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just what i was looking for


ok this book is all that i hoped for great art, cool monster, neat stat blocks and a cool introduction for every monsters, and a new goblin song(yep thats a high light for me ... i like goblins)
we got cool feats and arche types
i recomend this boock for any GM looking for inspiration(or a monster catalog to use for thei game)

So Paizo when do we get the pawn set?

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Ok i kind of love this book


there is not much this book does wrong, me and my playing group are relatively new to pathfinders (and rpgs in general)and one of the things i didn't like about the core rule book was the lack of information about the gods a problem this book have solved completely it may lack information on some minor gods but it makes up with tons of feats traits and spells so just go and buy this book

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this player's guide is great, it tells you what to expect of the adventure without going into any details, it also provides some helpful tips for creating a character that fits into the adventure,its beautifully illustrated,helpful and free so what else can i say

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Missing pawns


this is a good set of pawns if you are planning on running the Rise of the Runelords adventure path but i cant help feeling disappointed on the exclusion of some minis (like the bunyip, Tangletooth(Gogmurt's pet),the rune giant, the goblin ghast)but it's still cheaper than minis