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I was using my Starfinder Core book that I picked up from GenCon and the spine cracked on it. How do I go about getting a replacement?

I do not see this category.

I had this version in my download list on Friday and now it is gone. Please help.


Captain Zoom wrote:

Not a direct answer to your question, but is the Brilliant Planner feat really what you want?

The feat lets you "store" 50 gp/level in "pre-plan", or 450 gp at 9th level. At 200 gp each, that's only 2 doses of ghost blanch, which require you to apply it before combat (Full round action over a hot flame) and only lasts for ONE HIT. So, by taking this feat, you can hit a ghost 2 times if you prepare ahead of time.

Wouldn't it be better to buy a few scrolls of magic weapon (25 gp each) or a wand of magic weapon (750 gp for 50 uses)?

Or I guess you could get Brilliant Planner then spend 10 minutes to pull a scrolls of Magic Weapon out of your 20 lb sack...

I would also let you pull a Spiritbane spike for 300 gp.

I have played the life oracle a couple of times. In my current Iron Gods campaign, I decided to do something different and do the avoidance of damage instead of constantly healing the damage. I am doing bodyguard with a reach weapon and I am currently adding +6 AC against attacks as well as being proactive and buffing the party sooner rather than later. Biggest issue is the range touch attacks...

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What about implanted ioun stones? I thought that I read somewhere that they have resonance.

Dastis wrote:
I've been using Grimoire from the windows store however the more I use it the more things wrong I'm finding with it. What is your favorite app for looking through spells?

On the Google playstore, there is an app called Pathfinder Spellbook from TnT Game Studios. It is a good spellbook app. You can have a separate spellbook for each character. It does Oracle Mystery spells. You can pick spells by school.

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croftstr wrote:

Hi there,

I live in Warsaw IN and was thinking about commuting to Griffon for some PFS. Do you operate on a first-come, first-served basis? Or do you have a way to sign up for a table? I don't want to drive an hour and not get to play. Thanks!

We use Warhorn to sign up for tables. Here is the link:


Hope to see you Saturday!!

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We never ran Quest for Perfection Part 2. We didn't have enough bodies to have 3 tables. I will run it for this weekend.

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The proposed schedule for the Griffon this weekend:

Saturday, October 4th @ 10AM EDT at the Griffon Bookstore:

(3-05) Tide of Twilight (Tier 1-5)
GM: Bill S.

(3-06) Song of the Sea Witch (Tier 3-7)
GM: Justin

Backup Table (4-19) The Night March of Kalkamedes (Tier 1-5)
GM: Jordan

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I will run 5-14 - Day of the Demon for GameCon.

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Yes in the upstairs game room.

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Justin L. Warren wrote:
There will be pre-generated characters provided if you don't have one, IronKanon. The only thing you'll need is a PFS number, if you don't have one already.

I have extra numbers that I can provide if you need one.

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okay thanks

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Did this happen?