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HTD wrote:
Uhh... what is this supposed to mean?

"Tiny play" is most likely a typo of "Tiny plant"

Thanks for running Bigrin!


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Does GMing for this con grant a race boon for the online region? Is there a table requirement for that?

Hope your internet gets fixed up soon :)

Tulgarst, the Dwarven Admittance, in most cases, goes in the Personal Boon slot as a +2 to one attribute. See this SFS 1.1 guide blog post for additional details. I glanced at your build and it doesn't look like you have the +2 in there, and you can retroactively convert the 'new' character option to the boost to an existing character per the 1.1 SFS Guide.

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Any chance anyone @ Paizo knows if this will be accessible at Origins?

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Oh, PF2 forum. I was surprised when I didn't see an existing thread this morning. Looks like that thread already has all the ones I got pictures of. Nice.

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Hi everyone, I took pictures of some number of the spoilers last night, but obviously didn't see them all. Please help fill out this list:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CD-alTC_kbWm0SnQYcEuGjmBRO0-zrTweAm Oe8iA15A/edit?usp=sharing

Maybe we can find all 100 together.

Q&A Session:

Can you access Google Slides?

Do you have an up-to-date 'bot me' spoiler -- complete with dice expressions? (check out Kastien's botme)

Will you be willing to bot other characters if I ask you to do so?

Do you promise to let me know if you get super busy for a few days so we can bot you?

Are you comfortable with a 1-2 post a day pace?
Yes. I'll have to get RSS notifications set up to do anything faster than 1/day, but I think it's not hard.

What's been your favorite SFS Adventure with this character, and why?
Malcimex is a brand new character who has only had one adventure applied to her w/ GM credit, the Commencement.


Player Name: Berggen
Character Name: Malcimex
Character Number: 292243-712
Slotted Faction: Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Information for this chronicle sheet:

Number of this Chronicle: 2
Starting XP: 1
Initial Fame: 2
Fame Spent: 0
Reputation with slotted faction: 2
Day Job: None

My SFS 701 is a Ysoki Drone Mechanic (early build was a Combat drone, but I transitioned to a Hover drone as soon it could carry a Longarm). When both her and the drone are able to stand still and shoot with overcharge it's a higher damage throughput than either an Exocortex Mechanic or a Ranged Soldier. When she's forced to move her damage output drops more than either an Exocortex Mechanic or Longarm Soldier would.

The Beacon Code Dilemma could easily be reskinned to use that opening.

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Hyped to see SF miniatures finally happen :D

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The Pathfinder version has Darkvision, so likely the SF version should be Darkvision too.

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GM Hmm wrote:

Welcome, Berggen! If you need any help or advice, we're always happy to give it. BTW, there are ways to abstract the junkyard race and make it run faster. Just talk to us in discussion (under spoilers) if you need ideas!


Thanks Hmm :)

I've really enjoyed the way I run that event for physical tables.

I normally...:
I normally make a physical track that's 120 squares (each 25') and move the racers along it like a board game. If Nyizin is hauling like she likes to do, it can make the neck and neck super exciting.

If you have a link to a PBP where you've taken another creative approach, I'd definitely be interested to see it.

Morvruul the Merchant wrote:

Just signed up! I'm finishing a couple of tables of this via PbP now and thought, since we played in a prior PbP game, that you might like to have a familiar-ish player at the table.

Plus, I'd enjoy the opportunity to play my "merchant" though his commencement, knowing that the Scoured Stars Incident has caused the Starfinder Society to, perhaps, lower their criteria for membership.

Thanks Morvruul :)

I've been enjoying your character. If you have any advice during the PBP, I'd be happy to hear it!

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Looking forward to it as well Nikus :).

Quick FYI: Dot and delete means use the alias for the character you'll be playing with to make a post (usually containing just a period) in the game play thread and then delete it. That will make that alias show up in the characters tab of the thread.

The CastamirsFlaxseedStation campaign page has some good information on formatting conventions and some other useful advice.

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Looks like table is go, start date will be Friday, March 1st. Feel free to header over to the game play thread to dot and delete anytime.

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New-to-PBP GM looking to run SFS 1-01 The Commencement.

Just created a signup sheet here (Based of of the design used by GM zebeev).

Main recruitment thread here.

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Still working on mustering. If a fixed start date works better I'm happy to go with that too.

Adding a signup sheet here.

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Both of these sound fun.

GameMasterZX, happy to help with getting you set up on organized play if you need it. Feel free to check out the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide: https://paizo.com/products/btpy9vlp .

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Literally no one knows.

Paizo was doing an experiment and they just now collecting the data on how Signal of Screams did. They did a batch of 3 book APs and then went back to the safe 6 book APs, which are planned something like 1+ years in advance.

The 'new' campaign is Dawn of Flame which is 6 books. The 'next' campaign is Attack of the Swarm! which is 6 books and was announced before Signal of Screams was finished (and being worked on before it was announced). I wouldn't actually conclude anything about Paizo's future plans with AP book counts until we see the AP after the AP after Attack of the Swarm, AP 31-36!

From what I've heard, the 3 book format has been well received, but did it translate into sales? We'll find out in about a year after AP 25-30 and AP 31-36 are announced, and possible we'll see the release of the next 3 book AP in about 18 months if AP 31-36 are 3 book APs again.

