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Hey, all, my apologies if I post this in the wrong forum if it's addressed somewhere already, but I have a quick question. If I'm playing in a PFS Gameday 2 pbp with one of my PFS characters, am I prohibited from using that same character in PFS games at my local FLGS while the pbp game is going on? I thought I saw something about only playing a character in one scenario at a time, or something like that and was wondering how that's affected by the existence of the online games.

Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but it's the closest I can find to what I think would be appropriate. I also don't know if this will make any sense, but, can someone at Paizo move an alias I created from the list of my PF characters to my non-PFS aliases? Awhile back I created an alias from Merisiel under my PFS characters because I was playing her as a PreGen in one of the PFS gameday pbp games. I think I should have created her under my regular aliases instead so my PFS characters show just the two I have created, and not the pregen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Okay, while I'm not new to RPGs or PF, I haven't gotten too involved with PFS, and a bunch of us are getting together to form a new gaming group and we're debating whether we want to go the PFS route. So, I have two quick questions, and please pardon me if the answers are in the resource guide. We're all getting together for a meet & greet & drinks tonight and I don't have time to otherwise look for the answers before then.

So, my questions are:

1. To get PFS credit, does an adventure have to be run as written? That is to say, we're going to have a group of seven and we're going to start with me GMing everyone through Crypt of the Everflame. Since we have six PCs, I've made some tweaks to the adventure to make it more challenging for a party of that size. Does that negate it as being PFS legal, meaning the characters can't get credit for it?

2. Does PFS require the players in a particular game to be all in? That is to say, does everyone at the table have to registered and looking to get PFS credit, or can, say, just two or three of the players be playing for PFS credit and the rest just partaking in a good ol' home game with no interest in PFS rewards, etc.?

Thanks, all for your time and answers.

Hey, all, I'm about to run Crypt of the Everflame for a new group, and as it's been noted on these forums, there is not enough xp in the module to bring PCs to third level where they need to be for the next adventure, Masks of the Living God. So, I'm thinking of running a PFS scenario in between to pull them up. Can anyone think of a good scenario that could be slotted between the two? Something that would be region and story appropriate?

Hey, All, just a quick question. I've played in pbp games on these boards on & off for years, but am new to PFS and interested in joining now that there seems to be some movement behind setting up online/pbp games. The question is, do I have to start a character at level 1 and work my way up, or can I create a 5th level character to, say, join a PFS Carrion Hill game?

Thanks, and please pardon my ignorance.

I'm having trouble reading the messageboards on my iphone, and was wondering if anyone else is as well. I think it's been since the tabs were added. Basically, the actual posts start over to the right, after the last tab, and I can't see the whole post, only a portion of the left side of each post.

I came across an interesting article on the Huffington Post called How We Lost Our Geek Courage that discusses the popularity of all things geek these days, but also how it takes real courage to properly immerse yourselves in RPGs.

An interesting read, so check it out.

Question for discussion: is PFRPG suffering from a dreaded case of Rules Bloat?

There are now so many options, it gives me, a casual pbp gamer, a serious headache. It's hard to keep up with everything put out by Paizo, much less the 3PPs. There's core classes, base classes and prestige classes, archetypes and alternative class features, racial alternative rules and traits, class particular talents, regular traits, and a million feats (256 in UC? seriously?). Now, I know, I don't have to play in a game where everything is allowed and can well limit myself to just the core book or even the upcoming Beginner's Set (although I'm not a beginner), but it still makes it difficult to follow the conversations on the boards. I frequently browse threads and feel like I have no idea what people are talking about.

So, I ask, is PFRPG suffering Rules Bloat? and when is enough enough?

Please note I have no problem with Paizo's business model and compliment them on generating rules books AND plenty of adventures, unlike another major publisher. I'm just curious as to other peoples thoughts on this topic.

Not that I play 4Ed, but anyone have any idea what this is? How does it differ from the Encounters weekly stuff they're already running?

