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I purchased the pdf interactive maps for Rise of the Runelords some time ago and really love the product, but it seems my download which i've tried on multiple computers and with multiple pdf readers can't render certain maps properly.

the town maps seem to have black lines running through them and the pit and caverns map from page 16 is completely blank except the map tags. after posting in the product thread, another customer stated he had no problems with his file on an older version of adobe reader.

I have e mailed customer service a couple of times with my concern but haven't received a response.

Hope I can get some support here.

Maybe it should be RTTTOEE..

Would anyone be interested in playing my updated version of Return To The Temple Of Elemental Evil?

I've been watching the boards for a while and feel my first pbp game should involve something I have some experience running.

Would be PF 1st level to start 25 point - looking to go for the long haul and with characters of any non-evil alignment using rules from only the PF core book.

EDIT - 5 players max and with Greyhawk deities for simplicity