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Grand Lodge 5/5

What maps are used in part 4?

Grand Lodge

Is there an official SFS tracking sheet yet?

Grand Lodge

I too have suffered from the bad back syndrome. Whether I am storytelling or playing, I will get up and walk around the room, still doing whatever role I am in. I will take my character sheet or initiative board with me and look at the board and make calls based on what I see. Sometimes it helps the story along to see different angles as well as my back. I plan on going out with dice in my hands and surrounded by friends. I am sure that is a plan for all of us.

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Purge Spirit is a winner. "This spell affects astrally projected creatures, ethereal creatures, haunts, incorporeal creatures, mediums channeling a spirit, and phantoms, and at the GM’s discretion can affect other spirits or creatures made of ectoplasm.

Incorporeal creatures take full damage from purge spirit."

Grand Lodge 5/5

Pathfinder Society is still alive and well in South Bend.

Go to Warhorn to see the current schedule of events.

Something exciting to add, Griffon Games and Bookstore has regional support! There will be at least one character boon given out each session during muster.