From ICv2


Wizards of the Coast has announced the September launch of its new highly tactical Dungeons & Dragons Lair Assault Organized Play program. The new D&D Lair Assault in-store play program features “convention-style play that challenges players on two levels, character building and tactical knowledge. The program will offer reusable, modifiable challenges, creating a different play experience every time. The first D&D Lair Assault challenge, Forge of the Dawn Titan, will run from September 1st through November at participating hobby game stores, with future challenges following a similar format.

The D&D Lair Assault program is designed for players looking for more complex, strategic, and highly tactical challenges. The D&D Lair Assault program is tailored to groups of players who enjoy solving tactical puzzles, optimizing characters, and using rules to their advantage. Each D&D Lair Assault challenge features complex encounters prepared in advance by the Dungeon Master. Players are then pitted against their DM in an attempt to solve highly customized and creative challenges.

Adventuring groups will often attempt a challenge several times before solving it, and will be successful only when a balance of skill and luck is achieved. The quickly changing game elements force players to reevaluate their strategies as they navigate treacherous terrain and hazards. Challenges feature an extremely difficult “super” encounter in which players must build an adventuring party to take on a perilous and highly tactical challenge. D&D Fortune Cards are featured as part of the play experience, providing a critical edge for success through special in-game effects the players can use or trade to aid them in their game.

That is all.

So why are the AP's, which take so long as a pbp, so much more popular than the single modules/adventures? As much fun as they are, just the first chapter of an AP can take two or three years to play, while a one-off can be wrapped up in a year.

So where's the love?

From Fantasy Flight, and bearing the Arkham Horror badge. Is this AH lite? A twisted version of Clue? Anybody play it yet? What's the word?

Pathfinder wiki has a nice little compilation of what's know about the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel, but is there going to be anything more forthcoming any time soon? I don't see anything in the summaries for the Faiths of Balance of Faiths of Purity? Is this something someone (me) should be writing up for Wayfinder? Does anyone have any thoughts on a holy symbol, other than a flaming bastard sword?

Michael Bay to direct.

Hello, all! I'm currently involved in a number of pbp games here on the Paizo site, and have been trying to run a Legacy of Fire game on a private board, but am having a hard time keeping up with the latter. It's part not having the time/energy, being relatively new to DMing, and finding that I enjoy playing games more than running them.

In short, I started the game last summer for four friends who have been away from roleplaying since waaaaaaay back to second edition some 15+ years ago. At the moment, I'm thinking of stepping aside as DM (and joining as a fifth player) depending on some changes with my work, and if the right DM could be found. It's a fun, tight knit group who never played in a pbp before, and are learning the 3.5/PF rules as we go. If I do decide to step aside, a new DM would have the option of either picking up our LoF game (we're in the Monastery) on the private board, or moving it to Paizo, or starting something new altogether.

So, anyone interested?

I'm surprised to see that no one has pointed out that Games Workshop is rereleasing Space Hulk after it being out of print for something like twenty years.

So what's the word? Anyone play this back in the day? It's a limited release and pricey at $100, but the Aliens vibe looks like it could be a lot of fun.

I am finally about to start an online game (pbp, maybe eventually incorporating a virtual tabletop for bits) for some friends, and I've decided to go with LoF. The only problem is that I suck at maps. If anyone has some homemade stuff for the first two scenes (the fire & the pugwampi hunt) that they'd be willing to share, it would me mucho appreciado. I know they don't really require maps, but my group hasn't played in a long time, and I'd like have some maps to get them used to it before hitting the monastery.

As an aside, I have to say, Mr. Mona, your writing is fantastic. Not only is it a great story chock full of great stuff, but everything is ridiculously well thought out. If you'd ever like to hand over the publisher reins to me so you can write full time, please let me know.

