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So I'll openly admit that I was already planning on wrapping up my FF playing by the end of the year simply because I've done everything I can solo, I'm blocked on any new content because Square Enix put an unpopular 8-person instance in the middle of the main storyline, and everyone except Hi already quit, but then this came along.

** spoiler omitted **

When I first played FF 12 the Viera left me scratching my head, I was like wait, there is an entire race of female only playboy bunnies? Honestly though Fran was so awesome I promptly forgot my outrage.

Playboy bunnies are people too man.

G*!#~%n f!$@ing wrong turn in f&!&ing Albuquerque!!!!

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Yes, I'm especially a fan of the codex of worlds.

Also Signal of Screams is amazing so far.

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John Napier 698 wrote:
I'm keeping track of the birthdays of as many of my friends that I can. I'm up to fifteen people.

What about unbirthdays, are you tracking those as well.

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Orthos is back?!
I'm just a figment of your imagination.

Whoa! Dude!


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It's not me.
It's not me either.
Same deal here

I'd like a Hot Ham N Cheese, please.