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One of the developers answered this question on the product page recently. The range is short.

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Update: Jason Keeley clarified in the product page that the range on Slither Chain is close.

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There are two comments on the book page too, no resolution yet.


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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Would a female sex even be identifiable as such if the reproduction bottleneck was instead with the host? *mumbles off into semi coherent biology...*

Sure, the female is the one that provides the larger gamete, the male is the one that provides the smaller gamete. What's a little unclear is whether the host has a gamete or some other way of providing genetic information, since the host does contribute genetic information.

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So hyped. I'm also super curious about the chronicle sheet for this.

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Just got to look at the PDF. It looks like the spell Slithering Chain (Technomancer 1) is missing a range increment. Any errata on what the range should be?

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Most of the maps are custom maps. An erasable map and a set of markers is one option. You can also go to a print shop and get the maps printed & laminated, but it tends to be pretty expensive and you have to do some work to figure out how big to make each print (tends to be around 30 dpi for most maps if you pull them from the AP books).

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DerricktheCleric wrote:
Is our understanding of this faulty, or does the Custom Scanner really just let you do what you could already do, but now at the cost of a move action, without the opportunity for bonus information, and only if you get within 30 feet of the target? Why would you ever use this ability when you already have the ability to do the exact same thing instantly, from further away, potentially using a higher skill that is more appropriate to the target, and potentially getting additional useful information?

For an Int Biohacker, you likely will have Life Science, Physical Science and Engineering. This feature lets you have a good way to identify things that normally require Mysticism without taking Mysticism.

For a Wis Biohacker, you likely will have Life Science, Physical Science, and Mysticism. This feature lets you have a good way to identify things that normally require Engineering without taking Engineering.

This class feature gives you basically an inferior version of Engineering or Mysticism for free (that can only be used to identify creatures as a move action within 30'). I honestly was really hyped about using my tricorder to scan everything, but when I actually played it I realized how niche the feature is. Personally, I think something should be done to make it compelling to use even if you have the regular skill to identify.

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FWIW, The Library Chips do not provide a benefit to Identify Creature checks, just Recall Knowledge checks normally. The Custom Scanner doesn't change this. That's probably a good reason to prevent the library chip from working. No reason the theme shouldn't work though.

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It's supposed to be 101-200 years with an average of 150.5 years. 2d100 would be 2-100 years, with an average of 101 years.

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twist3429 wrote:
I really enjoyed the options for PC races in this book but now I want to know when we can use them in SFS games

I'm right there with you ;)

Hoping to generally see more ways to get more races playable in some way or another in SFS as they keep exploring. I'd love to see some sort of incremental 'currency' for buying race boons get baked in SFS.

Thanks for running :)

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Vermelith, I didn't know I needed you.


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As mostly a Starfinder player, the SFS tiers are fantastic. Having 1-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8 seems a little weird (the real tiers under the 1,3,5 level adventures), and harder to get a table together than the subtier based 1-4, 3-6, 5-8 of SFS.

Also would echo what people are saying about 1 XP is simple. 35 XP is just extra digits for basically no benefit.

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How is this scenario pronounced? Is this a tear (a droplet shape) or a tear (a hole or split in something)?

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Our Dead Suns group is really focused and we've been doing a chapter per month (3-4 sessions per book, weekly sessions), so the increased release frequency is really nice.

I love the variety in formats. Next experiment I'd like to see would be the 3 chapter AP that starts at 13. I'd like to keep seeing 6 chapters going from 1-12 too, so I'm excited that the next year's cycle will be back to 1 epic story. Maybe in the future we'll see a 9 chapter AP spanning levels 1-18 or a 6 chapter AP spanning 7-18. There's not enough high level content in Starfinder right now, so that would be nice!

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Xeall wrote:
I was wondering about the building collapse. It seems deadly as hell, which is fine, but there is no XP reward at the end of it.

Collapse is a CR 9 encounter, and as such should reward 6400 XP (to a party of four).

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I have also played this one before on a different character.


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Thurston Hillman wrote:
... sanctioning the upcoming Starfinder Armory and the first installment of our upcoming Against the Aeon Throne adventure path.

Are the remaining chapters of Dead Suns going to get sanctioned too? Is someone else working on that, or is it being put after the Aeon Throne sanctioning?

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Jimbles the Mediocre wrote:

650 new weapons?!? By my count (and I am keeping count), that's almost twice as many weapons as CRB, AA, PW, and DS put together.

So. Pumped.

Likely that the 46 weapons from Dead Suns are going to appear again in this book, so maybe we're at a mere 600 new weapons.

Regardless, I'm really excited to have some more organic curves in the weapon development, and the presence of a couple of new lines of Sniper weapons is going to be a huge boon to my 703, who wishes he was a sniper but instead has a Longarm right now.

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I'd love to join this with Vylit, Shirren Mystic 1 if there's space :)

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Yeah, 10-14 miles depending on how you want to count some of those extra bits.

24 feet sounds like a reasonable scaling factor.

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You can't report Dead Suns IV-VI yet because they haven't been sanctioned yet / there are no chronicle sheets. It'd be a little weird to have these reported on a character without having the sheet yet. When this is available for download later today, it will already have a chronicle sheet with it. Maybe they should start sending APs with chronicles sheets :)