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Okay, p22 of the Beta rules (very bottom left of page) states that if a cleric is not devoted to a particular deity, they can pick two domains. The rules also say, in multiple places, that channeling energy is done through a holy symbol.

So, what does a cleric with no deity use? A non-denominational symbol?

Hmmmm . . . for a good while now I've been thinking about running a PbP for some old friends who, as far as I know, haven't looked at the rules since probably before 3e. I keep thinking that it'll probably be easier to run them with a streamlined form of the rules similar to the 1e & 2e days of the game - leaving out things like AoO, special attacks, grappling, metamagic feats, and maybe a few other things. Then, as things progress, maybe add some of it back.

This, naturally, has me wondering if there is any talk of a basic or intro set of rules for Pathfinder. So, is there? Personally, I think it's a great idea. For one, it'll help bring new people, and younger players, into the game. Second, there is just something that is really appealing about occasionally playing a simplified game ala D&D Basic.

So, what do you say, Paizonians?

A Good and Happy Child, by Justin Evans.

Some thoughts from various posts:

But if a pinned creature can't even cast a spell with a somatic component, which could really be just the slightest of gestures, can it really physically attack? Doesn't the above sentence essentially say verbal and mental actions, but not physical?

The problems with somatic spell gestures is that they're usually very specific and even the slightest grappling makes it tough to complete them correctly. But using one's natural claws or a small weapon like a dagger aren't anywhere near as complicated. That doesn't mean such attacks don't suffer a penalty. It just means they're not completely prevented.

I think the theory is that casting a spell requires complex movements that must be done exactly right. Twisting, clawing and biting can be a rather simple, primitive movements.

Oh Great Paizonians, Lords of the Board & Lurkers, alike, please bestow your wisdom upon me, and tell me what do you think has been, was, or could be the best low-level 3.5 adventure to run for a PbP? Why?

Okay, let me hear some comparisons, and which is better for two or three players.

The title says it all, although I'm not talking about Horror on the Hill or Tomb of Horrors. I'm talking horror themed stuff. Kessukoofah noted in another thread that

kessukoofah wrote:

Just in the paizo lines, there's Carnival of Tears, Into the Haunted Forest, Gallery of Evil, Hangman's Noose (possibly. havn't read this one in depth yet), Hook Mountain Massecre, Hungry are the dead (assuming you can get it on time. it's preorder for october), the Silent Tide Society Adventure is pretty horror themed, and there's the first adventure from AoW

So, what else is worth noting, other than, of course, Ravenloft.

Okay, I really need a recommendation for a scary horror novel . . . and I mean scary. I read a lot of horror, and it's been a very long time since something really sent chills down my spine. No King or Lovecraft, please. I've already read just about everything they've written. Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Bentley Little - eh. Shirley Jackson's Hill House, Dan Simmon's Song of Kali, F. Paul Wilson's The Keep, Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, Guy De Maupaussant's The Horla - all great.

C'mon, folks. Give me something good.

I don't know if someone mentioned this in another thread, but earlier today, ENWorld had something on their homepage regarding Paizo's site being closed, the goblin splash page and their own speculation that it was all pending a 3.5/4e announcement. Now, there is nothing there. Nada. Zippo. They even pulled their previous posting.

Make of this what you will, but the blank space directly between these two paragraphs is where you're all supposed to read between the lines. Let the speculation begin.

So. is this set in Golarion? Sounds like an interesting location.

Since I live & work in Arlington, I was wondering if anyone Paizonians or Paizophiles were planning on attending to check out and possibly play some 4E. So, who's going?

I'm thinking about it, but it's gonna depend on how much work I can get done before then. Regardless, if anyone needs some suggestions or info on the local area (including DC, just across the river), let me know.

Just curious as to whether any of the folks here are in the northern Virginia area.

Does anyone know anything about this movie? I've seen the trailers, which don't give much about what "it" is, but I've heard rumors about it possibly being some sort of HPL baddie.

Thoughts? Speculation? Inside scoops? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?