computers and with multiple pdf readers can't render certain maps properly.

the town maps seem to have black lines running through them and the pit and caverns map from page 16 is completely blank except the map tags. after posting in the product thread, another customer stated he had no problems with his file on an older version of adobe reader.

I have e mailed customer service a couple of times with my concern but haven't received a response.

Hope I can get some support here.


tried in foxit as well with the same result - maybe it's my file.

Also just noticed it's missing the 'Pit and Caverns' map from page 16 - the tags are there but the map is blank. I attempted to contact customer service a while ago but still haven't received a response... guess i'll send another e mail.

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All of the roads on the map of the Hinterlands (Lost Coast and Farm Roads) are solid black lines - can anyone tell me if this is my .pdf reader (Adobe) or the file itself?

Starn: No one has submitted a Rogue yet, it always seems to me that they are the last class chosen in my groups for some reason! While I'm not strictly going to make sure you have the "standard" party layout, there are quite a few melee types on the board. However, I always tell people pick the class you want to play and not the one you think the party needs!

The ranger and/or frontline part isn't married to my character concept - I just wasn't sure if it was necessary for the AP to have a rogue and as such I would have no problems playing one - especially if it helps my chances getting in, what with all the competition :D

For NPC interaction, Starn will likely have had run-ins (failed or otherwise) with local women and potentially ruffians or law enforcement. I won't need to know who they are specifically - if anything comes up RP-wise I can roll with it.

As for me - I'm far from a rules lawyer - fun rules at my table, fun and moving things along.

I've been playing PF for a few years now I think - I got into it during playtest and never looked to any other fantasy pnp. Also usually DM.

Haven't played Runelords - I have friends who have given me some spoilers due to hilarious stories so I have some foreknowledge but it's very disjointed so I think I'll be fine to not spoil anything for myself or others.

I will likely use any experience here to help me when I run it for my group - planning to do so someday. I've tried to run Haunting of Harrowstone once but the group fell apart. :(

Gonna go trapkilling rogue Money: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 5, 1) = 13

In that case I could do rogue or frontline fighter - maybe a defender type

Definitely interested in trying out.

Interested in playing a human fighter type or arcane caster - anyone let me know if you wanna intertwine backstories.

I'd like to play - Could roll whatever the group needs, or if someone wants to roll up a character that is a friend or family member of mine that'd be cool.

Would be interesting to play a cleric trying to bring his religion to a strange land..

Or a monk setting out to make his own style based on exotic beasts

Go back in time and don't allow that crap.

Or to be helpful, do you mean 'how do I manipulate the rules to kill this PC in a 'fair' way?' or 'how do I tell my player to stop playing what I allowed him to play?'?

This is one you decide for your own game. The almighty rules are either incorrect or insufficient.


They would have the same favoured enemies as you would assume as Greyhawk is generally the most generic-themed setting.

I've always viewed favoured enemy as simply one that the character has studied and fought well, this does not exclude full on hatred, but people tend to use it this way more often than not. Yes group two is almost complete.

Just pick whichever you like better - I don't require specific positions or roles be fulfilled, any party works in my game.

Bondanalloy wrote:

Christina Goodfinder - Rogue

Ielexia Vilvanderael - Fighter (AA)
Davram Nettles/Shinzen Tomaka - Fighter or Wizard
Carlyle Fiddler - Druid

This will be group one. Group two looks to be taking shape.

Dreaming Warforged wrote:
I'll pass.

Seems like you will fit into group two if you still wanna play - they always want a cleric to be sure.

Christina Goodfinder - Rogue
Ielexia Vilvanderael - Fighter (AA)
Davram Nettles/Shinzen Tomaka - Fighter or Wizard
Carlyle Fiddler - Druid

So long as these become complete soon that leaves only one slot.
EDIT - Unless we can gather up to 8 total players, then I can run two simultaneous games.

We will be starting at first level I adapted an added some other adventures to make things campaign-worthy from first level. I will look over what we have so far. You will each have to try to submit by tomorrow night, there seem to be seven applicants and only room for five, I hate to turn people away but I'm afraid it must be so, so now it will be a race - those five complete characters submitted first will be in.

Let me know if anyone needs any background info on what's going on/the area we will be starting out in. Also if anyone would like to help get the party together to begin with it would be great - travelling companions and whatnots would be a great way to explain why you're all together to begin with, could be locals, relatives, or maybe on business to the church of st cuthbert or pelor, possibly even transporting goods for the construction of a keep outside of the village.

If not we'll just assume you are each adventurers who meet on the road at the inn of the Welcome Wench in the village of Hommlet, which is known to have a past involving battles and monsters in nearby areas, the perfect place for young adventurers to seek their fortunes, or meet a grisly death should they prove unsuited to the lifestyle...

EDIT - subdomains seem just fine by me - use avg starting gold if you haven't already.

No need to study Greyhawk - I don't know much about the setting myself save for a bit of play in the region of this adventure and the big city of Greyhawk itself - the area is fielded and hilly with forests and marshlands within a couple of days' ride from the village, also there is a large city called Verbobonc thirty miles away, which lies on the bank of a trade river, so your character could have come in on a ship to this region from conceivably anywhere.

Aye sorry mate I generally keep to very basic stuff cause it's all I have in print.

Maybe it should be RTTTOEE..

Would anyone be interested in playing my updated version of Return To The Temple Of Elemental Evil?

I've been watching the boards for a while and feel my first pbp game should involve something I have some experience running.

Would be PF 1st level to start 25 point - looking to go for the long haul and with characters of any non-evil alignment using rules from only the PF core book.

EDIT - 5 players max and with Greyhawk deities for simplicity

I have my hardcopy of the pathfinder book at the ready but the SRD is awesome! never used it before but it's a great resource and when I can get my own game going it will be an excellent way to keep up with things.

Looks like we may be in need of some metal and healing... I'll cook something up.

I should also mention, I have PBP'd only once and it ended far too soon so I'm very eager due to not having a RL game at the moment.

I've been watching for a while and would like to try...