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I would just have two casting times

* Action casting time (e.g. in combat) - duration 1min
* 10min casting time - duration 8h

I actually had to hold back on my monsters; partly as only 3 out of the standard 4 was used.

Secondly as the PCs did *nothing* wrong; I was just rolling really REALLY well, and they were rolling really poorly. AC 15/16 across the party but almost every third attack was a crit.

In fact; against the vampire I never bothered in doubling the damage of crits but he stll took down 2 of the party before finally sucumming to a flanking (no more) rogue's raiper - after spending the last 3 rounds in missing all of his attacks.

No spells were used, just longsword and claw; if I played him correctly he would have murdered the entire party in the first, maybe second round

Almarane wrote:

Shields' rules have been clarified in update 1.3 :

Update 1.3's FAQ wrote:

We’ve recently made an update to shields, so here’s how they currently work. The shield takes a Dent if the damage

it blocks equals or exceeds its Hardness, but can’t take more
than 1 Dent at a time. So if you had a Hardness 3 shield and
blocked a 6-damage attack, you would take 3 damage and
the shield would take 1 Dent because 6 damage is equal to or
greater than its Hardness. Note that it no longer gets broken
due to the update.

... just need ability to take more dents now - perhaps up to the hardness and your hardness reduces by the number of dents until unuseable. (so a havy steel shield with hardness of 5 takes a dent - now hardness 4 and 1 dent.)

Although amusingly if you RAW this statement it sort of claims that denting your shield does not break it... ever :P

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Tireless rage at 17th level removes the tirdness of the rage; but yes I agree it is a pretty harsh bonus only removed at endgame.

If rage were to last for 1 round PLUS your constitution bonus or something you could extend your rage significantly enough so you are fatigued less in most longer fights - but still enough to make Tireless Rage feat still viable.

on a pure amusing level... the fatigued aspect made the barbarian in our campaign have something to rage about :P

I have always thought that heavy armour should add a flat damage reduction - say like reduce damage by 2 (heavy) 1 (medium)

Or even the more complex resistance and weakness - like chain weakness (piercing) resistance (bludgeoning, slashing) although having a flat 50% damage reduction might be a bit too powerful if it is constant.

pauljathome wrote:
NatedogDM wrote:

It's the giving misinformation on a fumble that I believe will be disastrous in PFS.

It is also hillarious.

Some of my best moments in any RPG is the GM trying (and failing) to bring the players back to what they think the adventure should be and ending up throwing their hands in the air and just going along with it.

Occasionally our GM has brought our obssession back to the main plot; but most of the time he just makes notes of where and what the main plot is up to. So the first we hear of "oh... the undead have awoken and destroyed the northern kingdom" is like everyone else - a breathless messenger runs into the shop we spent the last 4 sessions setting up.

... yes that actually happened after the first dungeon crawl me and my fellow PCs completely missed the major plot clue; thought we did a good job and spent the next few sessions happily building a small trading concern and dealing with bandits who were raiding our caravans.

So we were jarred back to the main plot; but now our characters had something to loose!


The way I see it the biggest gripes about it is Alchemists being locked into this pool for their class abilities and the use of potions.

So if given the choice I would do the following:

Alchemists should *not* use Resonance as their resource pool. "Alchemical Inspiration" points or something should be used instead for crafting in the same way clerics have their channel pool to heal as a separate pool and paladins champion powers use spell points.

In fact given the channel energy of clerics, spell points of paladins and sorcerers and a 'resonance pool' of alchemists pretty much do the same thing and activate class abilities just go the whole hog and name it "power" and be done with it.

Some classes have a power pool they can cast spells or use class abilities which need a day to recharge.

Resonance points *should* remain but *only* used to invest and activate magical items effects excluding oils and potions.

Anyone can use Potions and oils without spending RP

Resonance points only use your CHA modifer rather than also adding your level. (force CHA not to be a dump stat and limit magical item power - you really have to choose each morning what you want to bring into the adventure)

Thank you.

Although it does make me lead into a second query:

Using Warded Touch I wonder if I could cast Lay on Hands whlist attacking the creature in question with my sword...

I suspect I would be allowed by my GM as long as I took 2 actions and rolled against the AC rather than the TAC; less efficient overall but it does lend itself a more thematic visual rather than playfully slapping a skeleton's behind with the flat of my sword...

When you make a touch attack with lay on hands - is there any critical effect - e.g. doubling the result? if you score a natural 20 or beat the creatures TAC by 10?

For example a 6th level paladin with 16 CHA doing 5D4+3 (17) damage; should it in fact be 34 damage?

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Shield Block is not perfect - but a heavy steel shield will reduce the amount damage taken by 10 until you repair it - but even without this blocking its it still -2 to be hit.

I suspect I will badger my GM only to have a shield be dented on a Critical strike or something; they are afterall designed to take blows.

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This actually reminds me of the time I was playing AD&D and we rolled "evil" characters and went on adventures against good aligned creatures and the like.

What made it different was our GM did something different - he did not adjust the difficulty of the encounter but made our enemies work in co-operation and as a team.

Advancing into a dungeon dealing with well thought out ambushes traps, archers targeting spellcasters; and went we went out the dungeon to heal - they did likewise strengthing their own defences against raiding during the night so we could not rest for spells.

The good 'party' was 'sub optimal' as well; no casters only fighters & rogues and 1 captain with a magical weapon against our pary of a cleric, mage, fighter and a thief


In much the same way I have noticed from watching a couple of playtests is they all struggled initially; but they become more efficient when they started to do things like raise shield+shield block flanking and using the terrain to their advantage they progressed much faster

It was no longer just 'I charge in with my sword raised and slice off a couple of heads' but - hold on... how can we work things to our advantage.

Point #1

Celestial Mount, Radiant Blade Master & Shield Champion should be level 18 & Angelic Form should be level 20. (final endline)

Point #2

Does anyone know any actual rules for this?


You take on an angelic countenance, with a halo

and feathery wings that grant you a fly Speed equal to your
Speed. You gain darkvision and low-light vision if you don’t
already have them, and you gain the angel and celestial traits

I *presume* you have ANGELIC HALO & ANGELIC WINGS either permanently up or can produce them at will?... Plus I cannot find any reference to the angel or celestial traits?

Overall it is a very nice and cool idea - sort of like a lower tier AVATAR Priests and Druids get; but given they are generally a martial class so they do not need as large bonuses.

Wonder what celestial and Angelic traits are... Sorcerer Bloodlines Angelic perhaps? ;)

I actually read the blade of justice slightly differently: it's the "offensive stance".

Given the -10 to hit on the 3rd action you are not likely to have more than 2 successful hits.

So you are either going to "Raise Shield" or "Blade of Justice" depending if you charge in to help finish off the final boss; or hold back defending your party.

Its not fantastic by any means; but you always have to balance the fact it is a martial class... who can cast spells and heals.

JoelF847 wrote:
As you gain these, you should be able to pick 2 from a lower list instead of one from the highest list you can access.

I was disappointed not to see the ability to start stacking the effects of the Blade Ally... picking up a dagger in a dungeon, and then shifting it into a holy longsword to fight your way out freeing all the prisoners.... ahhh i can dream. ;)

Saying that... the flexibility of ability is very good; especially when combined with magical weapons.